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Pocketbook politics

July 26, 2013

To the editor: Whether we like it or not, realistically, most voters make their political decisions based on their pocketbook! Wednesday, July 24, at a special meeting of Cape City Council,......

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Jul-29-13 7:06 PM

Mr. Galt you are correct that numerous permits have been issued for homes that have septic. However, they are being approved under the assumption that the systems are not permanent. The State is who is demanding systems other than individual septic. Also, it is a fact that the type of systems we use in this city do have the potential to pollute and run off into canals. The same held true for fertilizers hence, ordinances were passed that dealt with them. I do not like the numbers either but given the unique nature of our community it is needed. The same project happened in the Keys for the same reasons.

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Jul-28-13 7:00 PM

Those thousands of septic permits allowed the city to collect millions in permit, and impact fees and added greatly to our tax base and provided many jobs for many people. Fees, taxes, and taxpayers we would not have if not for those permits. They issue the permits, they collect the fees & taxes, they control and regulate the environmental regulation! Wait… how about those 16,000 infill lots that have never been developed? Lots that have utilities available! Lots that have set undeveloped since Kape Koral began, Lots that should be “hooked-up” to the system, a system that was designed and built to supply those lots. That’s ok eh? Why not incentivize those lot owners to develop their parcels? That would help immensely.

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Jul-28-13 5:50 PM

I love the comment about how the city and state has issued thousands of septic permits over the last ten years, like it couldn't end. Yes, and we could fertilize our yards year round until last year. FPL could use water from the river to cool their generators UNTIL, they were forced to stop by the state & feds. You could have 2 cycle out boards in all states, UNTIL some states outlawed them. Septic tanks forever LOL

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Jul-28-13 5:14 PM

Just a thought Apple Computer, Inc. builds a product. So do other manufacturers in that field.

Why is Apple so successful? They established a track record keeping the MAJORITY of their customers (residents) intrigued, happy with the product, and LOYAL. Thus Apple comes out with generation after generation after generation lined up to buy the most current widget (HOMES). They want to become part of the Apple Family and they do by the millions.

Unfortunately Cape Coral is not now has it been from its beginning been the Apple of city building. Has it had moments? Yes but not a stable consistency.

Summing up. If you build it correctly the first time and keep it consistent "they will come and be lined up, wait, continue to come and bring more!! I see a community more interested in giving its staff quality jobs, wages, benefits and those in the private sector be damned! If I am wrong then we will not see this current Slick 6 council be taken apart at the next few elections!

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Jul-28-13 4:53 PM

Yes I made a type O it should be $13.1 million the city spent to take land off the tax rolls. Just a point too bad they do not have the $16.1 million back in the treasury.

Then they would only need to find $3.9 million to balance their budget.

Then no need for the 7% Utility Tax on Electricity, nor the Fire Assessment pulling it out of the general fund. Maybe they could keep the promise of dropping the millage rate by the 2 points. Not 2 points, to 1 point to NO POINT!

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Jul-28-13 1:13 PM

Price of the land suddenly jumped to $16.1 from the real price paid $13.1 according o Light.

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Jul-28-13 8:26 AM

Some of you posters are really tough to figure out. I've listened for years about putting the SW 6/7 landowners online with water/sewer because it will make the costs to current ratepayers go down. OK, I get it. Simple math. I then suggest that this council should get the entirety of the northern parts of the city under contract because the current contract bids and interest rates are stated to be as low as they ever have been, or will be. I get 5 "disagrees"? I must be confused. BTW, I own or am partners in 27 properties in the northern parts of the city and would have to shoulder a lot of cost should the cost per property rise from $15k and change to, say, $20k per parcel. That's unfair and irresponsible to me and my partners. But then again, that's been the problem with this project from day 1. There is a greater disincentive to not develop, rather than an incentive TO develop. But I don't think anybody on here really understands what that means. It all goes b

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Jul-28-13 8:01 AM

Don’t you just love these shills that regurgitate over and over that septic tanks pollute the environment? “Mother earth” no less. Ask yourself one question; If septic tanks pollute why has our city and the state issued thousands of septic tank permits in the past 10 years in Cape Coral?

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Jul-28-13 1:34 AM

If the city has NO obligation to the rate payers who have been shouldering the cost of this utility sysyem.

Then it follows the way to roads north of Pine Island roads in up to those residents alone to pay for the total cost of their water and sewer infrastructure pipes to water plants. The have a big one now smack in their area. Oh and the water & sewer funds I guess we can assume they get none of that money either until they start chipping in. However that really doesn't matter because how many times has that money been taken from the rate payers and spent for example on $16.1 million for land that will have only a tiny fraction of use to the utilities. Another misappropriation of funds against this city Cape Coral, Fl.

