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Tree removal at Sirenia Vista park

August 16, 2013

To the editor: The recent tree removal at Sirenia Vista Park leaves me to believe that no one with any sense is in charge if this park projec....

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Aug-17-13 12:58 PM

Cheryl, contact the public works dept. for information. They should have cut that tree down.

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Aug-17-13 3:21 PM

Speaking og trees anyone noticed the south commercial district called CRa lately?

That area is having a ree called the mahogany tree dug up along with the sidewalks along Lafayette St.

Well guess what that area was already glamorized once by this city with those trees and new sidewalks.

It seems whoever in the cities planning dept. did not think a shallow rooted tree like that would break up the sidewalks.

I bet someone had a real good deal on those tree which they sold at a handsome price to Cape Coral.

So now like most projects here it is being done a second time. When the project was going to be done with mahogany trees the question was asked why is it not being done palm trees? They are fast growers, are cheap to buy, and do not invade the top of the ground with their roots. Which mayor want to take credit for this screw up? It did not happen during Sullivan's term in office it goes back further. Was it Mazurkewitz? Butler, or Burch.CRA tax dollars well spent? No j

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Aug-17-13 3:23 PM

No Cheryl just hide it and request it to be put in this year's budget again and again, and again!

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Aug-18-13 1:11 PM

CLASS WARFARE!! All the RAG posters have a common theme: blame the 1,200 city workers (not all are IN a union---this is a Right-To-Work State). Are RAGs suggesting that those 1,200 workers should support the 165,000 city? The oath “To Protect and Serve” or term “Public Servant” does NOT mean a lower class or servitude. We no longer have a ‘Servant Class’ in this country, or indentured servants, and Lincoln freed the slaves. Having a boat-load of money does NOT entitle RAGs to threaten, belittle, menace, and condemn their fellow citizens! Now we have people claiming that THEY are the judge of how much and when our employees should be paid! Shame on YOU, RAGs!!! J.Sulivan, C.Leest, B&JDille, P.Brand,S.Crane,T.Elia,L.Rosko,A.Kempe,W.Towler,B.Barnes,W.McManus,S. Lovejoy, J&P.Martin,R.Moody,E.Kuen,J.Rose,M.Stout,Willilams,C.Cambell,J.Cataldi,R.McKiernan, CapeCoral Republican Club, SWCCNA, J.Rupolo (fired from Fox4), CapCapeTaxes!

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Aug-18-13 4:36 PM

CapeCoralCuestions, if as you state I have a boat load of money, please be so kind s to point me to it. It really would come in handy!

Furthermore, when did I ever say or write about employees and how much and when they should be paid. NEVER you simple minded nitwit!

Come on CapeCoralCuestions or as some have said Charlie, get some gonads and post under your real name.

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Aug-27-13 4:07 PM

CapeCuestions as far as fox 4 new since the guy left their investigative qualities have more than waned. I imagine the visit by their vices presidents were told to put a damper on things. Fox had ferreted out the likes of School superintendent Browder, Edision College President Walker, and other up close and in your force reporting. As of the time Rupolo was terminated Fox 4 news is about as informative as a middle school newspaper! But not to worry the media in general in this area from print to TV and radio lacks a true sense of investigative reporting for the residents. USA Today/ aka New-Press, and the Breeze are firms to protect the advertisers, and the local government at all costs and*****the residents. This is especially noticed when it comes to their support of candidates that will keep the status quo and have the residents foot an unnecessary Tax, Fee. or bill.

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