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It comes down to trust

July 12, 2013

To the editor: The Cape Coral City manager has presented a powerful argument for the necessity to raise taxes in order to maintain city services....

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Jul-12-13 6:04 AM

Mr. Kalfus: you wrote: "The answer, I believe, lies in the lack of trust that we have for the city administrators."

Mr. Kalfus, when "YOU" do not trust others, it is short sighted to use the pronoun "WE' as if you are the absolute Truth and all the sheep agree with your acclamations.

You live in "Kalfus World" and it must be ecstasy for you.

In the "real world" you just don't get it!

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Jul-12-13 7:44 AM

Ah yes, the chosen one speaks...and nobody cares.

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Jul-12-13 1:33 PM

Mr. Kalfus tried to write a meaningful letter but preaching morality is difficult when the wings and halo he wears are soooooooo large they get in the way. That is Kalfus' world.

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Jul-12-13 3:35 PM

Hey Dick....What part of:"The City was neglected by the group you defended, and now we are playing catch-up." don't you understand. Tell us, what would you cut that affects your neighborhood? We understand you don't use parks, so....don't need that. Where you live, hey, the roads are o.k., so let the rest of the people fend for them self, right? And maybe, just maybe you will never need Police or Fire/EMS. Roll those dice. I prefer to go ahead and get it done.

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Jul-12-13 7:35 PM

Oh yea, but he was out there touting Sheriff Scott's pitch for more money for raises. Here we sit with our City employees who haven't got a raise in what, 5 years with cuts for pension and whatever else. Yea DICK, it swings both ways...

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Jul-12-13 8:08 PM

I don't care what Kalfus writes. what I am laughing at now is the new city manager and this council making statements about a new source of revenue. Who is paying the public service tax and the possible fire assessment? the same ones that have been paying all along. The residents who own properties. Nothing has changed, other than the new taxes are no longer ad valorum taxes, which are tax deductible. This new city manager has taken the easy way out on tax diversification. I see new business coming to the county, yet none coming to the Cape, other than small businesses that don't contribute much in the way of taxes and jobs. We need a more proactive approach to bringing big companies here. Study what the county and surrounding areas are doing and get with the program like they have.

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Jul-12-13 11:54 PM

The year Gary King the former city manager was fired for no cause. A plan was established to fix the roads in McGrail's district. The amount was $6.5 million and it was the start of a yearly program. That money should have repaved 110 miles of road at $50,000. Those figures were given to council by the Public Works. Question the work was begun immediately was this not paved? New city manager Szerlag last May established a budget where was the $6.5 million? It should have been another another 110 miles repaved. Was it? Now we see the city makes an announcement in the 2014 budget there is a program and they are going to pave (66 miles announced by Erbrick on NBC-2 news). This is just more trash talk. Now the city is scrambling to find projects to spend the new Tax dollars they did not need in the first place on Lafayette St. Those mahogany trees breaking up the sidewalk were part of an upgrade by the city? What happened wrong trees, wrong staff to know what the trees were like.

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Jul-13-13 12:02 AM

McGrail scurrying to spend Storm Water TAX and show it was done incorrectly before the boom and bust of 2006? Sczerlag is heading the CRA and from what I read about Troy Michigan where he was city manager it was nothing like the Cape and is no great shake either. Check it out because I don't think the Michiganders McGrail or Erbrick did.

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Jul-13-13 7:07 AM

"The year Gary King the former city manager was fired for no cause"

This statement is a perfect example of why lightswitch has absolutely NO credibility.

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Jul-13-13 7:15 AM

Switchy, give me the name of any contractor who will pave 110 miles of road for 6.5 million dollars. More fantasy from your "facts".

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Jul-13-13 11:16 AM

Mr. Kalfus lays the blame for lack of trust with Cape Coral politicians at the feet of the current City Council. Please Notice everything he uses as an example comes from prior Councils from decades ago! Lightswitch, your MYTHICAL world of make believe is just that, pure fantasy "facts". Former City manager King Gary NEVER had a plan to pave anything, in fact he was preparing to turn out the streetlights throughout most of the South Cape neighborhoods. Lightswitch will soon rebut and as usual his facts will be WRONG! Long winded and made-up lies.

