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Vote Sawicki

August 16, 2013

To the editor: I am supporting Marni Sawicki because she is thinking about the middle age families who are the mayority here in Cape now, and process for our Cape! Mila Mertens Cape Coral ......

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Aug-18-13 5:48 PM


What is a "velorem" tax??? Please identify. What is the percentage of two or more pension holders who voted for Sully and Leetz the last time? Bet there were many high end pension holders. Some with fat government pensions complaining about their tax bills because their homes were second homes. No homestead.

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Aug-18-13 4:38 PM

CapeCoralCuestions, if as you state I have a boat load of money, please be so kind s to point me to it. It really would come in handy!

Furthermore, when did I ever say or write about employees and how much and when they should be paid. NEVER you simple minded nitwit!

Come on CapeCoralCuestions or as some have said Charlie, get some gonads and post under your real name.

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Aug-18-13 2:20 PM

Senseless... Yes you do use unions... You cannot lie like that here and get away with it. Every time a UPS truck pulls up, the mail, and a ton of motor freight carriers. Let us not forget about the school teachers. All Union....

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Aug-18-13 1:12 PM

CLASS WARFARE!! All the RAG posters have a common theme: blame the 1,200 city workers (not all are IN a union---this is a Right-To-Work State). Are RAGs suggesting that those 1,200 workers should support the 165,000 city? The oath “To Protect and Serve” or term “Public Servant” does NOT mean a lower class or servitude. We no longer have a ‘Servant Class’ in this country, or indentured servants, and Lincoln freed the slaves. Having a boat-load of money does NOT entitle RAGs to threaten, belittle, menace, and condemn their fellow citizens! Now we have people claiming that THEY are the judge of how much and when our employees should be paid! Shame on YOU, RAGs!!! J.Sulivan, C.Leest, B&JDille, P.Brand,S.Crane,T.Elia,L.Rosko,A.Kempe,W.Towler,B.Barnes,W.McManus,S. Lovejoy, J&P.Martin,R.Moody,E.Kuen,J.Rose,M.Stout,Willilams,C.Cambell,J.Cataldi,R.McKiernan, CapeCoral Republican Club, SWCCNA, J.Rupolo (fired from Fox4), CapCapeTaxes!

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Aug-18-13 11:27 AM

Senseless: You may think Marni has no experience, but how about Sully. Almost four years and he still has no clue. Your opinion falls on deaf ears darling.

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Aug-17-13 10:46 PM

I am calling you crazy. The 3 unions did not back Sullivan or Deille.

The Fire Fighters Union did give McGrail a $500 donation.

The homeowners who were not tied to the city for a pay check or a business contract backed Sullivan and Deille.

They will again go against the city unions after Oct 1 with this electric utility tax, the fire assessment the Slick Six headed by McGrail is trying to push through.

Wait till the plain old realestate ad velorem tax based on millage and the 7.13% valuation goes through.

The people in all the districts are not speaking very kindly of McGrail, Carioscia, McClain (and he is not running again), Nesta, Donnell, Erbrick. If they are gone in 2014, some are one and done in 2015 Why Szerlag has moved his packed bag from under his bed to right by his front door.

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Aug-17-13 6:03 PM

From the latest (August) candidate income/expense reports:

Sawicki’s largest contribution came from Michigan; she loaned herself $1000 and took another $180 from someone who shares her last name.

Cummings has raised a total of $40,000 for his mayoral campaign! This guy’s got the UNION PAC thing going for him – SEIU Florida PSU ($500); IU of Painters and Allied Trades Council 78 ($500); Intl Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local 349 ($500); AFSCME ($500) on this report alone.

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Aug-17-13 12:34 PM

She is thinking of the middle class families here in the Cape? What about the disabled Veterans, who will not get a benefit from the fire assessment? There will be a 1 mil reduction on your property taxes, and yet, the disabled who don't pay those taxes get nothing but a bill in the mail for the assessment. Disability benefits are not that high monetarily. How are those disabled going to pay these new taxes without the benefit of the mil reduction? This council, who more than likely, never spent a day serving their country seem bent on screwing the Veterans who need the help from high taxes.

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Aug-17-13 10:07 AM

Now now, Senseless. This is a non-partisan race, remember. When the next "union" operated business stops in to do something in your house, hope they do a good job for you. Hopefully they read these tidbits when you open the door.

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Aug-17-13 9:41 AM

It looks like someone with a Phoenix online degree wrote this letter.

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Aug-17-13 7:51 AM

Hey Mr No Sense, didn't the unions back Sully, Deile, and company a few years back? How did you feel about union backed candidates then? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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Aug-16-13 11:09 PM

Union! Florida does not have a great union system,I wish we have like in San Francisco. Not need to be rude my dear, life is short!, ohh one more thing she is Independent. Have a great weekend!

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