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What a bargain

August 16, 2013

To the editor: I just received an offer in the mail that I wish to pass on to those Cape Coral residents that missed it....

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Aug-21-13 10:54 AM

Buster Brown I live in a shoe. My dog Tag is going to chew on you!

2015 the sleepy unconcerned Tax payer goes to the poll and sweeps the union puppets clean. Some of them will have tattered pant legs, ankles, or both. That sleepy dog Tag he is more than stirring.

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Aug-21-13 10:41 AM

Plunk your magic twanger Switchie!

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Aug-19-13 9:39 PM

Johngalt, are you advocating for a socialist system? You say no city worker should earn more than the median income of residents. in order to do that, we would have to ignore the level of responsibility, education and required training, skills, etc. That sounds socialist to me. What is wrong with paying people competitive wages based on the market salary for positions? Why should a Budget and Finance Analyst, for example, make only $31k simply because the high number of low paying retail and service jobs in the Cape lower the median salary? Really, you outdo yourself.

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Aug-19-13 2:26 PM

No Lolita but I look far enough ahead to realize who is coming up for reelection and the majority of the slick six will be gone in 2015.

The voters who are not city employees or businesses that don't exist on the handouts from the city will take care of the Slick Six.

Wait until they get their electric utility bill, their fire assessment of between $100 to $200 ontop of their real estate tax bump due to the 7.13% increase in property valuation. The rest will take care of itself. Why even the residents who do not know what district they live in or their business is in or who their councilperson is will know after the November 2013 tax bills roll out! As I said no reason to throw a towel in because the Slick Six have laid the groundwork for collapse. You better tell Donnell to not make a FOOL out of himself offering a 1/4 point reduction in the millage rate. He won't be back anyway!

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Aug-19-13 2:17 PM

So now Mr. genius(?) Packer you say there are degrees of gloom and doom. Nice to hear the degree YOU find is okay.

You are one stupid man who can not even understand what the heck is occurring outside your little world.

As bad as your city is financially and they win the prize. Your County coming off the tourist season ( in the private sector they call that the 4th and 1st quarters) have not taken in enogh money to run themselves. But they now know they have to cut payroll, staff and purchases to get their revenues to match their expenses or overhead.

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Aug-19-13 8:48 AM

Right on Packer. Note carefully as switch decides "maybe not this time but definitely in 2015". Throwing in the towel or are you really noticing what is happening. Switch can quote whatever he/she wants. All drivel. Go home wherever that is double dipper.

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Aug-18-13 9:03 PM

Submit all you want Dimmie. I live in the private sector every day. It ain't as doom and gloom as you would like to portray. Going after working people ain't gonna help you nor will it help our economy.

That's what is so funny about the RAGS. They whine people don't work and go after those that do. Gotta love the local version of conservative. They really don't know what they want.

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Aug-18-13 8:56 PM

By the way there are other people working in this city too. They realize what this circus of a city is doing extracting taxes that are not needed from them. Better management of the money is lacking and has been for decades. The position the city is in is not from the Fab 5, it is like all the other prebankrupt and bankrupt cities. Think tanks (more than 1) summed it up no one would have gone along with the LABOR CONTRACTS that were slipped through while most citizens were not paying attention and politicians didn't care because there was always tomorrow. Here is your TOMORROW Packer deal with it! Try another city, San Jose, Ca., Stockton, Ca., Empire, Nv., I give you 3 to choose in Rhode, Island or Detroit Michigan. Go get some reduced wages and benefits. I had some numbskull who told me in the News-Press town and cities can't go bankrupt. Time you started to live like the private sector employees who were not sure what TOMORROW would bring! Like your something special.

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Aug-18-13 8:46 PM

Packer what if I am not going to submit to what you are alleging. Pack this!

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Aug-18-13 7:38 PM

Knock off your fear mongering dimwit!! You really think people buy that "doom and gloom" crap? Do are you so stupid that you think slashing wages and punishing working people is gonna help the economy? Not really... It isn't going to lower your taxes either. Not buyin your crap story...

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Aug-18-13 7:26 PM

83% medical calls we can handle paying the county. This city has upset the apple cart or dined on the goose that laid golden eggs. It is over boys and girls if not today bu 2015. Up date your resumes because there are towns, cities, counties, and states cutting staff. Supply and demand will trump the unions. Welcome to the LABOR POOL!

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Aug-18-13 7:20 PM

I just got a look at the city's 2013/2014 budget as proposed by the city manager via city council.

Wait till the people get a look at the wages for the police and 242 sworn officers plus support staff. Then take a gander at the wages of the fire department for about 250 fire fighters or is it medical technicians. The support staff. Total $153 million plus.

The poor souls we read only get in the police dept $34,000 (that is the base salary). Pull up the totals off the internet by name.

This stuck out like a sore thumb in a city that is BROKE. Do the right thing program $72,000 or $6,000 a month. But this is not hidden in the big number I bet because they want to say we cut the program. If at all. This is only an example of what the taxpayers are having to deal with in the big numbers. $153 million in just wages? And we know they allowed the equipment to fail not because it is old because they allowed the fleet dept. to not service it and or them to report it was not ser

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Aug-18-13 4:30 PM

CapeCoralCustions: CapeCoralCuestions, if as you state I have a boat load of money, please be so kind s to point me to it. It really would come in handy!

