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Taxes & Fees all Cape Coral City Councils like to do?

June 7, 2013

To the editor: City Hall at it again, more fees for fire services....

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Jun-13-13 4:35 PM

How many "last things" should I expect from you??? Three four or more???

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Jun-13-13 10:21 AM

Yes dear you do have he is not in his office there anymore.

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Jun-13-13 8:07 AM

Connie Mack???? Ha ha ha ha.

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Jun-13-13 7:41 AM are a LIAR and a Hypocrate because you hide behind your Avatar name to insult other posters,spread misinformation and be totally obnoxious in your comments.

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Jun-12-13 11:21 PM

Lamar Industries, billboard sign mavins. Manufacturer of bus stop passenger shelters.

Kev is going bring these guys up for a little public/private venture. Cape Coral, Fl. bill board sign franchisor.

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Jun-12-13 11:16 PM

Lolita one last thing for you from me. Lolita you are the JOKE and have been before I ever posted here or any where else. Not just my observation.

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Jun-12-13 9:07 PM

PS the fact is they would over four years ago this city had already begun to be scrutinized there about their water and sewer utilities. Now we find out you Lolita may have been scrutinized as well. I have nothing to hide and hope for your sake (not really) you do not either.

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Jun-12-13 9:02 PM

Lolita is telling us about her contact in Washington Connie Mack IV? He was found out too. You can't run for office and not vote on over 140 bills and expect to get reelected. Fact check that one lady!!

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Jun-12-13 8:15 PM

Another Joke is how much is LAMAR INDUSTRIES the billboard sign co. who wants to go into a pseudo public/private venture pushed by McGrail going to happen?

As Kevin stated they make bus stop passenger shelters as well.

They want to Give(?) signage to Cape Coral for free?

I guess if we take the LEETRAN money from the county buy the shelter we will be ahead?

How much will Kev get as a political donation from a more than eager contributor?

Your a joke Lolita.

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Jun-12-13 6:29 PM

The real joke...anyone in Washington who would comment about the City of Cape Coral. Second joke....oh well.

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Jun-11-13 6:42 PM

Hey I heard a funny joke today from a person in Washington. He wanted to know when the residents of Cape Coral will be purchasing ELECTRIC cars? (And then he laughed). The conversation sort of went into the affordability of an electric car being higher in price but capable of being cost effective compared to gas or diesel. He stated I guess your city LEADERS(?) are a bit short sighted when they have voted for a 7% hike in the fuel that had been a way of the future. "Buggy Whips and Whale Oil!

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Jun-10-13 6:44 PM

Some stores let you order on the internet and deliver for a 10% of the total bill charged. We don't need to hire Steve Forbes we need to contact the "SCARECROW". Might as well we already live in OZ!

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Jun-10-13 6:41 PM

Too simple to control the cost. A list is put together at the firehouse on the time we are paying to have them "at the ready".

The next day ONE person goes on the way to his next shift buys the food from the list and brings it to the firehouse where everyone puts it away.

We paid the guy to shop he had to drive to the firehouse to show up for work. That is the cost. @ hours tops once week or maybe an hour to pick up items like milk or produce etc.

The truck does not put uneeded miles on it, the coverage is not corrupted, the fuel, part replacement etc. is also a savings.

Oh but I forgot we never did it like this for the last 40 years this place was a city!

Where is the critical problem solving? Union says you need 2 firefighters to push the cart from the store to their parked car!

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Jun-10-13 5:53 PM


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Jun-09-13 6:08 PM

Ordinance 28-13, public service tax says nothing as to where that money is to go. As I understood, it is to go to infrastructure. If this is true, why does the ordinance not state this. As of now, that money will go into the general tax fund, and this spend, spend, spend council will find ways to waste that money. they will then come back next year and pick our pockets some more. I believe in my opinion, this council has voted many more times to spend money than not.

