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Golf course property should become a park

May 31, 2013

To the editor: Please consider making the old Cape Coral golf course into a park. It should be a park that favors the wildlife that already lives there....

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May-31-13 6:45 AM

Sounds to me Sir as if that PRIVATE entity you are President of should pony up the dollars and purchase the land you discuss in your LTE.

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May-31-13 10:32 AM

This City needs money, tax money, why should the rest of us pony up the funds to purchase this land and then not develop this same land for the tax revenue that it can provide for the Cape? No, NO, No. Zone it for the proper zoning and let's develop this property asap! This has gone on long enough.

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May-31-13 1:52 PM

LET"S PUT IN ASTROTURF. Pristine natural beauty, low maintenance, no potable or irrigation water needed.

Put a baby swing on it, maybe a slide, another band shell, take it off the tax rolls. These statements are absurd.

Absurdity was the city council's that let it go when it was a golf course, hotel, restaurants and conference center.

Because it was not in the CRA it lost the golf, gave the homes in the area a reduction in value because it is not the golfcourse district. That during the boom years!

Couldn't even figure out to use it as a destination tropical gardens area. See the gardens Orlando, or Philadelphia.

Get the garden clubs, and local landscapers to advertise their wares for the locals and the tourists.

Anyone wonder what economic development has been doing for years or even now?

However we have no money and the residents are going to have a lot less starting in October!

Build it and they'll come? That ship has sailed!!!!!!

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May-31-13 4:17 PM

First thing Carl is you admit to trespassing on posted land, a criminal offense. Second thing is this needs to remain a golf course of some type. I suggest a 9 hole course of high quality, a test for both Joe Lunchbucket and a pro. Along with the course I would like to see a passive park/preserve along the outside perimeter surrounding the 9 holes, providing a wildlife/birding area with the added benefit of a buffer between the course and private homes. In the meantime stop trespassing Carl!

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May-31-13 6:50 PM

I have always said that I would love to see this property become a "Central Park" with paved trails, a band shell, movies in the park nights, pond with paddleboat rentals, event center for banquets and weddings, community pool, etc. A central community gathering place for everyone. There are ways to generate revenue to offset some costs but, yeah, unfortunately, it would cost taxpayer dollars to purchase and maintain.

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May-31-13 7:32 PM

LS you just dont get it do you? your opinion does not mean anything to any of us.take you bullish behavior where leipold moved to and cry in each others beer.We dont care what you say or think, because the Cape will move forward without you and those Capper rascals .What say you about the 72% taxes we pay to the County?pssstt.. Cough up the Big bucks, mister, if you want to enjoy our paradise!

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May-31-13 7:37 PM

the golf course became part of the CRA due to the blighted area.There was 3 meetings held by the CRA in 2008 with the residents living on the course attending and a plan was developed that included the park. John J.(former CRA director) may know what happened to this plan.Its worth asking about

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May-31-13 8:17 PM

Linda53 I think it may be you that does not get it.

I have always complained about duplicating services but the county does a better job from what I saw and hear. Ask people who live in the unicorporated sections of the county. They have less problems with overpaying for services. They seemed to live their lives as well as those in Cape Coral for a much better value. I can attest to over 30 years of working and playing on both sides of the river and I am not talking about the city of Ft. Myers. I see Sanibel, Ft. Myers Beach, Bonita Springs will receive another round of decreased taxable value again this year. I see Cape Coral will receive another increase in taxable value along with a 7% increase in electric usage called a Utility Tax, and a Fire Assessment Tax. So between millage and NEW TAXES and for the poor (or soon to be poor) with a utility expansion fee probably in the $17,000 plus range things are looking real good across the river. So I am stuck here and will force c

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May-31-13 8:33 PM

Linda tell us the story about Winn Dixie again. How they are going out of business and how their stores are lacking. When in fact they have contemporary stores which are NOT coming to Cape Coral. Cape Coral gets the third tier Bi Lo which will be a perfect fit for the Dollar Stores, Dollar Generals, which will even fit better after the city EXTRACTS more expendable income to keep itself a float. Let's not forget FEED THE CAPE! It will be growing in needs as well due to this city's irresponsible efforts! Maybe we can help the U.S. POstal Service as they help the food pantries. Oh and the churches who can't help the needy as much. Linda you stink at seeing how the pieces fit and you don't get it!

