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Please respect bikers’ rights

August 9, 2013

To the editor I drive a car. I also ride a bicycle. As a driver, I understand the frustrations faced as one encounters obstacles but impediments none-the-less......

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Aug-17-13 2:55 PM

It appears that JustanotherBill and Haninginthere are very concerned with the law.

Here is one you both should read, it is:

When a lane is too narrow for a bicycle and a car to share safely, the cyclist is entitled to the use of the entire lane. Within this lane, the cyclist usually rides on the right half to facilitate visibility for overtaking motorists, but should ride far enough left to discourage motorists from trying to squeeze past within the lane. - See more at: *******floridabicycle****/bicycle-traffic-law/#sthash.FXmdxZZQ.dpuf

Read It - Learn It - Live It

I gladly accept enforcement of moving violations when bicyclists run stop signs when we have enforcement of motorists failing to yield space the bicyclist as required by law.

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Aug-17-13 1:47 PM

Three comments and all very presumptuous, emotional and childish. Whether I'm in my car or on my bike, I own the lane in which I drive, same as you. You may call it rude, you may presume I'm pompous. It matters not. I'm not going away. I'm not being rude. I'm commuting. If it truly bothers you enough to insult or presume how I ride my bike...stay off Santa Barbara between noon and 1:30 heading south....and try and act like an adult.

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Aug-10-13 11:50 AM

If people are doing all of those things to you then you are probably one of those pompous cyclist that want to ride on the road but not abide by the traffic laws. When see one running stop signs or refusing to stay to the side they will get the horn and finger from me. Learn to share the roads and you will get more respect.

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Aug-10-13 7:39 AM

Since you are concerned about obeying the law I am sure you come to a complete stop at all stop signs, always come to a complete stop at red lights to include prior to turning right. If you are obeying the law also I have no problem with bicyclists. I have no respect for the ones that think they can run stop signs and lights with no consequences. I also think common sense is a factor there are some roads and areas that are not safe for bicycles regardless if it is legal or not.

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Aug-09-13 7:33 AM

While it is your right to impede traffic in your little Spandex shorts, it remains incredibly rude.

Also, many of your holier than thou brethren think nothing of blowing through 4-way stops all over the Cape, expecting we mere mortals to bow to their greatness!

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