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You be the judge

June 7, 2013

To the editor: Does the gun lobby own the Republican Party? Apparently, it does — lock, stock, and barrel. In April, 45 U.S....

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Jun-07-13 1:11 AM

Mr. McKelvie, your letter is so rational that I had to go back and read it a couple times to make sure it was a Breeze contribution.

I agree with your assessment and couldn't have said it better. The only thing I'd add is that unless and until we understand and eliminate the powerful hold of money in the operation of our government, until our system of electing officials is cleaned up, once and for all, nothing will change.

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Jun-07-13 6:39 AM

I am always suspicious when a liberal uses the term "common sense".

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Jun-07-13 7:07 AM

Amazing, the two examples you sight as good reasons for the background checks in your LTE would not have been affected in the least if the background check you tout was in place. Can't waste a good crisis after all....................

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Jun-07-13 9:52 AM

So, comon sense, according to you is to give up even more of our personal information to this administration. An administration that we find has sought and received search warrants for a FOX reporter and his parents phones and tapped them and others it considers the enemy. An administration who has sought and received over one hundred million of our cell phone numbers and tracking info on those and apparently we find out today our credit cards. An administration who sold guns to drug cartels, and a president who sleeps while four Americans are being killed and finds out the misdeeds of his subordinates the "Way you do" on the news. Common Sense LOL

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Jun-07-13 9:55 AM

The suspicious one are always on the wrong side of an issue,The far right extremist for the most part don't have enough Zeros on their paychecks to be on the GOP side.But the far right pundits and Fox News has them scare of the Scary Black man in the WH.The Muslim,Socialist(whom if you look at the stock market he's the worst Socialist in history),Kenyon who's not one of us.But they in realty can't stand the thought of losing to someone that's not White!!The GOP will be extinct in about 2 years with the attitude they have.

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Jun-07-13 3:25 PM

We already do background checks... So it really isn't an issue. People should read history and understand it better before they write LTEs it make them look foolish and ignorant. The 2nd amendment exist for a reason.

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Jun-07-13 3:27 PM

JMeile thanks for your response, that was well worded.

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Jun-07-13 3:46 PM

Miehle that is...

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Jun-08-13 8:06 AM


I cannot believe that you are naive enough to think that an administration that has admitted to all of the personal privacy invasion scandals currently cooking would not use background check information to develop a national database for confiscation firearms. I am sure they already have.

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Jun-09-13 12:54 AM

I am a card-carrying Democrat. I am a licensed carrier of a concealed weapon. Nonviolence will not deter a determined murderer. But a GLOCK sure as*****will! Go home and drink your milk and cookies (I assume your mom crushes them for you!)

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Jun-09-13 3:58 PM

Rob..honestly that's a bunch of ill informed, ignorant, unintelligent, nonsense. And to think that there are actually people that agree with Charlie? Would someone lift Charlies rock and explain to him that white folks greatly helped put our half white half black national disgrace King Bama in office twice. Also explain that King Bummer only won because several million disgruntled Republicans stayed home. Impeach-Jail-Deport Obama/ Jail Holder

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