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Mayor Sullivan, a very special public servant

July 26, 2013

To the editor: When I hear the words integrity, honesty, sincerity, professionalism and ability my thoughts immediately turn to Mayor John Sullivan....

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Aug-08-13 5:37 PM

How long would you think the Mayor would sleep up there (and there are photos), if it wasn't for Rena. How many times does the Councilmember have to whisper to the Mayor that he missed Citizen's Input, etc. and then he backs up trying to look innocent. How many times do we have to listen to the Mayor when he uses his one liners that have no bearing on the case. Really....Rena won't be re-elected because you don't like her? Well, let's see what happens Sept. Nov. 2013.

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Aug-08-13 1:03 AM

Ramblings non facts check out the archives of the local media. But best of all check out the city council meetings on Cape TV.

PS is any wonder Councilperson Rhana Erbrick does not want workshops in council chambers or telvised for all to see? Erbrick is more a censor than a representative for the people. She will not be there in 2015 when she comes up for reelection. If she runs at all! The people will keep her out of the shadows. Another Michigan Marvel. She,McGrail and their boy Szerlag. Think the people in Troy Michigan want him back? I think not, from the people I have spoken with. Mr. "I will do ANYTHING council tells me to do." And to keep this job he has to do that! Hat rack boy!

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Aug-08-13 12:55 AM

You don't know why they did not change the computer system because the city teamed up with a software company that sold them a customized system Cape Coral did not need. They had a city manager and finance director before King and Bateman who took copious notes on what informational capabilities the staff needed and didn't heed what they said they wanted. This was verified by the city auditor. The fact that the city treasury was bone dry and the bond rating fell from an A rating to a D, also before King and Bateman came on board did not help. The barely solvent custom software company that never hit a deadline delivery for the city would have gone under and the invested money on what the city did invest with them would have cost many more millions of $'s to scap and replace. The system per the IT manager if he is still there gave a figure of more than $10 million to replace and upgrade what is currently at city hall. When Sullivan & an account showed up Cape Coral, Fl. was in cha

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Jul-28-13 6:10 PM

The fact still remains, when the 5-3 groupies had the opportunity to "correct" what they perceived was wrong, they did nothing. They worked hard to stop improvements and just decimated each and every department with their two roving reporters trying to find ways to destroy the City. That is still your mantra and theirs. Not hard to detect the direct you and yours are pushing for. Utter destruction and then claim victory while trying to rebuild.

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Jul-28-13 4:36 PM

Oh Lolita one other part of the DVD I burnt from Cape TV was the fact the city had been presented a D bond rating along with interest only loans it had mad to run the dump. As King stated to fire the custom software company would be starting from scratch to buy the correct hardware and software at a $10.5 million price. The unemployment rate in the city was probably very close to 20% and probably above that because small business owners do not collect unemployment or get in government statistics. But I ask you to rack that feeble brain of yours and recall all the out of business signs and shuttered buildings and store fronts! You people make me sick. You are right to a fault when FACTS show different!!

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Jul-28-13 4:27 PM

Numbnutz you will always be just that NUMNUTS!

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Jul-28-13 4:25 PM

So Cape Coral, Fl still has a potential computer nightmare in city hall. That nightmare was said to have a $10 million dollar price tag to fix and who knows how much was dumped down the rabbit hole the seven years before King was ever hired?

This city had such a stinking ability to get hardware or software up and running over the 30 years of paying attention to this poor excuse of a city.

When Carl Schwing was temporary city manager, prior to that assistant city manager. I blogged what would occur when the city under his direction installed the Water And Sewer Utility Billing System the city uses NOW> I speculated what problems would be encountered only because As I said the city had such a POOR TRACK RECORD. They proved to be as inept as I could ever have imagined. Actually more! Not just say so! Breeze, News-Press, Tv, and CABLE TV channel 98 at the weekly city council meetings. Lolita go follow the Yellow Brick Road the lemmings are no longer behind your leadership any mor

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Jul-28-13 4:10 PM

The FAB 5 at least investigated why the cities computer system.

Gary King discovered the software that was finally purchased by his predecessor did not accomplish the tasks as asked by the city's own staff.

King in delving into the nondescript software company who never hit a deadline for any of its custom software program was barely solvent.

Gary King told the council that company was being kept going by the prior contracts the city had made with the company. For the number of years the city kept giving that company deadlines to deliver the custom programs. Those contracts were LONG BEFORE GARY KING WAS CITY MANAGER. But what the heck nobody in the IT dept was PUSHING that company to deliver. King felt the city needed to give that company a few more months (3) to deliver the program. But McGrail and McClain headed the firing when the Slick 6 got voted in and they performed the task of FIRING HIM FOR CAUSE before that 3 months ever came about. Slick 6 never mention this a

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Jul-28-13 1:20 PM

Light...Why didn't the rags on council, when they had the 5-3 votes, change the computer system you are crabbing about. Why didn't King seize the opportunity to correct the "mistakes" or too much running around looking for fuel, etc. Was in your trunk.

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Jul-28-13 12:39 PM

lightswitch can I have some of what you are smoking?

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Jul-28-13 12:37 PM

John Galt you are one funny guy!

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Jul-28-13 12:30 PM

In a few months, Sully will be back on the correct side of the podium.

