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Final UEP hearing Wednesday

August 15, 2013

If you plan to voice your views about the Southwest 6 & 7 utilities expansion project, the special meeting on Wednesday is likely your final opportunity to share them before the Cape Coral City......

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Aug-16-13 8:49 PM

Put all the cards on the table and tell the rate payers if and how much they will be charged for this $104 million project.

SRF State Revolving Funds is telling me if these morons do not put this on the rate payers TAB in the form of increased water/sewer rates. Then that $104 million is going to be covered with real estate tax dollars again by the rate payers.

So many issues and only so much room to tell the story.

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Aug-17-13 7:32 PM

Names please. We all want to contact these same people to see what answer we get. Hardly think the SRF State Revolving Funds can speak.

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Aug-18-13 9:22 AM

New sign on the city council chamber door… “Attention! Business conducted within is expressly intended to enrich municipal union & administrative personnel. Citizens are advised that local ordinance and local rules trump their rights as described in the US Constitution. You are invited to attend our regular meetings and comment on our awesome control, authority, and benevolence, over your lives, property, and businesses. Those dissatisfied by our decisions will be summarily escorted from council chambers by the very police we are here to enrich and blindly support. “

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Aug-19-13 9:29 PM

The economy tanked so it was noticed in the 4th quarter of 2006. It was actually sinking before that time period.

If you remember all through George Bush's term you heard several times a month every month the American economy is posed to accelerate upward. Bush would say there are solid "underpinnings" in U.S. businesses. Well what happened? Wall street got drunk and main street got the hangover.

Today we are hearing the city of Cape Coral, Fl. say that about its financial state of affairs. The majority of the residents are being hit with new taxes on electricity, separate billing for fire dept.. While inflation is surging again as the real estate value soared in one year over 7%. The normal tax revenue and the new taxes stripping expendable income to give city workers a raise of 3% and a 5% BONUS on top of that. They say they can not find $20 million but the normal inflow of real estate tax, the utility tax, and fire assessment tax will bring in several times the $20 mil

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Aug-19-13 9:37 PM

All the while the Florida Governor says this is just local politics. 157,000 residents says this is not local politics. It is a runaway city government and their unions rolling over private sector residents. To go to the polls will only change 2 out of 8 votes which are 6-2 now. Not until 2015 can 5 be up for reelection. Sort of like how long can residents hold their breath. Even when representatives have not been living in their district did a vote for a foul barely noticed and then they just looked the other way. Charter violations show might as well have no charter! To top it off the state evidently has a do nothing Attorney General.

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Aug-20-13 3:09 PM

Switch: Again generalizing, 157,000 residents say this is not local politics. Why do you consistently assume everyone thinks as you do. Stick to the facts, but not as you see them, as they really are.

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Aug-21-13 9:56 AM

I have almost always stated or inferred the majority. I have been talking to resident not the children but their parents and grandparents and I think you will see they are less than happy with what is going on in Cape Coral, Fl. These taxes on electricity, on real estate, and a fire assessment has them made as heck. The poor slobs that are getting whacked with %15,000 to $20,000 in water and sewer assessment on top of these new taxes are not just angry but beside themselves on how to pay for it. Oh and the hardship baloney is that anyway to run a municipality. That is part of the*****poor planning this city does. Oh well do the project and we will let the residents worry about paying. After all we can crisis manage as we go and let the ones who can or did pay pay again and some more! I said it once Lolita and I'll say it again you stink!

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Aug-21-13 10:06 AM

Hey Lolita There is an article in today's Breeze about Harry Chapin Food Bank which is a much needed resource for people that need help to put food on there tables.

May be you should go see them and see if they will build a facility right here in Cape Coral, Fl. It will save time , and the cost of getting to the food bank for people and Harry Chapin won't have to double handle the food to get it to the increasing numbers of needy people in Cape Coral, Fl. Lolita you still don't see what this city is doing to people do you? The ones at the bottom who are self "SUSTAINING" will be pushed lower into poverty so we have more people to keep from dropping off the charts. Lolita just call the churches, fraternal organizations and the U.S. Postal Service and tell them to conduct more FOOD DRIVES! I have found sometimes you have to stick a person's nose in it before it sinks into their dense brain.

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Aug-21-13 10:53 AM

Switch: Obviously you are not a product of the Great Depression era and never had to deal, personally, with little or no food. Very proud people who never begged, sold apples on corners for a few cents to feed their own families, became those who washed floors with their children beside them, but never, ever, begged. They became doctors, lawyers, people of status and today, THEY are the ones who serve in volunteer capacities all over this great nation. They are always on the front lines during times of need, storms, events, etc. Never wanting anyone to notice, they just DO. Go preach your absolute drivel to those who agree with you, but do absolutely nothing to serve others. Stay or go, personally I do not care what you or yours do. BUT...know this I will continue what I am doing. Have a nice day.

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Aug-22-13 6:44 AM

Good to hear from you johngalt. Have we not learned that the purpose of government is to line up favors for elected officials and government employees? What happens to the property owner? Who cares...they have nothing to offer those in government besides what can be confiscated. The UEP will buy favors for our lovely government folks for years to come. The construction and engineering companies will owe those in Cape Coral government for years to come. And you will never hear anything about the favors.

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