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Time to look forward

June 20, 2013

To the editor: In April, city staff and council received the findings of the Development Services Organizational Review, from Zucker Systems known as the Zucker Report....

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Jun-21-13 6:26 AM

Very well written, and well stated. It's nice to see a candidate who touts positive ideas and optimism, versus the negative outlook we have become accustomed to from prospective candidates.

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Jun-21-13 6:52 AM

What a breath of fresh air, after listening to, in my opinion, a sometimes confused and misinformed incumbent, for 4 years.

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Jun-21-13 6:57 AM

What are Code Scout Volunteers?

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Jun-21-13 3:27 PM

"Code Scouts" are like the term implies, young people who volunteer to go out and clean up an area of the City, as an act of good will.

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Jun-21-13 4:46 PM

I am going to listen to what all of the candidates have to say, and I will be voting for the ones that are going to stay out of my pocket. I hope some have desires to repeal this recent electric tax and they will definitely get my vote. The same goes for what ever they are going to cram down our throats with the fire assessment.

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Jun-21-13 5:49 PM

@JustanotherBill: I have finally figured out who you are. You sir are an OBAMA supporter. Yes, you are. Free, Free, Free stuff and never have to pay a dime. You have the same mentally as many of his supporters...finally figured you out. And here you thought you were a true, blue conservative. Just another RHINO!

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Jun-21-13 6:49 PM

District 4 will have agreat representative in Mr. Leon..Positivity far out weighs the Negative vibes that the present person has done for the last 4 years. What has been Councilmmber Leetz's achievements for his district?

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Jun-21-13 7:16 PM

In order to provide the leadership required to make the leap into the future, basic guidelines must be met. The ability to educate your self, and have the intellect to understand complex situations tops the list. Then, comprehending their long term effects on not only the government, but the citizens they represent. Mr. Leon has that grasp. This differs greatly from the current office filler. The current attitude is to try to process the complexities, expound on personal opinion at length, and just vote NO on general principals. I personally can not wait for a fresh outlook in that District, consisting of way less talk and more positive action. Stay positive Leon, your opposition cannot overcome that.

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Jun-22-13 6:29 AM

1Sandy, thank you for my morning laugh! True idiocy is comedy that can not be purchased. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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Jun-22-13 10:47 AM

Much can be realized by the ABSENCE at Council Meetings by Leest. He was absent for almost ALL of the presentation on Burton Report! He missed so much of the meeting he never realized what the lack of funds would mean. He openly declared there was no threat to special pops when in fact they were on the chopping block. Who wants a rep that is too busy smoking and selling puppies to pay attention?

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Jun-22-13 11:26 AM

Richard Leon certainly has my vote. Leetz never appears and when he does, he gives nothing but rhetoric, no substance. Time for him to leave. By the way, the new tax is not an electric tax. Just like the franchise fees that the electric company collects for the City, it is a Public Service Tax, not an electric tax. Keep an eye out for those who have agendas taking pictures of our children and grandchildren to aid their "causes". Be wary. They are no better than the "uglies" in our society who take pictures of children for their own sordid purpose.

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Jun-22-13 4:08 PM

We will see where the future of tis city lies when the building permits are increasing and the percentages of increases in the Cape do not keep up with the area.

High and overpriced services to begin with coupled with a 7% charge on kilowatt house used, a separate Fire Assessment Charge of (7 for a small home and $230 for a large home.

Who is paying for the $105 million UEP project the rate payers?

How many more times will the water/sewer fund be raided.

Come to Cape Coral, Fl. and pay more for services and the life style city staff has become accustomed to.

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Jun-22-13 4:43 PM

Lightswitch is mixing several different subjects together with no clear understanding of any single topic. How do you come to the statement of services being too costly? The people in the district being constructed pay for the UEP? But you know this so why the deceptive question? You are trying to stir manure up where there ain't none, a typical rag maneuver when you can't use facts to back up your lies.

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Jun-22-13 5:46 PM

From the report…“implement programs like Code Scout Volunteers that save tax dollars without damaging infrastructure.” Interesting word that, scout, (def.) 1.” To spy on or explore carefully in order to obtain information; reconnoiter.” Just what we need, young developing minds being dry cleaned into thinking that city ordinance holds sway over our constitutional rights. Preparing them for a lifetime of neighborhood trespassing, future warriors against tall grass, boat trailers, and those feared garage sale signs! This smacks of the “Hitler Youth” program, but it won’t “damage infrastructure.”

