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Time for a change

August 9, 2013

To the editor: It was about eight years that John Sullivan became involved in any civic concerns when he and his neighbors were informed they would be paying in excess of $20,000 for the UEP progra......

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Aug-14-13 2:54 PM

Switch: Read all of your comments. Disagree with all of them. Goodbye.

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Aug-13-13 8:29 PM

I reread what Jcmkay has posted and decided I do not agree with most of it.

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Aug-13-13 8:26 PM

But it makes no difference if she is a man or a woman. She could be Kelsey's goat it changes nothing. Most of what he/she posts I read and decide if it is right, wrong, or nolo.

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Aug-13-13 8:19 PM

Szerlag could not even get the mail to the council on time so they could read half the crap he loaded up in his proposals.

The truth will come out also about his comment about the city council not agreeing to a particular part of the UEP. He stated, "I've buried it so deep they will never find it." Then gave some*****and bull story of what this meant. I do not think the man can be trusted even for the masters he is reporting to.

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Aug-13-13 8:19 PM

Jcmckay is definitely not a man. Think back to the petition organizer urging council to give away land/ money to those swim center scammers and you will remember her whining.. She never would admit it was a mistake. Claims she only wanted it studied more. There was no need to study more when page one of the proposal was a fraud. She is so easily fooled and a real fool.

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Aug-13-13 7:49 PM

F C Perry compliments the letter which is clearly bogus in content.

F.C. Perry so called valued officer in the administration of The Cape Coral Civic Association.

What a joke!

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Aug-12-13 9:32 PM

I am not whining nor moaning. And, I am not a man. Obviously, you are one of the "me, me, me" generation, which is just part of what is wrong with this world today. I don't believe in giving to others just to give but I don't just always think of myself either. Take two aspirins and don't call me in the morning... hope you feel better. Getting rid of some of your pent up anger might help you feel better too.

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Aug-12-13 8:43 PM

One more comment for you, Mr. posted "council members should be paid a much larger salary to avoid what we have...a bunch of special interest/union lovin fools". Again, "special interest" could be any group of individuals you disagree with. Certain previous council members were fine with taking "union" money and votes but now in your opinion the current council members are "union lovin fools" for doing the same thing. I don't believe city employees really were the only voters that showed up at the last election, because I am not a city employee and I voted - which I do at every election. I think you are giving them way too much credit. I image you want the previous council and previous city manager back so they can destroy this city more and take us backwards more. We would not need the fire assessment if capital movements, such as road paving, were kept in the budget and accomplished while they were in complete control of th

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Aug-12-13 8:08 PM

Mr. CommonSense, again, you posted "just because unions/city workers pay the same taxes I do doesn't mean that they should be able to sway our council to do their bidding andmake sure they get 5% bonuses, sweet heart deals etc. I believe MOST of the city employees should receive the bonus. We will lose GOOD employees if we don't help them in being able to afford their homes too. It is your opinion that "city employees sway council". I disagree with your opinion. I would never work for the city due to the terrible pay. Believe it or not, "city employees" are human beings and have families that they raise too. They also contribute to the community in their purchases that they make and other ways, just like you hopefully do. Your total disrepect and generalization of all "city employees" shameful. Yes, there are some I don't care for based on my personal reasons but I don't lump them all in the same pot.

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Aug-12-13 1:33 PM

The champion napper, sleeper is Sullivan. By the way, you left out the generous Annuity that the Council can get in lieu of their health insurance.

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Aug-11-13 7:48 PM

Mr. CommonSense, you posted "us overtaxed citizens have had enough of the unions/city employess/ special interests/ and retires running our city". I am pretty sure that city employees and retirees pay just as much in taxes as the rest of the "overtaxed citizens". How can we get people to run for office with the current pay council members get? They have to be retired or well off to be able to run because I don't think they can make it living off the $17,000 per year they get for a very thankless job.

