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Good news on the health front

August 9, 2013

To the editor: Good news (I hope) to the 72-year old lady who wrote another paper than she loves her insurance and good doctors. She worries about losing what she has....

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Aug-12-13 6:45 PM

Dear Mother Theresa Stevens..The only chronic illness that I see, time and time again is the obummer clone's (you)inability to deal in real world facts...Your personal opinion of me is irrelevant and as unimportant as the flea on the underside base of my dogs tail. The only ongoing chronic illness I'm concerned about is the ongoing destruction of our Constitution, economy, and society caused by this grinning cancer named, obama.

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Aug-11-13 11:55 PM

DOA, it must be a sad life to be so miserable, suspicious and paranoid all the time. Just one question: Have you ever had a chronic illness, or cared for someone who has? FYI, chronic means "ongoing, incurable." Let me know, then we'll talk.

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Aug-11-13 9:04 AM

Julie stop fibbing Pop never said that. That old talking point phrase is years old silly. You're as bad as our resident racist, Lyin Louie MD. Pls explain why DemoSocialists-unions-Republicans-and business all across the country predict a "train wreck" under Obum-o Care which will "help" a small number and ruin healthcare for the rest of us- And STILL leave 30-50 million uninsured. Private Ins.? 20-40% or more rise in premiums. Your King, Hollywood Dreamboat Barry PROMISED EVERY ONE Would GET A 2500 DOLLAR REDUCTION IN HEALTHCARE COSTS. WHOOPS, Sorry bout that folks!! This is not hate-its fact and it starts soon. Like obummer, Obum-O Care is disaster for working Americans. What will it take for blind ignorant followers of this evil named obummer to grow up? FC How is lying and racism "thought provoking"? omg.

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Aug-10-13 10:07 PM

My dad is a government hater from back in the day. But, a couple months ago he said something pretty smart: "You know, there are some things the government does and does well. Every month I get my Social Security check, every year it goes up a little. I go to the doctor and give them my Medicare card and most of my bill is paid. There ARE some things the government can do." He recalled the "fuss" when Medicare was instituted and said, with a chuckle, "Try and take that away from old folks now!" We agreed, this Obamacare Thing just might work out! For the good of all of us, let's hope it does.

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Aug-10-13 3:09 PM

Well Well, Dr(?)Louie checks in with his weekly "Whitey Is The Devil Column" This weeks article is a 50/50 column 50% lies and 50% racial hatred of White folks. First Louie Lie - Obum-o Care is a total disaster Even the unions are turning on it The DemoSocialists are turning on it. EVERYONE gets screwed under Obum-o Care. Start watching TV Louie...2nd Louie Lie - Our first HALF WHITE PRESIDENT IS NOT OUR FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Grump is right. Even though obummer desperately wants to be Black,he cant be sorry Barry, old chap. he cant be bothered with all this petty stuff anyway. After returning from his 100 MILLION DOLLAR VACATION. He's off again for another 9 days vacation. Louie stay out of the medicine cabinet your sick racism and obvious hatred of whites doesn't fly here.

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Aug-10-13 11:24 AM

I am fortunate in that I have a Cadillac medicare advantage policy. The only problem now is, I get letters from Internal Medical Associates, that some doctors there are no longer taking medicare. Mr. Robinson, If Obamacare is so great, why all of the exemptions? You claim that Medicare will be solvent for years to come. Where did that ifo come from, when money is being taken away from Medicare to help pay for Obamacare? Lets all get this other thing straight. This is about health insurance, not healthcare. They are two totally different things. One other thing, Mr. Robinson. Obama is not black. He is multi racial and should be thought of as such.

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Aug-09-13 7:29 AM

Lewis Robinson, M.D.: Very thought provoking letter. Some of your analysis is opinion, but one does not know the future and your advice to work with the problem solvers, not the "obstructions" is well stated.

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