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Government vs. People

June 14, 2013

To the editor: Like him or not, Bush indorsed the Patriot Act to protect us from Muslim attacks while Obama reads =them their “rights,” makes excuses and tells us the war on terror is winding......

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Jun-21-13 7:09 PM

Hooks are part of the lure. And yours have lost the barbs on the hooks. Keep fishin pal!

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Jun-20-13 7:45 PM

Dear Dimbulb...Lures don't have barbs..? Hooks do. Have you ever been institutionalized?

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Jun-20-13 7:34 PM

Dear Dimbulb.. a. it's 2013 b. why are any of your rambling disoriented disjointed observations relevant? (2013) c. it seems you need to go Bush Detox and check in till you snap back to the present. (2013) d. Bizarre. e. i didn't vote for Bush but I wish I was still using his 1.86 gas instead of 3.50 bout you switched-off? Or do u drive a useless Volt? f. Pathetic trivial and vindictive beings are always good for a chuckle and a sad shake of the head. g. rave on lunatic and spend your energy attacking me while your false God Obummer rips your Constitution to shreds..What utter fools. h. my hook points are needle sharp dimwit and able to pierce the balloon of delusion and ignorance you reside in 7 days a week 365 days a year. Hollywood Barry Obummer and The Mooch...National Disgrace 2013

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Jun-20-13 5:26 PM

DOA tell us the story about Jack Abrahoff the lobbyist and senior adviser for George W. Bush. You know the guy who raised at least on paper $100K to get him elected and put together a dozen or so contracts with him. Put a casino on an Indian reservation out of business collecting fees and doing nothing. Now tthat is quality for ya.

I think the barbs have finally worn off your lure!

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Jun-20-13 5:15 PM

DOA the law Habeas Corpus was common law passed 40 years before the Magna Charter of the year 1066.

Who was in office when it was rescinded or as they say suspended?

It is a law that calls for letting a person know what they are being detained for. Another hint the year was 2006.

Which U.S. Attorney General was in office as well at that time? Hint for you it was not Eric Holder.

I am surprised a constitutionalist like yourself would not be concerned.

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Jun-20-13 4:20 PM

DOA. But you didn't tell us about the two infamous Attorney General's.

So please tell those who don't already know the story.

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Jun-19-13 7:30 PM

I finally figured out who Disgusting1 is...Al Sharpton hiding here in the Cape from the IRS...Oh wait a minute, Bamas buddy Big Al doesn't have to pay taxes (He's owed over a million for YEARS) Why don't we get Big Al to pay his taxes so we can reopen the White House again to visitors?? D1, Isn't your race card (tool of the utterly ignorant) worn out yet? You use it to fall back on every time you defend your Dictator, Obummer. But I can see why..what else is there?..God knows the greatest liar and deceiver, ever in American politics has totally failed the Black community (27% unemployed)as well as the Whites and the USA. Impeach Obama 2013 National Disgrace

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Jun-19-13 11:46 AM

To Dimbulb and Dimwit..Ya got me..! (dimbulb..has anyone told you it's 2013?) I'm not sure that together these two would have any more common sense then Christ gave a single chicken. Pathetic trivial and vindictive beings but always good for a chuckle and a sad shake of the head.

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Jun-18-13 6:25 PM

DOA tell us the story about your buddy Bush's Attorney General's. You Remember AshCroft, Gonzales, Rumsfield. Now there is three of a kind that would beat a full house.

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Jun-18-13 2:31 PM

DOA, your name says it all. You right. The scary Kenyan Socialist Muslim president is coming with his big Black Panther army to take your guns, shut your mouth and lock you up. Bawahaaaaaaaa.

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Jun-16-13 7:03 PM

Hillary knows nothing and says, "What does it matter?" Lerner knows nothing and is still taking the 5th. Both heads of the IRS past and present know nothing. The FBI and Homeland security were directly warned by Russia (fact not fantasy) about the Boston Bomber Scum. Folks with no legs want answers..Nobody knows nutin! AG Holder gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels.Poor Angel Holder knows NADA ZIP Zero. Turns out every text email phone call and toilet paper brand is and continues to be recorded and Bama is arming the muslim brotherhood (USA haters)(Bama's Buddies)with our tax dollars and dragging us into a war along with Crazy War Hawk McCain. All these incredible scandals aimed at destroying this great country, all backed by Bama and his sad Socialistic vision - Nobody knows nothing. No one has been fired only promoted (Rice)so they cant testify against the King. Bama knows nothing, our angel-our National Disgrace.

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Jun-16-13 10:31 AM

Julie what utter nonsense.."The Great Dub-Yah ignored blatant, PRECISE, written warnings about planes flying into buildings" From who Julie? Tell us PLEASE! Im into any? Didn't think so. Bush on the brain..and yes, you are very boring along with your lowlife ambulance chasers. Impeach Obama

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Jun-15-13 10:30 PM

Here's what kind of amuses me. The government was warned about the Bomber Boys of Boston and people were screaming that the government didn't listen to warnings, didn't follow through. The Great Dub-Yah ignored blatant, precise, written warnings about planes flying into buildings. And, when the next "event" happens, every single whiner who's now crying about "trampling on our rights" will be screaming bloody murder that the government didn't do enough.

I remember what Mom said. "Do right and fear not." Since I'm careful about what I put "out there," read and listen and look all you like. I'm really pretty boring (and I know a lot of really aggressive lawyers).

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Jun-15-13 5:22 PM

Revolutions are not made by those who desire them, but -- as Alexis de Tocqueville notes -- by the stupidity of those who least want them to occur.

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Jun-14-13 5:21 PM

True words... Unfortunately...

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Jun-14-13 1:44 PM

The greatest threat to our country, culture, economy, security, Bill of Rights, and Constitution is our very own criminal national disgrace, Barry Soetoro.(Obama real name for the uninformed)and his criminal AG Holder. No terrorists in the world pose a bigger threat to America than these two. IMPEACH-JAIL-DEPORT OBAMA JAIL HOLDER AND THROW AWAY THE KEY

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Jun-14-13 6:42 AM

Nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies the governoment trampling on our rights in the name of security. That is a very slippery slope, and one which we are sliding down at a very quick pace. We are hemoraging personal liberty since 911, all in the name of security. Why? Because being politically corect to our ENEMIES seems to be more important that pursuing THEM and using every tactic at our disposal. We'll data mine our entire population to aviod OFFENDING anyone else.

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