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Aug-10-13 11:03 AM

So, we had 70+ applicants for City Manager, we picked Szerlag to manage and advise. And now the idiots, aka RAGs, want the Council to just ignore him. Hmmm, pay the 25+ year experienced City Manager 160 thousand plus benefits and now ignore him but listen to King with NO prior experience in running a City...Bwahahahaha! Yep, throwing those RAG bums out was the right thing, for sure...Now it is time to fire Sullivan and Leetz.

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Aug-10-13 8:37 AM

John Galt and Mr. (they call me mr.) commotion since. one question for you two. HAD ENOUGH YET?

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Aug-09-13 11:17 PM

Mr. Kenney, your letter is a nice recap of the last few years. I agree that John Sullivan made many unsubstantiated claims after the SW4 assessments, and caused a lot of unnecessary havoc following that. Conditions happened to be just right for him to be elected, I would say, by default. Four years as Mayor and it is clear he is against everything, but it is also clear he has no plan to move the city forward. It is time for a new mayor.

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Aug-09-13 8:38 PM

So Galt are you saying when the Rags were in power they, too, were managed by the staff..ergo...they had no other choice or.....they really didn't know what to do and how to do it anyway, so...for four years they accomplished nothing, but wait...they wanted another 4 years to try again. Now sleepyman Sully know ichabod, want 4 more of their minions to help them from no to yes for something sometime in the future...No way....

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Aug-09-13 7:42 PM

The “professionally managed” city is model designed by & for bureaucrats. The councilmen are elected to decide issues based on “staff” recommendations. Naturally, what the staff recommends is bias towards the city employees and city services. The council must work through the city manager who sits at their “pleasure”. He goes along with the staff or they torpedo him. The staff is unelected, yet runs the show. Councilmen with higher aspirations need to get the staff & unions on their side to slither up the food chain. The professional managers, when released from office, simply go to the next PM entity and apply saying their dismissal was political. When they want higher taxes or wages for the staff or unions they simply compare us to another “PM” city and point out salaries, taxes, there. It is a firing squad lined-up in a circle.

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Aug-09-13 5:25 PM

@Nettransplant: yes and can’t the speculators bale and claim it as a tax loss? @NoCommonSense: AGAIN, Szerlag is hired, paid, and under the control of the City Council. He works at their pleasure. You clearly are one of the ignorant weasels that worship at the throne of Gary King (or maybe you ARE Gary King). The City Manager DOES NOT CONTROL THIS CITY! CITY COUNCIL DOES! Cape Coral has moved forward more in the last year than it has in the last six! We have had enough On-The-Job-Training—witness Gary King, Martin and Toler, Sullivan Leest and Kuhnt! I would rather read your foolish, ignorant comments to the LTE’s than read the cartoons! So much more laughable and entertaining! Please keep writing. It reinforces the position of those in the Cape with civic pride, volunteerism, determination to move forward, and love of neighbor.

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Aug-09-13 5:00 PM

I live in 6-7 and the majority want it. I just hope the vacant lot owners can see the value of this, but if these lot owners are investors who don't plan tp build then they should have sold before now. They had plenty of warning it was coming. Not all investment pan out!

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Aug-09-13 4:11 PM

4 years ago we residents went to the polls to elect a Mayor and a leader, instead, we got John Joseph Sullivan.

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Aug-09-13 8:49 AM

It's no secret that Mayor Sullivan is a joke. The bigger joke is that we never seem to get any top tier candidates for Mayor. Certainly not this time around. Your letter contains a few errors, but that is for a later discussion.

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Aug-09-13 7:07 AM

Mr. Kenny: Well written, easy and clear to read and mainly an issue driven letter.

Am not a Sullivan supporter, however, in fairness, Mr. S. is not really responsible for the Metal detector. Yes, his style is to incite mindless mob mayhem, but angry people with guns, that they feel they have a right to use, is the larger problem.

Excellent letter, please put Mr. Leetz on your agenda next week.

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