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Reject negative campaign tactics and those who use them

August 9, 2013

To the editor: There exists a disturbing trend involving campaign strategy and a method of governing which when utilized in the recent past has literally transformed our fine community into a targe......

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Aug-15-13 6:28 PM


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Aug-14-13 3:08 PM

I think Mr. CommonSense's moniker is exactly correct. He and his thoughts are held by many voters in this city.

Those voters turned out and elected the current mayor by 63% or about 9000 votes over mayor Burch who could not vote due to a conflict of interest in the biggest debt service issue in the city. Oh and owning a company that did some of the design work and selling that same company definitely was a conflict. Does anyone think even though Burch did not vote that his views and information he passed on did not play a part in many of the votes? Of course they did!

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Aug-14-13 6:04 AM

MrCommonSense, there were others like you who held the same mindset as yourself, who previously claimed to be the "solution". They were elected, turned out to be a monumental disappointment, and were then voted out. You appear to be exhibiting all the same traits and characteristics as those before you. They were know as the Road Ahead.

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Aug-14-13 5:41 AM

Senseless.... A local group of wanna be activists had nothing real to go after to make there point about local government so they followed summer camp children to the movies and photographed them. I know it sounds desperate but it is true, it was on the news.

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Aug-13-13 5:29 PM

I am concerned that grown men and women and are photographing little boys and girls without parental consent. The least the city should do is inform the parents that photos were taken and give the parents the name and address of the organization that did it.

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Aug-13-13 2:44 PM

LS. and Mr No CS..have you posted any new pictures of the summer kids yet? oh, thats right, they have gone back to school.lets hope that the schools are monitored for the sickos like you both are.the Lovejoy "STING" was a wake up call for the young families in this city and We are paying attention to the actions of those involved with t-shirt roadies.thats a promise!

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Aug-12-13 10:07 PM

Sandy1 is not going to run for office. Why then she would have to leave her little niche embedded in the city staff.

That too is an obvious flaw in the work ethic in city hall. Assistants galore that either can't or won't do the job when they are counted on to do it.

In private industry these people are usually weeded out as being non performers.

What we see in the support staff at more than just secretarial pool, fleet maintenance, and other weak assistants that can not even schedule work let alone perform their tasks.

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Aug-12-13 9:52 PM

He is not going to serve another term that is for sure! The people had enough of him and saw he was of no value in that term.

So let him spend the money for the reelection he will not get reelected.

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Aug-12-13 8:07 AM


As usual, wrong again. AJ Boyd served nine years on Council. That's two terms. He was not voted out. Get the facts straight, just once.

Sully did keep his promise. He did nothing, said nothing of value, and had no ideas. It was just no no no.

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Aug-12-13 6:29 AM

MrCommonSense, you are the problem with the political process in today's day and age. I want someone who can do the job once elected, period. Not someone who is disqualified from consideration due to outside happenings. Unless the happenings are heinous in nature, no one willing to serve the public should be eliminated from consideration.

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Aug-11-13 11:56 PM

Sullivan ran against Burch and won by 63%.

Sullivan kept his word regarding what he campaigned for.

Now we get a a bunch of recycled politician hacks that were voted out after 1 term. Burche and A J Boyd.

The people are on to the gamers and will be at the polls to begins the face lift to a run away council with new taxes and a mission to put residents out of their homes. So vote for the union puppets and run the risk of losing your home TAX BY TAX BY TAX. Residents are you getting a 5% bump on your wages on top a 3% raise? No most are not. Those working for tips are you getting 25% tips now? No. You are probably not even getting the 20% that you should be getting.

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Aug-11-13 11:51 AM

I will vote for you Sandy.... That is a great suggestion. Since I am not voting the JS ticket this year I need a dot to fill in. Great suggestion Senseless!!

The most import point is this.... I VOTE!!!!!

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Aug-11-13 10:27 AM

4 years ago we residents went to the polls to elect a Mayor and a leader, instead, we got John Joseph Sullivan.

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Aug-11-13 9:13 AM

Excellent letter sir... Intelligence is a rare trait these days. Well worded and true. Every last word of it. Keep sending them... Truth always will prevail.

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Aug-11-13 8:33 AM

“I implore every citizen who reads this letter to be vigilant; our community's over paid, over staffed, over benefitted, underworked employees future depends upon it.” There, I fixed it for you.

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Aug-10-13 11:06 AM

@MrNoCommonSense: Why not run for office? You have ALL the answers...c'mon, save the City. Put that new dress on and start campaigning as a write in.

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Aug-09-13 5:43 PM

@bobbie: Ya gotta love it! Mr****monSense is here for one day and is threatening candidates. How many people who worked for the City were driven off by threats? Carl Schwing, Terry Stuart, Chuck Pavlos, HR Director, and many more. How many citizens have been cowed into silence? ALL employees under a GAG order by Gary King—and can we talk about Channel 4’s John Rupolo? And then, Walter, Nancy, Dolores, Jeff, Betty, Pearl, Charlie, etc. Where are these folks who rose and spoke for the majority? Where are their voices of reason? Terrified into silence, that’s where! Shame on the rest of us for allowing that to happen and continue to this day! Cowards all.

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Aug-09-13 4:16 PM

WOW! And an AMEN!

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Aug-09-13 11:17 AM

Terrific grasp of the "downfall of Cape politics", Mr. Angiulo. He who runs a dirty campaign is he who has rolled in the dirt himself. The Rags ran their dirt past the campaigns and into the Council Chambers under Sullivan. They hurled dirt at citizens and employees alike. So destructive! This campaign season, please know that we (voters), have checked out our candidates, we don't need RAG wannabes and leftover Rags to do it for us. And remember when we check out the candidates, we do it for all.

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Aug-09-13 7:20 AM

Mr. Angiulo: A+, accurate and articulate.

You have an in-depth understanding of Cape history and Cape politics.

This City needs more voices in the public square like yours.

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