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Jun-22-13 5:57 PM

It is absolutely amazing (but not hard to figure out) that the bulb dances around and around from chacha, to swing, etc. and never really addresses what is said here. Nevertheless, be wary of those taking pictures of our youth for their own causes. They are most dangerous.

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Jun-22-13 8:10 PM

It is obvious to this blogger that johngalt & lightswitch either have a drinking problem or are non compos mentis. Their inability to stay on topic or even elaborate on a specific point would suggest this. Just look at the reference to "people even wanting to come here." Ridiculous, just look at the number of businesses that have come here and the increase in population as well as new construction, since the "new" Council took charge. God bless the new Council for all they have done. And a special thanks to the City Manager. People, we are doing well, don't you think?

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Jun-23-13 7:05 AM

Johngalt~Wonderful. First we had resident groups that were terrorists. Then we had council members that were mobsters. Now we have children in our community that are spies being taught the skill of espionage. What happened, you didn't earn all of your Boy Scout merit badges so now 'scouts' are a bad thing?

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Jun-23-13 9:23 AM

MrGault: eye know i waste your time, as wordsmiths are well aware of the world of connotations and denotations. Your blitzkrieg forward rush in your, ( def) 1., ..." explore carefully", in a straight line to, "Hitler Youth" is dazzling, dysfunctional classic Glenn, the fox, Beck Admit it, you are a card-carrying storm trooper of the Beck bombastic brigade.

Clarification here: The "Scout Volunteer Program" are Cape citizens who volunteer to cut overgrown lawns and clean foreclosed properties that blight neighborhoods. They give their time, and they don't ask for a dime!

Now i waste my time, because there will be no meaningful discussion from u on Mr. Leon's, move forward, LTE.

People laugh, but your backward angry rhetoric is sad and silly.

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Jun-23-13 12:46 PM

Fear not KirstenThompson, JohnGalt only accuses others of what his group has been doing for the past 5 years.

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Jun-23-13 2:28 PM

At one time CCPD Volunteers helped with code violations. That was terminated under King. As were half the Code jobs. Scout Volunteers and the Group that volunteers to clean overgrown ugly properties are citizens trying to make things better. What to Galt and Bulb do to make things better? not a dang-m thing! (Well they do all keep the Elks and Moose in the bar business, just sayin) Oh, well, their pals follow Kape Kids to movie theaters to spy on them--forgot that part....

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Jun-23-13 6:03 PM

Mr. Leon when Zucker speaks about “The infrastructure” he is talking about the status quo, the bloated union payrolls, the bloated city regulation, ordinances, and herds of endless fools stringing up red tape around everything we “the taxpayers” do! Taxing our electric bill for police & fire services which our property taxes have already paid for? Extorting current utility customers into paying for errors of the past and then shifting the blame on the unfortunate dwellers in the northern part of our city. Impeding local businesses from relocating, expanding, and making a profit is not what our outdoor advertising propaganda extolls. I’m shocked, I say, shocked to learn a city consultant advises the city to expand the status quo.” Let's stop grousing about the past and pointing fingers!” You say, how about we quit paying for the past and see how that works out. "You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." - Ayn Rand

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Jun-23-13 8:28 PM

John Galt, me thinks you need to look up the meaning of the word infrastructure...................

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Jun-24-13 12:42 PM

The scouts Code needs are individuals to know the codes and get the dept. with the teeth to enforce them.

Like the boat trailer in a driveway on a trailler for over 2 months (not even being moved).

$25 a day $1,525 lost revenue!

Two vehicles next door with signage on their doors also 2 months and counting. $3,050 lost revenue.

$6,575 lost revenue. City's cry we have no money to operate!

You think the firefighters, police, city workers are not out and about? They are and their chant "Not my job man"!

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Jun-24-13 3:19 PM

Valve reads very low. Adjust mask and breathe deep. Oh...forgot. turn oxygen on.

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Jun-24-13 4:49 PM


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