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Email response demonstrates need for new leadership

August 2, 2013

To the editor: After witnessing the most devastating council meeting on July 24, I wrote to the Cape Coral Council, as I have done many times over the last 20 years....

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Aug-13-13 3:00 PM

not a city employee.. an average citizen that has seen the destruction that the King and his followers caused this city. you can blame whomever you wish but the voters know who is responsible for the pot-holes, in the north, not being fixed or the fire vehicles breaking down, even the police cars were falling apart.the use of the money in the Capital Funds Program to fix their budget woes,was a STUPID move. btw, thanks for the 63% increase but hey it was only taxpayers money.One thing for sure, the Legacy that the FAB5 will never be forgotten and will never be repeated.If you need to borrow a pair of waders for the B.S. you spew,on this site..holler at Leetz,since he used a HUGE pair at the pristine lake he visited.

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Aug-10-13 8:51 AM

Mr (they call me mister) Commotionsince: There is a portion of you ramble-on that makes me smile when I read it. It is such a beautiful, and true statement that will soon come true. It is the part where you say "the current council, minus Sullivan and Leetz" I cannot wait for you prediction to be truth.Can you really, I mean realy support someone who stated in a public forum that his priorities in the next four years, if elected, would be " not to get indited..."?

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Aug-09-13 6:00 PM

@certainsmile: it's a good thing the supervisor of election does not certify someone's mental acuity or Slick Willie and Brand would have been crossed off YEARS ago! Ever heard of cancer psychosis?

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Aug-08-13 10:56 AM

Pal it is not my problem. My problem is most that can not see this city is poorly financed and has a problem understanding the difference between some and none. But you will see a change by 2015 and there are so many finally beginning to wake up and will take even more notice beginning with the Utility Tax in October 2013. The Fire Assessments have been mailed which will just add fuel to the FIRE (pun intended).

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Aug-07-13 1:21 PM

As I said,Bulb,I turned you off a long time ago,for the very reason your remarks to me illustrate. You always manage to somehow try to belittle the person who disagrees with your beliefs. This is your problem and why people ignore you. I respect your stand regardless that I disagree with you most of the time. I don't lower myself to call you names or make fun of you. Just because I disagree with the behavior of two councils doesn't mean I support all the things you mention. How did you arrive there? Thank you anyway for justifying why I turned you off years ago.

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Aug-06-13 11:16 PM

Eugene is going to take advantage of the $5,000 discount of the General Motors Volt automobile. He feels that the saving with cost justify the increased 7% electricity utility tax. The higher the kilowatt hours used the higher the cost of the kilowatt hours. Eugene will stick with buggy whips and lamp oil for he feels that is truly moving the city forward. Logic is not your strong suit Eugene! A couple of more corporations that do not agree with what this city is doing is Lee County Electric Cooperative, General Motors, AARP, and many more. Interesting the city is wanting to market itself to retiring Baby Boomers? What a joke. Eugene is going to head up a food drive next year in the summer months for the people the city has put into harms way financially. All those homes that were for closed on and are now rentals. Wait till the owners have to bring in lawyers to evict those renters. Euugene you passed your opinion on the Aqua Swim Center and were wrong on that too!

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Aug-06-13 2:28 PM

If what I read is true, and I am sure it is,I thank you for the information. Add to that the remarks from Mr Sullivan in the above comments then it put the finishing touches on what I have observed. Neither one of these men will receive my votes nor those of my family. The remarks from the lightbulb I disregard as I turned him off a long time ago. I am sorry to see people create hate within a community which is now being done, there is no need for an E-mail like this or for our mayor to then support it.

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Aug-05-13 4:24 PM

Bobbie you can add almost anything you care to try to add. So sorry you think I am a jerk and more sorry I can not reciprocate what I really think of you. Fortunately you already know the answer to that question.

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Aug-05-13 12:39 PM

Bobbie, the Supervisor of Elections does not declare a person to be competent. Even Mrs. B acknowledged that at the podium. They only validated the signature appeared to be his.

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Aug-04-13 6:44 PM

L.S. the real SCREAM will be when the County adds their two cents worth ..or should I say HUGE bucks. Strange that Lubberjoy isnt over there with his t-shirt folks causing hate and dissention

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Aug-04-13 1:31 PM

Hey Dimbulb, your comments under the Patient Act of 2005 are irrelevant Mrs. B did not personally (in the end) make the decision about her husbands ability to vote. She showed proof that, for that election, the Supervisor of Elections made the call that he was capable of voting, he was competent. Did you miss her proof? And for future votes, Mrs. B actually informed the elections office to remove him from the voting roll. Then was when his disease progressed. And may I add, U R A JERK.

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Aug-03-13 11:29 PM

Maybe you need to contact the Florida Congress? So I will leave it you and then when I inquire I will find something updated in Florida State Law. It that okay with you? If it is not let me know. If I do not hear from you I will know that the law/act is adequate.

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Aug-03-13 6:23 PM

Switch: Think you can find something later than 2005. You know how things change. It would be interesting.

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Aug-03-13 1:30 PM

Sullivan if you were anyone else, I would be shocked at your comments about Dolores.You and Leetz deserve to be and will be thrown out of office together.

I'm going to love it when I go to the council offices after the election and ask for Mayor Sullivan and Councilperson Leetz and hear, They aren't here anymore. I will smile every time I do that.