Question of the day is it the interest rate you bought something at that can cause a state of bankruptcy? Or is it the amount you borrow that causes inability to repay?

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Jul-27-13 4:49 PM

To clarify some misconceptions: 1) the $90 million in SRF money is solely for the construction of SW 6&7 water, sewer, & irrigation lines. It will be repaid SOLELY BY the people in SW 6&7. NO other entity will pay a dime for this "State Revolving Fund" money. (get it light?)

2)The answer to the question of utilities north of P.I. road is not enough density to justify them. Water only is in the schedule for the North 1 & 2 areas.

3)This project was bid in 7 separate contracts for the 12 construction zones in staggered bid openings. With each contract bid the prices came DOWN after each bid opening.

4)There have been ongoing meetings of SW6&7 for TWO years. A substantial number of residents have stated the NEED and desire to move FORWARD on this. The people at the Wednesday meeting didn't bother to come to the previous meetings & state their objections.

Now is the right time with the right people to get the BEST bang for the buck we will ever have,

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Jul-27-13 6:18 AM

Folks should pay attention to such things before moving to a new city. It is called growing pains. Public utilities are important they date back to ancient civilization. Anything less would be 3rd world.

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Jul-27-13 2:10 AM

Leest needs to understand that the 6 caring intelligent members of the Council ARE speaking for the majority of the residents! The entire south Cape (minus 6/7) are carrying the weight of all water and sewer issues from their wallets, and the residents of the north Cape are clamoring for water and hydrants! I think it would be a great idea if the City skipped the 6/7 area of the City entirely and brought water into the north Cape where there are NO water pipes and NO Fire Hydrants. It would of course turn 6/7 into a blighted area, but judging from the lack of intelligence, understanding, and just plain good manners exhibited by the 6/7 residents at the meetings, it's about what those low-brow residents deserve anyway.

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Jul-26-13 2:53 PM

If the prices for construction are as low as they ever have been, or ever will be, then this council is being irresponsible to the land/homeowners in the north part of the city by not contracting expansion into those areas now. Otherwise we'll run into these same arguments in a couple more years. But then again, this is Cape Coral.

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Jul-26-13 1:54 PM

Great letter Mr. Perry,keeping to the FACTS makes the shirkers nervous

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Jul-26-13 1:39 PM

Mr. Perry excellent letter. We can do this now when prices are low or we can be forced to do it under an environmental edict when the state or Feds decide we are polluting the ground water and prices are much higher.

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Jul-26-13 12:03 PM

This city has an obligation to the rate payers of the water/sewer service in Cape Coral, Fl. to put back in the water/sewer fund the $13.1 million it raided the fund for the broken up parcels of land throughout the city. Not ALL that land is going to any water/sewer project today, tomorrow or ever. Councilman Mc Grail made a statement at a council meeting and it is in the media. When he originally rolled out the water/sewer project at the $104 million he stated very clearly on Cape TV. "This project will not cost the current water & sewer rate payers anything. So where is the money coming from> The State Revolving Funds, a loan to be paid back by the residents through real estate taxes. Therefore the rate payers do pay for the project and the money we have overpaid to be put in a water/sewer fund has been in essence misused!! I do not know why yet. However I smell a Class Action Law Suit potentially coming in the near future! Kev you may not be on the dais but stick aro

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Jul-26-13 11:16 AM

Thank you, Mr. Perry, for cutting to the core of the financial plight of many of the UEP naysayers. Listening to them blame council/UEP for their woes, I could not help but think that many of them were in financial straits from borrowing too much, from buying a four bedroom house on a short sale, then realizing they couldn't afford the upkeep or taxes, etc. The vehicles in the lot that night seemed all bigger and newer than mine. I bet the payments are too. I also know that many people there are working hard and live frugally. There is one very important city meeting that they should not miss. It is the one where they can get one on one help to get thru the financial end of the UEP. If they attend that meeting, they will feel a lot better about the whole expansion.

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Jul-26-13 8:32 AM

Mr. Perry always combines his vast knowledge of the"system" here in Cape Coral and his ability to discern whether the real problems exist. One issue left on the table is the fact that Leetz would never have the ability to use this venue if his cohort the Mayor allows him to break every rule in the book. They both continually use their positions as a venue for political purpose breaking every rule. One attacks and the other claims he only heard two points of order. Too bad he didn't even address the two that he claims to have heard.

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Jul-26-13 6:14 AM

Excellent letter Mr Perry

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