Furthermore, when did I ever say or write about employees and how much and when they should be paid. NEVER you simple minded nitwit!

Come on CapeCoralCuestions or as some have said Charlie, get some gonads and post under your real name.

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Aug-18-13 3:29 PM

Seems like a straightforward proposition. If the median income of employed persons in the city is say $31,000 that should be the cap on all city employees. The net effect would be a city gov. that would be truly business friendly with lower tax rates. The more prosperous it’s citizenry the more $$ for city wages and salaries. Identify all households with at least one income earner, (outside of gubmit, banking, insurance, & those that make more than 30% of their gross from gubmint contracts) and do the math. ‘can’t imagine anyone being opposed to it…. (outside of gubmint, banking, insurance, & gubmint contractors)

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Aug-18-13 1:08 PM

CLASS WARFARE!! All the RAG posters have a common theme: blame the 1,200 city workers (not all are IN a union---this is a Right-To-Work State). Are RAGs suggesting that those 1,200 workers should support the 165,000 city? The oath “To Protect and Serve” or term “Public Servant” does NOT mean a lower class or servitude. We no longer have a ‘Servant Class’ in this country, or indentured servants, and Lincoln freed the slaves. Having a boat-load of money does NOT entitle RAGs to threaten, belittle, menace, and condemn their fellow citizens! Now we have people claiming that THEY are the judge of how much and when our employees should be paid! Shame on YOU, RAGs!!! J.Sulivan, C.Leest, B&JDille, P.Brand,S.Crane,T.Elia,L.Rosko,A.Kempe,W.Towler,B.Barnes,W.McManus,S. Lovejoy, J&P.Martin,R.Moody,E.Kuen,J.Rose,M.Stout,Willilams,C.Cambell,J.Cataldi,R.McKiernan, CapeCoral Republican Club, SWCCNA, J.Rupolo (fired from Fox4), CapCapeTaxes! SHAME!

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Aug-18-13 12:49 PM

I would be in agreement with that. In fact, if they ever do that I am shutting down my business and going full time with the city. In my field City workers are paid half what they are per hour. I agree.

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Aug-18-13 9:12 AM

The city workers are paid by the community. Their pay should be in-line with median income of the gainfully employed within the community! (Benefits & pensions too) Would someone please write an ordinance that limits the pay of city workers to the median income of those employed in the private sector! If all we have is a service type local economy, our city employees should be paid accordingly. If they wish to move “up market”, inspire them to apply in a higher median income county.

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Aug-18-13 8:30 AM

MrCommonSense, I see you can't adequately answer my question. You have once again resorted to name calling to deflect from the fact you spew falsehoods. You claimed they were fattening up, it has been shown they are clearly not. Yet, you don't have the stones, or the class, to admit when you are wrong.

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Aug-18-13 8:25 AM

TerryGolf1313, please enlighten all of us and tell us what you believe the city employees should be paid and what type of benefit package they should be offered. I would be very interested to see your line of thought on this matter.

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Aug-17-13 10:28 PM

Since the chief is retiring and is one of the top administrators in the city.

Why does the city not provide the media all the payouts and perks and amount of the retirement package.

Let the people be the judge. They know it is a pressure cooker job and there is many years of service involved.

But let the public see inside these pensions. And stop giving the people the BS of base salaries when there are special pay, overtime, uniform and equipment wages involved in the pay.

Tell the people how a special duty detail is paid by a private company hiring our officer with our equipment and the city bills the company. However the best part is if the private company stiffs the payment the city pays the officer. I bet the city does not chase the private company very hard as it does not chase other deadbeats in this city.

Bye the way did the city ever collect the $900 water/sewer bill from the scum couple who went to council meetings twice to get a lecture.

They let Dad go back

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Aug-17-13 10:17 PM

CapeCuestions if you call the SUPRESSION of the Finance Advisory Committee being fired you are as usual out of touch.

A moron like you is holding Don accountable for the individual cities in Rhode Island? Central Falls, Pawtucket and Providence filed bankruptcy because of the state. I don' think so.

The Unions put them in chapter 11. The state is not in Chapter 11 and that is who Don worked for.

The Finance Advisory Committee was a thorn in the city's side. They question how the figures of the budget did not line up and how their accounting practices were so primitive if existent at all. That was confirmed by the states Auditor General. If that is not so why was Szerlag running around when he first got here to correct what had not been finished by Gary Kinf the former city manager who discovered even more than the Auditor General turned up. If there was no problem why was Szerlag quoted in the media of stating the PROBLEMS were fixed? Although I do question what he says day t

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Aug-17-13 9:01 PM

Lightswitch.....we know you will never cease to comment. Thats ok, we ceased to listen a long time ago. terry....your cart needs charged.

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Aug-17-13 5:59 PM


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Aug-17-13 12:45 PM

With new forward looking blood on the council the remaining RAGS can follow their friend "show me the overtime" Mike to Sarasota!

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Aug-17-13 12:42 PM

Let us remember that this author had the fiduciary responsibilities in Rhode Island when things started going bad, then left with his fat state pension and ended up here and pretended to know how to fix it! Don is possibly partly responsible for Rhode Islands problems. Do we need the same thing from him here? I think not!

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