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Freedom from thoughts we hate

July 19, 2013

To the editor: I just finished business at a location in south Fort Myers. A black male in his early 20s waited on me. I tried three times to make eye contact....

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Jul-22-13 8:12 AM

Nummy..of the 8 people that commented on Lewis's very bizarre LTE, 7 offered their views, facts, and observations. Only you offered - nothing. After quickly reviewing some past LTE's I noticed this is a consistent pattern for you. Two to three lines sniping at people, He's no good she's no good but never getting into anything deeper than that. Superficial and immature. Void of facts and intellectually unable to participate in honest debate which is typical of most limited obummer clones. This year break your pattern of nothingness. Vow to grow a pair and actually get into the mix.

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Jul-21-13 7:33 AM

Nailed it Packer!

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Jul-20-13 5:25 PM

The end of racism and hate is this governments worst nightmare. The more we speak to one another, learn from one another, and the tighter a community becomes is a tragic thing for the powers that be. It means we all start asking questions together. Yesterday the president made statements of civil rights and equality and forgot to mention the civil rights being terrorized by the IRS and the NSA. He desperately needs this issue to stay boiling, because without it we look at him and what he is doing.

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Jul-20-13 10:04 AM

I see BDOA (Brain Dead On Arrival) is still crying about the fact Corporate Mitt lost to President Obama! Hey BDOA! How about adding something constructive to the conversation. Nobama must be BDOA's doppelganger. So much little mind

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Jul-20-13 8:48 AM

You are sooo right Lewis. Blacks have NO opportunity for jobs, free education, free healthcare, free welfare benefits, free child services, free food, free housing, Social Security and free cell phones and free cell service in this terrible horrible racist country and county. Yes Lewis we should change from Lee County,(soo racist)to Obamaville, Florida. Also, every third White resident of Obamaville, Florida should be required by law to sign over his home, bank account, and car to a Black person as compensation for the ongoing injustice against Blacks in this World, country and county. A list of names will be sent out to the Whites by ACORN and overseen by a new Federal Branch headed by Obama's newest appointee, mentor, and close personal friend, the "Reverend" Al Sharpton. Yes Lewis,I'm sure you would agree that would be a good start! Like another LTE stated-Its NEVER enough-It NEVER will be enough for racists like Lewis.

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Jul-19-13 7:37 PM

Charlie66. "Judge not a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character". That one statement alone should be enough to shame you into self examination regarding your views as a result of your wreckless diatribe.

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Jul-19-13 5:45 PM

Im not sure who's sicker - 66 or Robinson. The only good thing about 66's comments is that they can always put a smile on your face. Such blinding ignorance with both of them, it's sadly funny. "onlythetruth yYou are typical of the reason we have so much HASTE and division!!If it wasn't for people like Sharpton , and Jackson Racist like you would run rampant." Now comon, thats funny!! Poor 66. He best be callin sharpton to tell him to be HASTENEN up to his Talibans!! (???) I dont know what it means, ask Charlie. Just think, millions of them out there like this and they can vote. God save us.

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Jul-19-13 5:02 PM

Onlytruth you are right but lets get honest the real racism starts at the top with Hollywood Barry and the Mooch..Sharpton and Jessie are low level race hustlers compared to these two. The Mooch's outright disdain for white's is legendary in the White House, check for yourselves. After all never forget the Mooch's public (2x) comments "IN MY ENTIRE ADULT LIFE I'VE NEVER BEEN PROUD OF THIS COUNTRY TILL NOW" As good as this country has been to her. Typical, it's NEVER EVER enough and NEVER will be. Im not sure who hates this country more, Barry or the Mooch..Its a real close call and a sad time for America. Obama - in charge of everything - Responsible for nothing.

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Jul-19-13 4:42 PM

Louie pass me a puke bag! what blind racist nonsense. Your childish racist anti-white nonsense gets more bizarre every time. I don’t like cake..You are a racist. I don’t like carrots..You are a racist. I don't like dolphins..You are a racist. I don’t agree with the president (?) You’re a racist. I was getting my nose busted and head beat in on the concrete gutter and I legally saved my life..Yep you are a racist. I can't get up-the man is holding me down card is worn thin Louie and is now an excuse for ALL bad Black behavior. As long as lowlife race hustlers like the criminals, obama, holder, sharpton, and jackson are idolized by the black community. it will be hard to move forward. 500 mostly Blacks murder each other a year in Chi Town..WHERES OBAMA? Wheres race batin' Sharpton?..Where's the "media"? Mr. Hollywood Obummer is on there again today stirring the race fire. IMPEACH OBAMA - NATIONAL RACIST CRIMINAL DISGRACE

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Jul-19-13 1:33 PM

charlie66: I do not consider myself a racist or a bigot. I served with blacks, Mexicans and others of different nationalities. Sharpton and Jackson have done more to divide and promote racism than anyone else. Granted, Jackson used to be the moderate, but lately it has changed. Racism in the Zimmerman case is alive and well, when the blacks cannot acdcept a legal verdict in the case. It wasn't about black or white or Hispanic. It was about who showed guilt or no guilt in the actions of both individuals. Unfortunately, Trayvon was not present to speak his piece as to what happened that night. I, personally feel that justice was not served, but. The prosecution didn't have much of a case. Evidence of wrong doing was not shown. I don't believe that the prosecution presented a proper case. Much evidence, though circumstantial, was not presented.

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Jul-19-13 8:59 AM

onlythetruth yYou are typical of the reason we have so much HASTE and division!!If it wasn't for people like Sharpton , and Jackson Racist like you would run rampant. You use the race card to hide your own Ignorance and bigotry let alone stupidity . When it comes to Hate merchants LOOK in the mirror . You and your kind are like the Taliban but much more dangerous , hiding behind your so called sense of fairness. You TP types are an abomination on everything decent. Back to the dark ages with your Stupidity and blatent LIES and ugliness.

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Jul-19-13 6:57 AM

Freedom from hate will stay just beyond reach for the population until the true "Hate Merchants" are seen for what they truly are. It is these morally corrupt individuals who keep this tinderbox stoked and ready to explode. You know who I mean, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. As long as they can profit from racial tensions they will never allow such tensions to slowly fade. MLK would be disgusted with the whole bunch who stoke the fires of racial hatred in many instances by evoking his very name. To the Hate Merchants it boils down to noe thing, it's all about the money, period.

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