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Jul-13-13 11:20 PM

Chuck Pavlos former public works director quoted the price in ALL the media. $50,000 a mile. The $6.5 million King scraped up in the month of August before he was fired for no cause stated 110 miles would be repaved. Kevin McGrail was interviewed by NBC_@ and echoed the same cost and miles as well as at a council meeting at that time. CAPE TV. Yeah, MCGRAIL! But I guess after a contractor meets with Cape Coral learns how the game goes the same amount of money only repaves 66 miles per Rana Erbrick on NBC-2. I hope this city is not playing the game with contractors "PAY TO PLAY". Feds think poorly of this game. Why even in Jefferson County, Alabama they finally got caught fined & jailed. Why even one of the big boy banks got pulled in, J P Morgan for a $750 million fine. Too bad the residents in that county received nothing but a bill and a bankrupt county! (Maybe just insert the word CITY instead of County).

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Jul-13-13 11:28 PM

Nana II most of what I stated I have recorded. Your problem is you have never researched any archives in your library, have not gone back over film and tape. While I may not have the best memory it is pretty good. I suggest you start recording making copies and keep them in more than one location, one out of town with the "good hands people".

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Jul-13-13 11:47 PM

Edward 44 is a prime example of a person who does not know the difference between some and none. Like pioneers there was a time when this entire sandbox had next to no services. The people clustered together and began receiving them whether volunteers or professional. There were those that still wanted to be more secluded and be the only house for miles. It was there choice. Even in other areas of the United States it remains this way. The person in a city with a large population density receives more service than the person in a rural setting. The trouble with this city is while the Federal Government still refers to it a RUR-BAN (Rural/urban). Cape Coral looks in the mirror and see URBAN which it is not. My opinion what we have is decades of unplanned growth, sprawl, due to shotgun development. Put a yacht club here and homes will come. Put a school or library there and homes will come. Put a shopping area over there and homes will come. Meltdown & stretched to

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Jul-14-13 5:52 PM

Ahah,my prediction comes true, 3 posts of long winded myth. Lightswitch quotes facts from former DPW director Chuck Pavlos (incorrectly of course). If I had to guess, I believe Mr. Switch would be the mean spirited , turkey-necked, drunken liar, that the voters THREW OUT of City Hall last election. Unfortunately, true gentlemen like Chuck Pavlos were unfairly removed from their positions by King Gary before Cape Coral managed to remove the sham manager from office. Only 2 more vermin to GO, before Cape Coral actually continues to get back on track to the road to success. Just say NO has never worked as a strategy to run a City, and the voters will make the last remnants of the "grumpy old RAGs" a fading bad memory. Keep attending those Cap Cape Taxes meetings and looking for conspiracy theories, it ALMOST gives gives your empty life some meaning.

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Jul-14-13 6:07 PM

Lightswitch....I know the difference. It is you who have the preception problem. I do not care how "secluded" you want to be. If you live in Cape Coral, you are a part of the big picture. You MUST, SHALL, WILL or however you want to put it , be a part of the utilities expansion in the city. Period. We are in this as a city, not as "I want to be left alone" is not a valid answer. Gary had no plan other than to Bankrupt the city, and build his own little fifedom with Deile and cohorts as Lords of the manor. No plan, No knowledge, No reason to be there other than 4 plus an easy button.

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Jul-14-13 7:41 PM

Ok Switchy, once again you are so far off it's comical. $50,000 per mile is for superficial repairs, as far as I seen during the meetings the North Cape needs the works, sub-surface and finished surface. Now, if you can get that for $50,000 per mile sign us all up. Show us the quote from Chuck Pavlos pertaining to your claim.

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Jul-15-13 6:53 AM

Grumpy, I agree. We need more businesses here to truly have revenue diversification. However, WE. WILL. NEVER. ATTRACT. THE. BUSINESSES. IF. THE. DRAMA. LIES. AND MISINFORMATION. DOES. NOT. STOP. Cape Coral is a joke within SW Florida and it does not take long for someone researching the area to uncover the drama and decide to look elsewhere.

