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Cape Council vote will destroy the city

August 2, 2013

To the editor: The slippery 6 Cape Council members have voted to ruin the residents living in the latest U.E.P. destination....

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Aug-13-13 9:07 PM

Commonsense I am guilty of of finding out information through LEGAL means of who a person is, what I may perceive as a reason for them to act, vote, or think in a particular way.

If the i8nformation is there I read,and analyze it. The Government has been doing this for generations with higher profile individuals. So the information is there it is what it is and I won't stop until it becomes illegal. It is easy to do this as long as your John Q. Public and have nothing to hide! However if a person has sold their soul, LOOK OUT!

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Aug-06-13 11:37 PM

Another $100 million borrowed from the state or borrowed by issuing junk bonds either needs to be repaid.

The city is not real good at controlling it's debt is it? No it is not and we can see that in the budget because the debt service to just run the shell game is very apparent.

I need not take the discussion any further because the figures are in black ink on white paper. Well maybe red ink on white paper.

Har to imagine there is such a concentration of fools in a single community. Time will show this to be more than true.

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Aug-06-13 5:46 PM


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Aug-06-13 1:21 PM

?Quoting game shows from yesteryear (typo I hope), labeling those who disagree as city employees or their significant others, on and on does not compare with what I watched on Cape TV. The mayor trying so hard to prove his point (guess because he didn't like the lady who said it), that the pumpers brought to a fire to the wilderness known as the North Cape, were really not necessary, since they could draw the water from the canals. This requires a huge HELLO...Did he even try to know where the nearest canal was? Bet the Department knew. How long does the Mayor require the fire hoses to be? He ended his statement, as usual, with some nonsense about mushrooms. I was laughing too hard at imagining how long the hoses would have to be.

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Aug-06-13 8:30 AM

what lightswitch isnt talking about is that the Density has been met in SW 6&7 and the UEP must go forth. the Health Dept is calling for ALL well users to have their wells inspected,immediately. Why? because of the neighbors crap floating around in your yard. Dont care how much you pay for that osmosis system.The wells still have to be inspected and that should be a lesson to those that are using the mayor to get out of paying for their city water and sewer. Rainy season has a way of bringing it back to the real truth.UEP must happen in the Cape

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Aug-05-13 10:15 PM

And the buzzer sounds on Sandy1. Not once but twice. No I am not Bill Deille, and I am not Billy Fucillo. One more bad gues and we go to that real brain teaser GO FISH!

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Aug-04-13 9:34 PM

Sandy I think the police dept may be looking for a Dick Tracy like you.

I think you are wrong again like you are on about 98% of your posts.

But you know something I sort of enjoy this little game.

Sandy when I was a kid there was a TV show called "What's Mt Line". The mystery guest had to sign in and a panel (blindfolded) would ask questions of the guest who disguised their voice. Let's play that game until you fail at that too. Then maybe we can let you try the card game "Go Fish".

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Aug-04-13 9:50 AM

Well I guess we now know who "lightswitch" is. How you doin' Billy?

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Aug-04-13 12:07 AM

Glade you can go. Do try the brie, pate, champagne, and desserts. Magnifique!

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Aug-04-13 12:03 AM

CapeCuestions just German? What about the folks from the United Kingdom,France, Netherlands,Sweden? What about the Canadians? What about the Michiganders, Iowans, Hoosiers from Indiana, Ohioans, New Yorkers, New Jersyites, New Englanders from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshirites, Massachusettsians, Rhode Islanders, Pennsylvanians, Conneticutians, etc., etc, etc. You getting the point yet boy? Pea Brain Questions!

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Aug-03-13 6:38 AM

@ Dick.. you have written some doozy of letters over the years but this one gets the HOOT Award. Do you really think that those living in the Cape are listening to your rantings. NOT! imo, it just shows your arrogance and what you will stoop to,in order to please Sullivan and his group of minnie-men .Do you even live in the Cape anymore?

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Aug-02-13 5:15 PM

Am I starting to see a pattern here? We have a huge German population (mostly snow-birds) in Cape Coral and recently we have people trying to destroy this city in order to benefit their own picketbooks. Brandt, Kuehn, Deile, it would be interesting to find out how many members of the German-American Club are also members/signors of the Road Ahead Gang, CapCapeTaxes, etc. The lost the BIG war but may win the war here in Cape Coral?

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Aug-02-13 10:15 AM

And the Dick says, "Councilman Leetz, and others who respect the citizens." Mr. Kalfus, IMHO, you have no credibility. Please see the LTE by D.Bertolini. Sad, very sad indeed.

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Aug-02-13 10:07 AM

Dick, Dick, Dick

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Aug-02-13 9:30 AM

Whats with all of the negativity? Now that the decision has been made, it's time for opportunists like myself to mobilize and start snatching up more land nice and cheap. Driving down prices= lower taxes = lower operating costs = higher profits on rent. Plus this council is helping by having residents pay for services in their electric bills and other fees and not by my property taxes. Keep up the good work. If we could have gotten the entire city contracted all at one time, life would have been grand.

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Aug-02-13 8:49 AM

Guess you missed the warning from the Health Department...all those not on public water using wells should have their wells inspected for increased germ infestation. Imagine what the drain fields are doing. And really, morally and Leetz in the same sentence.

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Aug-02-13 7:46 AM

Dick we can't remain stuck in yesterday... The relentless pursuit of yesterday was the theme of the fab 5. We are not a bedroom community nor will we ever return to such a day. Society has to move on and washed up old men that lack forward thinking and fear progress are not the answer.

If you are going to use catchy titles for council you disagree with please get it right. It is not slippery six Dick, it is SLICK 6. Again two weeks in a row the big message that seems to pop from your LTE is DON'T BE A DICK!!

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Aug-02-13 7:22 AM

Kalfus called Lurch "respectful". Now I have heard everything.

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Aug-02-13 6:51 AM

I live in SW6/7/ My life is not going to be ruined by the UEP. Do I want a new bill. Certainly not. Do I want to cancel my trip to France in 2014, no. But it may happen. It's called be a grown up and budgeting. I'm in a better shape financially than I was the last go around for this. My kids are out on their own. The industry my husband works in has REBOUNDED dramatically, and the not for profit world has stabilized and is blooming again. To be so myopic not to see the overall need for NO MORE DRAIN FIELDS in Cape Coral, is just being blind. So don't tell me that this this city will be destroyed, this city will flourish. You wait, watch and see.

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