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May-31-13 8:36 PM

I can't help but included McClain in his quip how it is always like this where ever he has been. Where does he live exactly? In his district yet or temporarily AWOL?

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May-31-13 8:45 PM

Hey the free financial consulting at the last council meeting was great. Another new revenue stream.

Lucy charges 5 cents for consultations and the city council does it for free and gets stiffed for over $900. PRICELESS. Mom Erbrick nurturing, Donnell worried about the child and he should have been. The child should have gone to protective services, the mother and the excuse of a father to jail. It makes one think they need to push this city to the MAX on paying anything to this city. Hand deliver it at the last second in the eleventh hour!

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Jun-01-13 12:05 PM

I'm not sure where you got your info LS but what was published in NP is that FMB and BS all show an increase; Sanibel is the only municipality to have a slight decrease.

Cape Coral: 5.67 percent increase Fort Myers: 2.57 percent increase Sanibel: 0.54 percent decrease Fort Myers Beach: 0.71 percent increase Bonita Springs: 1.67 percent increase

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Jun-01-13 2:33 PM

Yes I got the figures wrong before the NP published this morning. Assuming this estimate is correct.

One thing for sure it looks like the Cape Coral homeowners took it in the shorts once again. We will bethe fortunate recipients to carry the county and the city with large increases from residential taxes and utility tax and fire assessment tax for the city of Cape Coral. I don't know about you but I feel I did not any more service this past year or other prior years when there were more people here.

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Jun-01-13 3:23 PM

@JohnSull: Mayor, you want the truth, you want the truth,YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Where were you when infrastructure money was being used to balance the budget? Why did you let expensive bio-solids equipment sit for years until the "new" Council put it out up for sale? Why did you stick it to the rate payers and not restart the UEP? Where are the results of that phony baloney audit that you orchestrated to get MWH that cost Cape taxpayers thousands of dollars? Why did you hire a person that had NO City Management experience to manage the Cape? And that lawsuit that you filed against the Cape, why weren't taxpayers compensated by you for the costs to defend that lawsuit when you bailed on it?

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Jun-01-13 10:41 PM

Hey Linda53 we are all still waiting for you to retell EVERYONE about your knowledge or lack there of about Winn Dixie Stores. You know going out of business, lack of modern stores, and why BiLo is coming into and the SweetBay store space in the "DOWNTOWN area on Cape Coral Pkwy.

Linda you look to become the Economic Development Director or the DOG Catcher? I see it is the latter!

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Jun-02-13 7:55 AM

I don't know Switchy, looking at the FACTS it appears something is being done right on this side of the bridge. The evidence is the FACT that the property values are rising faster here (the Cape) than in other places (surrounding communities). Imagine that, even with all your negative commentary the Cape is leading the way.

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Jun-02-13 10:03 AM

When you are looking at homes in the upper part of 5 figures like 80 or 90K pretty easy to move the economic needle.

The value in the state of Massachusetts jumped 15% in a month. Average home is about $300,000, turnover of homes less than 100 days. Checkout the other states and cities yourself and you won't be patting yourself on the back! Besides your looking at estimates provided by the Lee County Property Appraiser looking to help the County Commissioners find STILL that $30 million short fall which was $36 million last budget and $50 million the budget before that. Maybe they will buy some more 2020 preserved land and just call it a day? The State of Florida finally gave them the WORD. Didn't they? I guess the unknowing will buy/build homes in Cape Coral with higher overhead to pay in basic service like electric, fire protection, overbuilt city government. Fees that go beyond those 30 yr mortgages!

