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Some clarification

June 7, 2013

To the editor: So we know that the silly season has officially arrived when individuals will edit your comments and “fill in the blanks” to suit their own agenda with their letters to the editor....

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Jun-13-13 7:24 AM

Does Leetz have a certified license to produce/sell those cute puppies at $2000 a pup?

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Jun-13-13 7:20 AM

@ Light switch... how about taking the time and share with us the list of achievements that Sullivan and Leetz have made since they took office.You like to blab pure nonsense,so just maybe, once and for all, you will discover,who exactly was behind that "Curve" and "Always a Day Late" syndrome that our city was headed down. I am patiently waiting until Sept to cast my vote.That's like two 1/2 mos to go and the King/Fab5 reign will be extinct..There will be "Dancing In The Streets" the day after :)

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Jun-10-13 3:12 PM

Please refer to the comments by Lightswitch. He is the master of predictions of doom for our City, not mine.

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Jun-10-13 1:15 PM

Lolita, perhaps you could enlighten us regarding what you mean by "impending doom."

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Jun-10-13 11:25 AM

The silence is absolutely amazing, isn't it.

No discussion, denials, etc. Ho hum time.

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Jun-09-13 4:22 PM

Hmmmm. Anyone else notice how the subject was quickly changed to the impending doom. Wish more attention was paid to the proper use of the English language.

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Jun-09-13 2:14 PM

Sandy, maybe you could bring up the Leetz dog issue at council tomorrow evening, right after you ask if McClain's found a place to live in his district.

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Jun-09-13 12:36 PM

Amazing how this city is always way behind the curve and always a day late and many dollars short.

Who needs to be clairvoyant when the information is out there way before it hits the media.

I guess that is one of the reasons many on Cape Coral and some city councilors do not want there NEWS in the media.

"Keep them stupid and the masses will pay!"

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Jun-09-13 12:32 PM

CapeCoralCuestions could be more correct than not about the councilman needing a job. However their are other people in his line of work real estate and non real estate who may be needing a job. Why? Because with the 7% electricity tax better known as the Utility Tax, a new Fire Assessment Tax, and the future crys that we can not make ends meet because we lowered the millage rate 1 point. Growth you will see will be stymied whether building new or trying to sell preexisting homes or businesses!

But what the hay we have (I) have plenty of time to watch this play out.

Then the changes will come and the bright ideas rescinded.

Who wants to sell their house or business right now? Here is the secret DISCOUNT the price 100 or 200 thousand dollars and lick your wounds. This might look like chump change in a year or two.

Today's NP headline shut down nuclear plants (cheap electricity) will INCREASE the cost of electricity. Whether FPL produces it or Lee County Coop buys it. PAY U

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Jun-09-13 8:58 AM

@CapeCoralCuestions: A City Councilman breeding dogs? Are there credentials required for that? Licenses? Registrations? Kennel restrictions? Permits? Seriously, if this is true and he is breeding dogs are there zoning restrictions? Do the authorities have knowledge of this and have they confirmed that he is within the laws of this City, County and State? I find it hard to believe that a sitting Councilman would not have all that is needed to operate a puppy mill, don't you?

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Jun-09-13 12:13 AM

“Suspicion of others often stems from an accurate knowledge of ourselves.” Strange that RAGs bring up someone running for a Lee County Commission seat at this time. Word on the street, at KC’s, and at the ELKs is that Leest will be running for Tammy Hall’s seat when the time comes because he has issues of residency! He’ll need to get out of his foreclosed house and downsize but can still be a Lee County rep. Tammy Hall had better be VERY afraid of Leest coz he needs her salary! And he trots out those Cav Spaniels he is mass producing in the back yard! They are soooo cute and at $2000 a pop - - well, you get it.

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Jun-09-13 12:03 AM

When your opponent has done an outstanding job at representing his district, and you have nothing to base your campaign on, you must then “baffle ‘em with B.eS.” McGrail is a hard-working honorable gentlemen and thus is to be feared by the rowdie lying RAGophants. RAGs don’t care about the north Cape, just look at their record and their public statements! What they do care about is the numbers game for votes on the Council. As one of them recently declared: “I will show you how to change things again! If it takes dismantling this city government so be it. However if and when the prices of real estate return to a level I AM SATISFIED WITH I'll leave in a New York second and so will many others. The largest land mass with drainage ditches more than they have in Venice does not make QUALITY OF LIFE. Keep providing the burrowing owl in the area that looks like the steppe lands of Africa 1st class services and I'll get to see the County take over the governance here, and stay!”

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Jun-07-13 11:52 PM

Julie fails to see the big picture.

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Jun-07-13 7:26 PM

FC Perry, where did I write he decided to run? As usual you see what you want to see, and hear what you want to hear. Blind loyalty is dangerous, and that is what you are exhibiting.

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Jun-07-13 6:50 PM

Kevin only has to stick with his accomplishments and he will have no problem getting re-elected

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Jun-07-13 3:36 PM

onlythetruth:i am so slow so please tell me the truth only.

If Councilman McGrail "decided", which he has not done, to represent the people of the Cape in a county office, that would somehow short change the people of this City?

We would have someone on the county board, who knows and cares about us, and in your "truthland" this is undesirable?

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Jun-07-13 7:22 AM

The only issue I see with this situation is that the Councilman failed to give a definitive answer to the question in question. By leaving the possibility of an early exit from council in the future open (in order to run for a county seat) the Councilman has not reassured his constituents he will serve out his entire term after the next election if he is fortunate enough to win, this is what his constituents want to hear. Otherwise, why vote for him if he is just going to exit anyway? It's called logic, not politics. He's given his opponent a campaign issue to latch onto, and it's his own fault. I suggest trying to answer questions succintly, with as few words as possible. Let's be frank, the Councilman has a tendency to enjoy hearing himself speak, even when it is not warranted.

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Jun-07-13 7:01 AM

Why is how long someone is married such a big deal with this election? Are we that thin on substance that that is what people need to count? Good grief.

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Jun-07-13 5:41 AM

Councilman McGrail: Sometimes I do not agree with your opinion or vote. However, I believe in your integrity, your analytical skills, and your commitment to problem solving. It is often a thankless job, so stay focused. You care about the Cape. You have my support and I believe the support of many voters.

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Jun-07-13 1:14 AM

Little testy and thin-skinned, aren't we? If you really, truly, honestly don't know what you're going to do in the political future, you should have simply said "I don't know" and left it at that. Bringing in all the other elements just adds to the speculation and makes us all wonder what you're REALLY up to.

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