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Aug-03-13 9:52 AM

It is going to look like Frankenstein meets the people with "pitch forks and torches" at the city council meetings. (I am taking literary license hear so everyone relax!) But the city council and staff get THE POINT! Good thing chambers are air conditioned and the city government is NONTAXABLE because they are going to be cranking it up the A/C after the Oct. 1 billings and the Aug/Sep TRIM NOTICES.

See ya at the council meetings and the VOTING BOOTH from now on!

Oh and you want to solve the waiting in line complaints put in seating along the line for the folks who can not stand. There that did not cost you a penny for an outside consultant with a colored Excel Spreadsheet.

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Aug-03-13 9:41 AM

I can empathize with the woman however there is no need to bring one's domestic situation to a public meeting. I know of several people who have addressed the city council on many issues that do not bring into play their personal life's issues. Unless they specifically have to do with a particular issue. Oh and if you get up in public whether at a council meeting or anywhere else you better be ready for public opinion. The gate swings both ways. Oh and let's not reelect councilman Leetz because he is only 1 of 2 councilmen on the 8 man board who actually cares about THE PEOPLE. The nobodies know that, a more everyday know that the polls are the only place to "SAVE THEMSELVES" and will show up at the polls. The undercurrent on the street tells it all. I actually can not wait until the the low end of that TAX on electricity begins OCt. 1st. (wait until Apr. May, Jun, JUL, AUG, & SEP.. Followed by the increase in PROPERTY TAX, withy the FIRE ASSESSMENT kicker as a NEW SEP

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Aug-03-13 9:19 AM

There is some good reading on the Florida Patient Act of 2005.

It talks about people who care for those with dementia and or Alzheimer Disease. It speaks to the question when should a person relinquish use of vehicle use and making choices of many of life's decisions. A very difficult task for the nonprofessional care giver in even making the right decision for the person with the disease. For sure it is very emotional for the caregiver who has the responsibility to fight off the emotion to do what is right for the patient. In a nutshell the patient or the caregiver should not put the patient in situations they may be do not belong in any longer. Just saying it was interesting to read about that Patient Act.

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Aug-03-13 7:32 AM

I've had rather nasty emails myself from D4 in the last few years. His letter to Mrs.Bertolini's was so low, we can see it on the other side in China. Chris just made sure he lost election. Thanks for helping Richard's campaign. :)

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Aug-03-13 6:24 AM

@ jjsully...PUT A CORK IN IT!!!

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Aug-03-13 6:22 AM

The type of behavior that Leetz and his RAGS have shown should be a lesson to each of us. They don't care what we think. Using lies and personal attacks have been their trademark since 2008. Sad part is they laugh about their antics because in the past, they have gotten by with the bullish behavior.Both on the dais and in the public arena.Until now,god bless Delores for having the courage,by stepping up and proving once and for all that Leetz and his minions is not the answer, to the forward motion of growth to this city.

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Aug-02-13 9:14 PM

Councilman Leetz's actions were absolutely disgusting. Then you have a Mayor who allows violations of Roberts Rules of Order, attacks on other council and attacks on residents to occur regularly. These two individuals have proven to be unfit to be in any leadership position. If they thought there was a big turnout in the last election to bring about change, they haven't seen anything yet! Three down, two to go.

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Aug-02-13 6:39 PM

And CL's totally non-responsive response to my email-read it and weep:

Please allow me to object to your email. NO where in the world ... does a elected official behave as Mr. Cariocscia did. He made the most vulgar gesture any man can make to another man. Key word here is man and the district 2 council member no longer qualifies as a man. His gesture was an affront to every resident/citizen of Cape Coral and his gesture to me was the same as if he had done it to you and your family. The district 2 council member should resign based on conduct unbecoming an elected official. If you can not understand the principals of this event then you are certainly a sheep waiting for slaughter. Good luck, I believe you are 100% off base and wonder what you would have done if you were in my seat. Your email has disrespected you and all who believe we should accept such behavior. My pity is extended to you. Maybe you should stop and think about the damage this gang of six has placed upon our city.

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Aug-02-13 5:09 PM

Mrs Bertolini.... Thanks for the efforts you give this City. I feel quite confident you will teach Mr Leetz a couple of long term life lessons before it is all said and done. I am also quite confident you will do it with class to make good and sure he remembers.

JJ Sully... Not only are your words mean and uncalled for, they lack fact. You see.... Mrs Bertolini may not still be on the council, but, she still gives to this City. When hurricanes head for us she heads for EOC to volunteer. Just one of many volunteer actions by This kind woman. Unlike the sore loser RAG/CAP folks who got bounced in the last election....She still continues to give. Hardly acts of person engaged in self pity. Your words are simply the words of a spineless jerk.

When one dedicates there life to another human being they have a right to grieve and be sad when they die. It is called being human.

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Aug-02-13 4:39 PM

So have you been able to pat yourself on the back enough yet. I spent 4 years watching you shove the UEP and one tax increase after another on the citizens of this city. While I am disgusted with the total city council at present, I know they are bought and paid for, I know that I tire of your prancing up to the podium with some inane comment. You lost your seat on council because of health issue, the voters were sick of you. Also, you raised taxes at every chance you got. So keep on feeling sorry for yourself, and continue to remind us that your husband died.

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Aug-02-13 3:47 PM

hmmm . . . wonder how many others he has threatened into silence?

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