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Jun-02-13 2:40 PM

LS, I agree with your previous point about Cape Coral residents paying a bigger chunck of the county taxes but not getting more services for our money. It is an issue and I often wonder why we haven't banded together to 'get our fair share' rather than wasting so much energy dividing our own city. As for alluding to the Property Appraiser inflating our values so that Cape Coral residents can fund the deficit, well, that is conspiracy theory thinking. It is simple economics. Our values were some of the hardest hit and, as money started flowing again, buyers and investors, saw all of the good values in Cape Coral. Properties have been geeting snatched up, decreasing inventory which increases values. Taxable value isn't based on the whim of the Property Appraiser; they actually look at actual recent sales data.

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Jun-02-13 4:39 PM

Can't have it both ways Switchy, you've been screaming about how the choices of the current council have decimated the real estate market here in the Cape. Now you offer a very weak commentary to try and explain the leap in values versus our surrounding communitites. Pick one argument and stick with it, your waffling, I'll send you some maple syrup.

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Jun-02-13 11:19 PM

Could it be that many of the foreclosed homes bought up at the cheap prices are now being either rented or flipped for more money than can be made in a savings account or certificate of deposit?

Take a look and see how many homes in Cape Coral, Florida are for rent and empty or for sale and still empty.

Makes for a good reason to raise the sales tax because the existing rate will produce less revenue if left in tact.

So keep buying and speculating. We are closer today to my agenda than last year. Keep taxing baby I will still be here when the city goes bye bye and the county takes over.

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Jun-03-13 7:28 AM

Facts are facts Switchy, like I said, you can't have it both ways. If you want to lay the bad developments in the city at their feet, you must give credit for the good developments.

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Jun-06-13 11:19 AM

L.S. the Winn-Dixie/Bi-Lo has bought out ALL of the Sweetbay Chain stores,how about those revenue taxes soon to be even BIGGER.. You are so full of B.S.

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Jun-06-13 1:22 PM

Litwitch: when you talk of other cities and states, you forget to mention that their rules are totally different from Florida. FL legislature has interfered in the ability for cities to tax and support their budgets to gain votes from residents. Not so in other states—especially Massachusetts. If you are going to post—post the DG TRUTH! Other states are not burdened with illegals. Other states do not have the homeless the way warm states do. Mass has a 5 year limit on welfare with no increase in money for additional babies. Other states have STATE TAXES and high SALES TAXES to help pay for things. Other states have limits on the amount taxes can be raised, but they DO NOT have discounts on value for residency, handicaps, etc. You are such a lying buffoon! But keep posting so we can put you on the record when the time comes!! Thanks so much.

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Jun-17-13 10:55 PM

Linda what is the difference. You had stated when the city could have put 500 jobs in the city that Winn Dixie was going out of business, did not have modern stores, etc.

As soon as you brought that up checked out a prospectus of the company and what they were doing. I told you then they had very contemporary designed stores and refuted from the prospectus and Supermarket news.

That you are in fact full of BS and in most of your posts are wrong and only slant opinions to suit this failure of a city.

By the way I visited an Aqua Center built in a community that knows what and how to conduct business.

It was built by people who were not crooks and had Corporate building partners who remain in the picture to operate it.

No less than NINE Corporations that are more than just names. They are Household Brands.

You need to raise more cows or bulls in that garden of yours! Plants go roots down.

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Jun-17-13 11:09 PM

There aren't Nine Corporation in this city after 40 plus years that could financially support a project like an Aquatic Center, An Aquarium, A full fledged Museum or anything else you might call a destination for tourists. But we now have Taxes our winter tourists won't pay. Wait till these 93 plus temps kick in and the residents who are not brain dead figure 7% of the KW Hours even after the first 500 KWH's.

I can see Queenie and the group explaining at council meetings about unpaid utility bills. There is not a financial planner among the SIX on that council.

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