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Jun-09-13 12:48 AM

Spegele: “better to be a fool in silence than to speak and remove all doubt.” Obviously you are in Cape for two years or you have had your ears up your colon along with the rest of your head! RAGs took away the rescue (pickup) trucks to save money. They left one crew on duty per house per shift. That leaves ladders and pumpers to respond. If you are the unlucky guy who calls second, well, you come SECOND! Ambulances come from LEE COUNTY. They come whenever they are available after attending accidents before yours, hospital transfers, critical patient transfers, etc. All CCFD responders are advanced life-support trained. If you really think CCFD personnel are a waste, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT dial 911!!! Wait for the ambulance from south Fort Myers! FGCU did a study SIX YEARS AGO showing that the city got more savings and more bang-for-the-buck with officers using the take-home car method! You need to do your research before you vomit back outdated RAG rants!(dang, you ARE stupid!)

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Jun-08-13 10:00 PM

@lightswitch: Your twisted lies and fabications are being seen through. You have NO credibility left, so stop the RAGs full court lying press.

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Jun-08-13 8:14 PM

City manager based the Fire Assessment on the budget figure of $33.4 million. It was posted on the screen in council chambers!

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Jun-08-13 8:09 PM

Who is going to try this with their boss or bosses at work and get away with it?

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Jun-08-13 8:07 PM

The figure for $1.2 million is a total and NOT Per Home. But if there are 80,000 homes it would be $15 or that McGrail pizza. But add the additional tax and you will see it is more the the $16 Pizza even with the drop THIS YEAR of 1 point on the millage rate. Again your city Manager John Szerlag stated it is $8 million for each 1 point reduction of the millage rate. When this is all said and done I am betting your last year cape coral bill will be $200 to $500 more, not including County or school requirements.

"McClain's words. "The city is not out to break the rate payers," nor the homeowners, nor the churches and institutions." McGrail echoed this at a latter meeting speaking to the churches and institutions.

Szerlag watched a movie before he went to the special meeting. He came away with name rank and serial #. Another was "I am not going to answer the question but recite the City Charter. Sort of like a filibuster, talking over the person questioning hi

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Jun-08-13 7:47 PM

Here are some more assumtions.

Fire Assessment tier 1 $ 97.00 per home tier 2 $220.00 per home

Utility Tax 7% $150.00 to $300.00

Tax due to rise in home value city manager stated $1.2 million per home?

Reduce millage by 1 point city manager stated it was worth an $8 million reduction.

The U.S. Census bureau report shows they visited 80,000 homes.

Here is an assumption.

Fire Assessment over $12 million

Utility Tax $20 million homes & 13,000 businesses $11 million

Then when the TRIM notice comes out in July you will see the true tax increase on the 5.6% increase.

Let's see if the Lee County assessor spits out the number of homes and businesses along with some type of estimate.

Let's see if Lee County Electric shows us the number of residential and commercial customers and what this &% tax will bring in based on real figures.

Then let's go to the polls and see how we want

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Jun-08-13 5:51 PM

LS, your opinion on fire department operations means very little to me or others. Your opinions are based on assumptions, not facts, not studies, not data from other fire departments across the country. You just THINK you know what you are talking about.

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Jun-08-13 12:56 PM

The RAGs are truly running scared. They had their team led by Diele who they felt was thee best educate & experienced orator and they still got their****handed to them. Now what? Is Leetz and dopey Sullivan their last shot? Well folks, it is time to drain the rest of the swamp.

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Jun-08-13 11:00 AM

Kristen. Clearly they are not running the same as other communities. Because if they were we would not have the problems here that we do.

Remember when the equipment replacement was brought to the forefront? Trucks not being maintained supposedly by fleet maintenance dept. and firefighters not reporting or complaining about the equipment.

Remember the chief coming in front of city council with a clip board to detail problems starting then about equipment?

Never once did he return with a report about problems.

Almost everyone knew about the set up that was going to take place.

Fire Budget before the clip board $25 million. Last budget $29 million. Budget for 3023 -2014 $33.4 million.

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Jun-08-13 10:46 AM

Instead of building $5 million firehouses if $250,000 houses were built as in Charlotte County we would have had a smaller budget and a plan to replace aging equipment.

How are those commercial Vulcan stoves that ran better than $5,000 working out?

The firehouse that was torn down did they ever try a couple of (FIRE) cats? Not to mention reliable pest control company or just keeping the place clean in the first place?

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