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Why any immigration at all?

June 14, 2013

To the editor: Do we really “need” more immigrants at this time? What practical reason can justify it? It is true that allowing everyone who wants to come here that they be allowed gives some peopl......

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Jun-17-13 2:54 PM

To: Netransplant & Disgusted1 Netransplant I wrote not with hate but with economics in mind. My article says nothing disparagingly about anyone. I am second generation American who came from families that supported themselves and bled during WWII. I put this country’s interests first! Enough with you. As for Disgusted1: I do not hide behind a nom de plume. I am proud of what I say and I stand behind every word for I speak them as my beliefs. I do not judge by color .. and. .my background includes teaching at 2 historically black colleges. My student evaluations were spoke highly of me. But whether or not these credentials meet you standard well, I care not. Have a nice day!

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Jun-17-13 12:06 PM

Disgusteds comments make it clear that we not only need positive ID to participate in the voting process but also the ability to pass a basic IQ test. God save us.

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Jun-16-13 9:09 AM

Will someone explain this to Disgusting1-Maybe a family member?Definition of immigrant; A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another. Disgusting1, please read the following message from the Lone Ranger carefully-if YOU'RE BORN HERE YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT AN IMMIGRANT..Indians or no Indians..HELLO!! Then here comes the mark of the truly ignorant again..the Ole race card..Someone please tell Disgusting1 that the president is HALF Black. The AG IS Black..Susan Rice IS Black, etc,etc..and that our Dictator,sorry,president(?)was twice elected by tons of (misguided-ignorant-Hollywood star struck-and plain stupid)WHITE support..Where's all the racism? In your mind..Welcome all LEGAL immigrants! Impeach Obama 2013

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Jun-16-13 8:00 AM

First of all its clear you are not of immigrant stock with your name ending in "ski"??? Second the "I have mine, the*****with them" is not an American virtue but an open sigh of hate.

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Jun-15-13 10:40 PM

Ah, it's DR. Kibbles & Bits again. A couple of comments. We've always welcomed immigrants to this country. In fact, unless you're of American Indian blood, YOU'RE an immigrant. If people want to come, and come in a legal manner, more power to them and welcome! My guess is that the people who are coming in 2013 aren't quite white enough for the good DR. Kibbles & Bits; you know, that dreaded "browning" of America. Immigrants, all of us, are what made and make this country great. Welcome!

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Jun-15-13 12:28 PM

I guess if we read the history of our country we might have to notice we came, we threw out those who were here first (American Indians)and declared this is our country and we are willing to accept all those who ask to join us. Of course, there are those who never follow the rules. Now we want to shut the doors to everyone else...

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Jun-14-13 1:58 PM

OUTSTANDING ARTICLE!! Figures came out today stating that once "legalized" $565,000,00 taxpayer dollars will go to each and every illegal invader in benefits over the course of their lifetime..10-11 million illegal invaders (actual count estimated at 20-30 million and counting) X 565,000.00 = the end of the country. We borrow 46 cents on every dollar we spend and now the national criminal disgrace Obummer is taking us into another war. IMPEACH-JAIL-DEPORT OMAMA JAIL HOLDER

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