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Jul-16-13 3:00 PM

The real truth Kirsten is the proposed infrastructure was not completed for vital areas in the build out of this city. Why would a big business want to come into a city that has no water and sewer plan with a completion date for the whole city? Ask Hertz Corp. reps why we were not considered in the grand scheme of things..imo, sullivan should have been out there doing the job he was elected to do,by setting an example of a real leader, not a follower of King/ Deile faux plan of trying to break the unions and bankrupt the city.Question them whenever the opportunity arises.

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Jul-16-13 8:29 PM

$200 million in the city coffers as stated at the city council meeting July 15, 2013.

Why that amount? Finance Director pointed out the city needs it to maintain it current bond rating.

But why $200 million? Because this city over spent, over spent, over spent and borrowed, borrowed, and borrowed.

The most shameful part is it has nothing! But needs more money.

Children even have more sense when it comes to building, spending and borrowing. Cape Coral a city still a poster child for a SUCKER for buying what it can not afford, or pay for through normal means, or in a normal generational life cycle!

I always like the cry how the city must look good. For who? For what? It is not just part of a land office swindle! Gulf American attitude just wrapped in a different cloth! It used to be plenty of sizzle and little steak. Now it is fake the sizzle and where is the ground beef?

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Jul-16-13 8:46 PM

Edward 44 it was Gary King the former city manager who had a plan and pretty much exercised it to the city's benefit.

The city could not go ahead with the UEP because the city had NO, I repeat had no money, had a company MWH that wrote a contract before he ever gott here to write and manager a water/sewer project where if the city received damaged parts like brass gang vales they had to receive them, pay for them and reorder new ones! Just as an example.

He also knew the city staff which was closer to 1950 contract and staff employees than the 1600 the people were also pablum fed by information officer. NEEDED TO BE CUT.

The RAGS waited too long after it had the unions back pedelling. The RARoad Ahead Gang tried to be gentle and soft land the staff instead of lay them off. Some depts.,one in particular took 3 years to reduce overtime by only 20%. That money could have paid for the program to replace vehicles. It didn't. We buy them NOW and goofs like you chose not to care

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Jul-16-13 8:51 PM

The city needs to get rid of debt, take the debt service and start using that to pay for the running of the city. NOT BORROWING MORE MONEY THROUGH ISSUANCE OF BONDS TO RUN THE CITY!

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Jul-16-13 9:03 PM

Kristen Thomas the people have been calling for more substantial businesses for 40 years. No big hitters here yet! Twisty Treat/ scam collapse. Shamrock Marine got out while the getting was good. 500 good paying jobs? Just to name 2 that are not here. We can't coax a secondary educational institute to the city's Academic Village. We can't get a national headquarters company like a Hertz which was put together by Governor Scott and a friend/business associate. We can't even figure how to get a mid sized company that makes storage boxes. Here is your SLICK SIX friend to those who have no friends. Politicuan to those who do not want these kinds of politicians. You can say what you care to about Deille but he did bring in Federal Money for a change. And he was not "worried about strings being attached" as was one of the city administrators. Feds need to figure out once and for all what Cape Coral is afraid of being found out. I KNOW WHAT IT IS!

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Jul-20-13 11:31 PM

Good guess Edward 44 I have been a "rate payer for decades. But my perception is quite was and is quite clear. When the methodology to figure a city by square footage instead of linear ft. for the UEP it was incorrect. Why even today after what 30 years of installation in areas already completed. The same people in the city government, McGrail and McClain now say. "Oh linear ft installation of the trunk lines would have been more cost effective, (for the homeowners). But one thing they have done is bring in a qualified project manager. Hopefully they they don't turn him into a minion like they have so many in the past. Hopefully they do not allow the change orders to reach into the 1,034 for just a water plant. We never heard from Director Pearson as to why those were against the normal percentage of a project. Hopefully he will not let the 10% contingency be spent to the penny like so many other city projects! Some of you do not remember things 1 day to the next. "LON

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