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Issue swept under the rug

May 24, 2013

To the editor: Council at Monday’s meeting voted not to look into allegations that Councilmember McClain was no longer living in his district and thus subject to forfeiture of his seat as by doing......

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Jun-10-13 7:44 PM

We received a phone call today asking if it were true that Breeze editorials were "paid for." The caller referred to this comment string. The answer is no.

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Jun-05-13 5:25 PM


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May-30-13 7:37 PM

Yes we will all be gentlemanly and charming when it will accomplish and best describe the realities here in Cape Coral.

Most of us before a venue like we are on just read, listened or attended council meetings. Then when nothing was accomplished for the average resident just sucked it up and went to work to pay for the inept decisions that had been passed. In this venue we can bring out our true feelings and communicate with others who have the same or different agendas. Hopefully changing the out come in a civil manner at the polls. That does not necessarily happen by itself. I also remind you how this current council stifled residents comments and in put at their very first meeting. It was quite hostile, still is and will continue until things are changed once again. Ask the average resident if they want a 7% tax on their monthly electric bill. Ask them if they want a separate Fire Assessment Tax based on the size of their residential home. I'll answer for you NO, NO, and NO

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May-30-13 1:56 PM

Councilman Chris chulakes-leetz urged his fellow council members to focus on the "what", not the "who" in determining what action to take concerning Councilman Marty McClain living outside of District 1. That’s never going to happen as long as the Fab 5 – Slick Six war rages on. The comments posted in response to Bill Deile’s letter underscore the total lack of interest in discussing the issues. As long as name calling and mudslinging continue to trump civil discussions, Cape Coral will have a bleak future. Are there no adults in the room?

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May-26-13 10:35 PM

Somebody put a quarter in JMeihle and pull his "JACKPOT" lever.

John are you licensed in Florida or a practicing law enforcement officer or just in name only and unpracticed?

Greeting from LA LA LAND, your hometown!

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May-26-13 9:41 PM

Deile's calling out of Nesta a few months ago destroyed the miniscule amount of credibility he had in everyone's eyes except the few pathetic RAGS that still infect the City.

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May-26-13 10:05 AM

Billy didn't care enough to speak at Monday's meeting. Probably due to the beating he took here last week. The City Attorney, a real licensed practicing attorney, found this to be legal Bill. Also, if there had been a vote to investigate, it would have been done in about----DECEMBER, after McClain left office.

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May-25-13 11:01 AM

Have you ever wonder what could possibly be going through Bill's bald head as he lays in bed at night?There he was the center of attention for 4 long years and he enjoyed every minute of it,running home to watch the news and see himself on tv denegrating his city subjects,as any worthless bully would do. But now, poor Bill can only wonder what it would have been like to have been a real class guy,with solutions to problems and ideas to bring the Cape forward and getting the employees to rally around him, by him givng hard working Cape employees kudos and atta-boys,just to keep moral high during the bad economic times that actually eroded the Cape employees income. Bill could have been number one,a champion, a true leader,but he has turned out to be a whining loser. No pity for Bill here, he may have been a County Commissioner,or if he had truly been a smart pol, he could have been sitting in Dane Eagle's chair. Too bad Bill, Karma is a beyatch.

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May-24-13 11:58 PM

*****do do I miss Bill on Council ...I also miss Cheers..Seinfeld and Newhart....

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May-24-13 9:47 PM

O.K. Bill, letter read....good thing that what you think does not matter, isn't it?

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May-24-13 7:48 PM

Ya gotta love Deile of all people claiming the high road. We now have the Council Sultan of cruel, nasty, malicious comment saying “our institutions depend on the integrity of their operation and that integrity depends on ethical behavior as well as fidelity to the law.” Who removed campaign signs from the city hall lobby and put them in the trunk of his car? Who put ‘evidence’ of supposed wrong doing in the trunk of his car and called Channel 4 before calling the police? Where was the integrity when Fab5 talked elect Kuehn then King? Was it ethical for the mayor to call an emergency meeting Christmas of 2010 to vote raises for his staff? Ethical that Brandt didn’t abstain from voting on a motion that would directly affect his (and five other people’s) taxes? Was it ethical for the fab5 to have the city pay for their wives dinners at an Army Reserve Event? Was it ethical for Brandt to use his city phone to call a strip joint? Get back to us on that Willie.

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May-24-13 4:29 PM

Deile wanted to be in Iraq more than remain a council person, by his own admission. He justified appointing his crony "cabana boy" Kuehn because Eric came to the meetings. His attempt to force the city to settle the baseless lawsuit initiated by him and "mumbles" Sullivan was perhaps the worst attempt of wrongdoing he committed in his too long four years. He was jealous of Terry because unlike Deile's poor attempt at comedy, Terry had talent that was bonefide. His entire career can be said to be one of suckling at the public teet, including the law degree he earned thank to the US military, but found no shame in demeaning and terrorizing public employees. He has never been a lawyer in Florida but pretends to be one. Narcissistic and phony are Bill's character traits that the voters saw in the last election. Not even a mediocre fit for leading the city forward.

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May-24-13 12:41 PM

Bill, if I were you, I would never use any quote with the phrase, "good & hard." BWAHAHAHA!

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May-24-13 9:19 AM

Ba ha ha ha ha!!!! OTT that is hilarious!! I was thinking the same thing!! We could take the issue out from under the rug and have Bill keep it in his trunk.

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May-24-13 9:14 AM

How could McClain even think (like a fox) he could not live in his district and continue his term of office?

Deceiving? Underhanded? No rental property in his district? Shallow? Poor character? A lack of creditability?

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May-24-13 7:43 AM

Diele is a glutton for punishment. What part of "we voted you out because we don't care what you think" don't you understand?

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May-24-13 7:08 AM

I'll tell you what Mr Deile, you can look under the rug as long as you desire, if you let the rest of us peer into that trunk of yours, Deal?

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