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Question of the Week, Week 3 - Fire Assessment

August 9, 2013

City Council candidate question of the week Each week through the primary, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related questio....

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Aug-16-13 3:14 PM

Just to give an example the chief of police and the one poor excuse before him were in the DROP Program.

They retire, but stay on to collect pension check and current pay check. Who in that department is being held down or possibly paid to be the second stringer? Where is the DROP participant going to go Miami to be the chief (in this case) or Mayberry? Probably neither. More golf, a trip to Scotland, whatever. What is needed in government local, county, state and federal is a new program. I propose MEOFG Move Em Out For Good!

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Aug-16-13 3:04 PM

I could care less where it come from which is the state. This program is a total waste and keeps deadwood government workers in place. While oppressing younger workers from moving up and implementing new ideas and shaking the rest of the tree for deadwood!

Governor Scott broached this subject when he was elected but was rebuked by the state senate and house so it was not followed up. What it tells me it is more than a live issue to be removed.

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Aug-15-13 5:50 PM

Hey senseless are you aware where the drop program comes from?

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Aug-14-13 6:54 PM

Boyd is part of the problem era. He supported the 175000000 water treatment plant based on we would have 250000 people now but we only have 180000. He over staffed fire and police based on 250,000 people. He supported the 100,000,000 police dept. supported the palace fire stations where on 25% of the building houses fire equipment and he supported the UEP general contractor while the contractor was over billing the service. He makes Harry reid look like a tea party leader

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Aug-14-13 9:59 AM

MCS...Finish the story about foreclosure and Leetz. He stated he was in foreclosure because he was not going to pay for a mortgage which was more than the house was worth. What happened to signing a promisory note promising to pay? Was this his first foreclosure??? No sainthood there for this guy.

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Aug-12-13 9:44 PM

James 71 they already did what you stated. The city staff is more than covered with a raise and a 5% bonus on top of the raise to cover all the new taxes.

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Aug-11-13 9:30 PM

Sorry, Sense, they vote no so they can say, Look at me I voted no for any money no matter what cause I kept my campaign promise. Had nothing to do with you.

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Aug-11-13 6:38 PM

Leetz voted no because "they didn't offer us the proper assessment for the fire tax model". Ok, and your proper assessment choice would have been.....just no.

Sullivan said no...because we have to have a better diversification model to create new jobs and bring in new business. Check every election year same old, same old But...Sullivan presents no new plan, just votes no.

No clue what to do, say goodbye.

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Aug-10-13 3:31 PM

I have a better diversification idea. Since the increased taxes go to the city unions why not tax assess the properties OWNED by city union members. That way they can call for wage increases and tax themselves for the increase

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Aug-10-13 9:05 AM

So Jim Burch opposed tax diversification in 2009 but now supports because the millage will be slightly reduced. Huh? As I recall,in 2009, the diversification was to be revenue neutral, unlike this go round. Talking out of both sides of his mouth

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Aug-10-13 8:54 AM

Most of the answers really provide little information, but one candidate says it all. Jim Burch says he worked hard to give us the biggest tax cut in history between 2009 and 2010. General budget in FY 2009 was $146,375,706. In his only budget he passed, it was $148,027,813, nearly 2 million higher. After he was ousted, the council worked to undo a lot of the spending he put in place, but he had nothing to do with it. Only Burch could vote to raise millage over 60% and boast of a tax cut. Vote for Headd, who is honest and seems to have the best interests of the city at heart.

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Aug-09-13 9:11 PM

Aw, the truth notice he may tell us to "shut up" but he doesn't give any facts to show that we are wrong. Just saying.

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Aug-09-13 8:42 PM

common nonsense at it again. Yelling at people he doesn't like, telling them to "shut up". What a wonderful whatever. Sounds like anger management courses should be on his agenda, real quick.

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Aug-09-13 6:39 PM

This proves the Marni, Vince, Richard Leon and Kevin are the only ones with either the vision or the cojones to see the need for moving forward. Instead of people championing mediocrity they should be demanding the reduction in millage rates to offset the fees. People need to understand also that with the needs associated with capital projects (paving, etc..) the offset will not be an even one. What puzzles me most is the ignorance of the mayor when he says we need new sources of revenue without affecting taxpayers. Just where in the world does he think these new revenues are coming from, the tooth fairy? We the taxpayers are the only ones here benefiting from the services so it will be us who will pay. Sullivan has lost his senses it seems.

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Aug-09-13 5:39 PM

4 years with Sullivan and he still says bringing businesses to the Cape is the solution to higher taxes...well John, point to the busnesses that you have brought to the Cape that has resolved the infrastructure neglect that YOU presided over for the last 4 years. Like I said on an earlier post, 4 years ago the voters of the Cape went to the polls to elect a Mayor and a leader, inatead we got John Joseph Sullivan. Enough is enough, vote the BUM out.

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