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Bring 20-20 to public vote

June 14, 2013

To the editor: As a former member of the “Blue Ribbon Committee” which was asked by the County Commissioners to look at the 20-20 Program and offer recommendations on how to improve the program, I......

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Jun-23-13 10:14 PM

I am so sorry but Edward 44 can not tell us because there is none he could list.

But it was worth it to attempt to pull out of him information he does not possess or could ever provide. WONDERFUL.

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Jun-23-13 10:10 PM

Edward 44 your blue ribbon is fruitcake you!

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Jun-23-13 10:09 PM

Yes Linda if the term you use to describe me "cry baby" I am. I am especially when I see out right theft. Others might call it waste. I have never been a fan of paying too much for something I don't have to. Linda 53 have we been able to sell the $15 million of equipment That fine council bought is it 5 years ago before Sullivan was elected? Bet the city would like to have that $15 million dollars back instead of it rusting on a vacant piece of city owned land! Keep adding up the millions and listen to "Dip Stick" tell us what the fired for no cause Gary King told us. McGrail led the charge against King and it will be his Waterloo. Keep those taxes coming and watch what is left of your private building sector all but disappear.

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Jun-23-13 9:56 PM

Edward 44 many of us are still waiting for you to give us a list of 2020 land the county has bought to preserve in the city limits of Cape Coral, Fl.

How many years and how many millions of dollars has this community paid in county tax to get land preserved?

Come on Edward 44 show us you really have a handle on this additional TAX the residents here pay for other areas in the city.

Edward may be you could chime in on the $48,000 a year this city paid in to a county group for ten years? Almost half a million dollars until Mayor Sullivan refused to pay for a voting seat that brought nothing back to the city. Bet they would like to have the $$80,000 back. Did not even have council members assigned show up for the meeting. This was before Sullivan was ever elected. Lolita another thing he did for the benefit of this city. Reduced more waste! Edward 44 you have nothing.

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Jun-21-13 9:05 PM

Edward 44 possibly you can give us a list of land preserved in Cape Coral by the 2020 Tax? No one has yet and we have paid into it for so very many years. Tell us dear Edward.

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Jun-21-13 9:02 PM

Yes Edward and Jack******like you too! Yes fairs and circuses are full of scams that get Blue Ribbons.

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Jun-21-13 7:43 PM

Lightswitch, I'll take that comment about Sal "forgetting more...." at its face value. Don't forget, they give blue ribbons to fruitcakes at the county fair too.

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Jun-17-13 4:11 PM

oh that's a funny lightswitch..imo.. poor sal was moved to county issues because of his screw up in city affairs. I bet,Sal's involvement in the 20/20 land purchases must make Greene belch from heavy heart burn,especially if its anything like the water reports he spewed about over on the cape side of the bridge.. That's when I found out that sal didn't know "diddley from squat"

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Jun-17-13 2:00 PM

netransplant too obvious it includes all the land. However if you include the county land with building you would see much of that was picked up from friends of friends. When the state of Florida has to step in to tell the county it is out of line with its land purchases things are not well. You will remember they could not meet their budget and spent to the dollar on land what they were short!

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Jun-17-13 1:55 PM

Ray Sal forgot more than you will ever be capable of knowing!

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Jun-17-13 1:54 PM

To those that disagree that the 2020 program purchased land within the boundaries of the city of Cape Coral please tell us where.

I do not think you can? So tell us where?

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Jun-17-13 12:23 AM

Ray you ought to like it because the guy has more common sense then you will ever have. Much of what the man stated was in fact true and if it was not why would this city be the poor shape financially it is now? No he could not have guessed 20 years ago that a melt down would happen. But many of us reacted to events outside the city before it happened. The best part is the way the city has done its business for decades couldn't help but see it fail. Watch the growth in the near future even with the that are supposed to bring in revenue but will stifle growth. Time will tell and I have the time. For you and many in the city not looking good.

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Jun-16-13 7:25 AM

Sal wrote "23 percent of the land" but does that include all government property that has buildings or just open space? Is that what has been purchased by the 20-20 program or does that include land purchased by government agencies for utility purposes? Has the entire committee adopted these opinions or is this just the opinion of one individual? Knowing Sals history of distorting facts to fit agendas I question all these things.

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Jun-15-13 5:17 PM

So not only is there less taxable land held privately, but the high prices paid by 2020 raise the surrounding property values (taxes).

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Jun-15-13 5:16 PM

The purchase of lands by ConJob 2020 is more insidious that merely removing them from the tax rolls. Several years back we had a VAB hearing on some land in effort to have the appraised value lowered. At these hearings, one can claim comparable properties sold for less, made less income, contain sensitive wetlands, etc. For our first hearing we provided comp. sales from similar properties in the same general area of the county. The PA’s office records land sales as “qualified” or Disqualified”. Generally the qualified sales are “arms -length” transactions between two parties, brokered by a third party. “Disqualified” are generally sales between family, friends, or other sales that could otherwise corrupt the actual market price and thus the taxable value. The PA’s representative, in our case, used a 2020 purchase as a “qualified” sale and quoted the value based on that purchase. The land sold for 2-3 times more than all the other private sales we provided. So not only is there

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Jun-15-13 7:51 AM

I like the words "Sal" and "Tiresome" in the same sentence!

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Jun-14-13 3:48 PM

oh lightswitch... you are such a big crybaby and that "opinion" is only your own.Having reserve lands for our children's future USE is the reason for the 20/20..DUH!! As for Grosso, his rantings remind me of the FAC board he served on, in the Cape.. chasing ghosts and living in the smoky mirrors must be tiresome for sal

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Jun-14-13 10:12 AM

Cape Coral they have NEVER purchased a piece of property let alone a large tract of land in this area!

The residents have pitched in to this slush fund far too much and for far too long!

You can thank your city leaders who went along with this deal as they did with the give away toll percentages from not one but two bridges.

What fine government at city and county level.

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Jun-14-13 10:06 AM

Twenty five percent of the county is in the hands of the county government and off the tax rolls.

Enough of this 20220 tax give the taxpayers back what you have been mispending now for over a decade.

Homeowners need help and Lee County Government is not it!

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