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Special City Council meeting Monday

June 21, 2013

A special Cape Coral City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 24, at 10 a.m., to discuss the hiring process for the legislative executive assistant to the mayor....

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Jun-21-13 3:32 PM

You mean that this was never done before and that there is no past protocol to replace somebody, so a "Special Meeting" has to be called. Bwahahahahaha! Why isn't the City Manager just handling it? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Jun-21-13 7:04 PM

Who is going to pick councilman Marty Kevin McClain? I am surprised he is still in town let alone LIVING in the District he supposedly was living in. If the people never found out he was not living in his district things would have gone so much better for him. What other issues has he side stepped during his term as a councilman?

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Jun-21-13 9:57 PM

The position was already advertised as internal/ promotional on the City Website. What's the problem? Or is the Mayor afraid the person selected won't be able to write his script for him?

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Jun-22-13 7:28 AM

As I recall, this position, as well as the other in the office, do not report through the City Manager, so Mr. Szerlag has no place in this.

The real question is do we need to replace her at all. For all of you clamoring that the City needs to be run like a business (it cannot, for a variety of reasons) a business would assess the workload, and decide if a replacement is needed. Could some of the work be eliminated, or transferred to other offices.

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Jun-22-13 7:30 AM


I am going to break my promise of not responding to your rant, which, by the way, is irrelevant to this article.

It is Kenneth "Marty" McClain! At least try to get something straight!

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Jun-22-13 3:50 PM

Ray I am so pleased you broke your promise. It shows exactly what you are. A person who has NO conviction or accountability to what a promise is. And over such a trite thing like the exact Correct name of a councilman Like Marty McClain who is deceptive (one might say a LIAR) at best.

Thanks Ray you have helped me prove a point I actually had mad quite sometime ago.

Hey where is old Marty living today. Hopefully in his district on someones couch?

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Jun-22-13 3:51 PM

Might we say HOMELESS in Cape Coral? What a chump! Both of you!

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Jun-22-13 4:34 PM

This is a hoot. A special city council meeting to pick a secretary? Oh, silly me. It WILL take a special meeting to find someone who can tolerate Mayor Mumbles, let alone understand his, well, you know, mumbling.

As for McClain, I've heard tell this isn't the first little something-something he's had going on.

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Jun-22-13 6:05 PM

No more than a past councilmember abusing city property by calling Babes across the bridge.If you watch the last council meeting,you would know that they agreed to meet,if need be... Praise God that our council members are keeping city business going during their hiatus.oh and LS,you are such a big whiner

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Jun-22-13 7:02 PM

1sandy the CM has nothing to do with the hiring of any employees in the Council office.

It is the Mayor and Council that make those decisions on who works in the Council office.

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Jun-23-13 5:07 PM

Lynn, you are correct, as I stated earlier. The real question is does Mumbles need his own?

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Jun-23-13 8:59 PM

Hey Ray have you had an audiologist check our ears for wax or a the flaw you seem to be experiencing. I have a feeling your problems stems on an inability to concentrate and listen. Both seem questionable.

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