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Jul-28-13 7:49 AM

His name is Sullivan, John Sullivan. He represents the taxpayers of Cape Coral, the future of our city, and it's solvency.

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Jul-28-13 7:15 AM

Yes for historical refernces, visit Vote them Out, or Get out and Vote...Take Back the Cape on Facebook. There are email threads from public records posted there. As for the current seated mayor being special, well, indeed we are. Mr. Sullivan stated he is a a poltical activists, and he should have stayed on the other side of the dais. He has shown no ability to control meetings, and gavels at wrong times. I for one am hopeful for a new mayor who can help bring back credibility and decorum to our meetings, and our city.

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Jul-28-13 2:09 AM

As far as Gary King being hired he was the best thing the people could hope for.

Any doubt that the inner working of accounting practices were in place from any of the city managers who purchased millions in computer hardware or software were shown the systems from the smallest of depts. to the most critical were not in place. But fear not some were in place just not observed by staff. A $500 million dollar operation a complete rats nest. Three computer systems unable to be integrated. Put out for fix and purchase by King's predecessor here for 7 yrs and never got it done. They carried a nobody computer company way before the FAB 5 that did not once hit a deadline to bring in a CUSTOM software system to run a city. Like Cape Coral is something other than other cities. Tell me no one got into side deals on hiring this nobody company. Tell us why did we hire a nobody company that could not deliver? Maybe some of the recycles or their buds can tell you! Day, Boyd, LePera, Berto

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Jul-28-13 1:54 AM

Hey Cap? where does it state a councilperson can not leave the dais? I evidently missed that in the charter. But I am sure you must be able to tell us where.

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Jul-27-13 9:57 PM

And you, Kalfus, are a minority of one on this subject! "Integrity, honesty, sincerity, professionalism, ability?" Really? Obviously, you've never seen the REAL Sullivan . . . oh, never mind. You're so deluded it almost makes me sad. Almost.

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Jul-27-13 6:14 AM

Mr. Kalfus wrote: "When I hear the words integrity, honesty, sincerity, professionalism and ability my thoughts immediately turn to Mayor John Sullivan"

That's funny, when I hear the words deceitfulness, inconsistent, vindictive, dysfunctional, and short sighted, my thoughts immediately turn to Mayor John Sullivan.

Do you know how I know I must be wrong??

You brag every week how righteous you are and that you are the only one in this town who is always right.

KalfusWorld must be so heavenly!

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Jul-27-13 6:09 AM

Dick... When the votes were 5-3 every week you never whined like you are now. Hypocrisy seems to be the fuel that boils the local version of the tea pot. I emphasize local version. The big moral to the story is quite a simple message.... Don't be a Dick!

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Jul-27-13 3:05 AM

Yet another bloviating LTE from Kalfus who blames what is now wrong in the Cape on the current council rather than squarely on the shoulders of “The Road Ahead/Contract with the Cape Gang” and the inept, angry Gary King. Obviously Mr. Kalfus is seeing a completely different mayor than the rest of us do. Sully is a man who uses his position as mayor to bully and silence any opposing opinions at council meetings. (CapeCoral****+ 9/8/11 meeting.) Note the hollering heckler from Wednesday night’s meeting who was not escorted from the hall even after interrupting the meeting at least a dozen times. The mayor ‘begging’ her not to make him have her removed. (sign) He deliberately allowed Steve Lovejoy’s political action committee members to wear political t-shirts, knowing it was against council rules and protocol. Why: Because he supports them.

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Jul-27-13 3:05 AM

He admittedly voted to hire Gary King after stating via email that he thought King was unqualified. (see Vote Them Out, Take Back The Cape on Facebook). He has voted NO on anything and everything that would even resemble spending money--even on necessary projects, while vilifying and threatening city staff. (I don’t get mad, I get even.) He has walked out of and/or fallen asleep at several Lee County meetings (photos were taken), and threatened to take a baseball bat to members of the Lee County Board of Commissioners because they had the gall to disagree with him! He lets councilman leest consistently leave the dais during meetings to take phone calls without censure and further allows loose-cannon, hateful Leest to attack his fellow councilors.

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Jul-27-13 3:03 AM

He is up for re-election and is now pandering to Veteran’s Groups, local organizations, especially our Special Populations, hoping they will forget that ALL of his votes since election have jeopardized their funding. Be aware that Sully and Leest (and now YOU Dickie) USE the 6 other members of the council as cannon fodder so that they (Sull/Leest) can: claim the high ground of being the ‘voice of the people’, vote NO on everything, allow the ‘slick six’ to take the blame when hard choices and votes need to be made. A win-win for the Road Ahead/Contract With The Cape cadre! council members who understand that this must be a city of the people, by the people, and for the people. WHICH people Dick? The 500 rabid, drooling RAG supporters, or the hard-working folks who want a quality city with quality services who are terrified that RAGs will allow Cape Coral to turn into Dunbar?

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Jul-26-13 11:09 AM

Why don't you guys get a room?

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Jul-26-13 10:37 AM

Your are right Dick! Sully is very special! In fact you and him are so special you both ride the short bus!

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Jul-26-13 8:14 AM

Dick, why did you not protest the RAGS 5-3 votes?

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