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City taxation expands blight, not prosperity

May 24, 2013

To the editor: Two weeks ago the city of Cape Coral voted on raising the taxes by attaching a FEE to our electric bills. They did not say if this fee was going to be fixed or rise....

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Jun-06-13 12:59 PM

Litwitch: your rants are badly done and lack credibility. You post only the statements that push your ‘cause’-- which you have stated is to destroy this city. You have admitted you will not stay here when the property values recover. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You post facts and figures that are completely bogus, you lie to accomplish your goal as do most Freak5. The facts YOU post and the deeds you complain about can be laid directly at the vermin on council at that time. Gary King and the Freak5! At the end of the day you will be held accountable for your vicious actions and lies. God is watching you.

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Jun-06-13 12:48 PM

Greene: taxes do not cause blight? Increased taxes force the under-educated, shiftless, low-income, criminal element to move to a less expensive area to live. Take a good look at the men and women who are constantly ranting about taxes and fees. They are angry, bellicose, untrustworthy, and just plain nasty. Ask yourself why? Because they don’t want the city to grow and progress into the future. ” . . .If it takes dismantling this city government so be it. However if and when the prices of real estate return to a level I AM SATISFIED WITH I'll leave in a New York second and so will many others.The largest land mass with drainage ditches more than they have in Venice does not make QUALITY OF LIFE.Keep providing the burrowing owl in the area that looks like the steppe lands of Africa 1st class services and I'll get to see the County take over the governance here, and stay! “ What does this say to you about the Freak5 and their cult?

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May-31-13 8:42 PM

Carl....City Manager in a growing city Terry...City Manager in a growing city Gary....crying in his beer with Pete, Bill, Eric and soon... John and Chris

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May-29-13 4:50 PM

King promised us 3 million dollars in savings and look where that led to.. 6mos to 9 mos from bankruptcy. Watching him stack boxes at the farmers market seemed like justice to us. You can run your nasty mouth about the wrong-doing our positive council has been doing ,but it sure beats the Freak 5 any day. Hiding evidence in their trunk and handling on the tv was living proof what idiots they really were. Two more to go and our city will be rid of the troublemakers.

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May-29-13 8:46 AM

bobbie the I back up what I say with quotes from the local media, film, print, etc..

If there were no truth in audio and misprint statements about what I post then those media sources would have been sued long ago.

But they have not because what they reported was factual.

So regarding Schwing he could only find $2 million in savings when he put together his first budget.

He took over 3 months to reconcile a $59,000 petty cash fund.

This is fact not fiction!

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May-25-13 10:40 AM

@johngalt: You are stupid beyond comprehension. This City Manager will not be a puppet for any Council or Council member. Agree with him or not, he is his own man. Just ask the Council over in Sunny Isles, Florida. Szerlag tendered his resignation rather than be manipulated by their Council. Like I said, he is his own man, whether or not you agree with or like him. johngalt: Please take your meds.

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May-25-13 10:16 AM

The “professionally managed” city is model designed by & for bureaucrats. The councilmen are elected to decide issues based on “staff” recommendations. Naturally, what the staff recommends is bias towards the city employees and city services. The council must work through the city manager who sits at their “pleasure”. He goes along with the staff or they torpedo him. The staff is unelected, yet runs the show. Councilmen with higher aspirations need to get the staff & unions on their side to slither up the food chain. The professional managers, when released from office, simply go to the next PM entity and apply saying their dismissal was political. When they want higher taxes or wages for the staff or unions they simply compare us to another “PM” city and point out salaries, taxes, there. It is a firing squad lined-up in a circle.

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May-25-13 7:17 AM

I made a decision to not respond to Dimbulb.

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May-25-13 7:16 AM

CCC, the toll to Sanibel is $6.

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May-24-13 10:15 PM

Dimbulb. you are making a lot of accusations that you can't back up. Be careful, or better yet, don't be careful.

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May-24-13 9:41 PM

If you recall when the Federal EPA had a fund of unspent money in the excess of #327 billion the Cape Coral never applied.

At that time Carl Swing acting city manager Carl Schwing when asked why the Cape did not apply for that or other federal grants. He stated to the media that the city did not have enough staff with the expertise to do so. The city prior to that statement had over 1,500 employed and now has above 1,200. I know the real reason the city did not want "strings attached". It was not about what the feds wanted them to do but they did not want how they went about their inept business! Ant one have a "shove ready" project to do with low intere4st loans via federal funds? The city at that time pay higher interest on bonds, give friends contracts for design work and God only knows what else as "favors". The proof is in the subsidies to businesses for sewer, trash pick up, etc. The proof is in the tab being picked up on all projects by the resi

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May-24-13 8:45 PM

Ms Green, You think $15,000 for a consultant was bad? Freak5 paid two of their buddies to be consultants for over $130,000 and I didn’t see you complain then. Please explain which other cities you refer to and how they handled the downturn. Are the other cities you say are beautiful 50 years old or are they well established? Please explain which funds and grants this city has not applied for? BTW, educational institutions are usually TAX EXEMPT. How do you expect this council to make up for the fraud and waste of prior councils in one year? Tell me why it costs $2 to drive over the bridge into Cape Coral but $10 to get into Sanibel. I think it’s to keep the riffraff out. How many thieves will go to Sanibel with one way in and one way out and pay $10 when they can stay home and rob their neighbors? The Economic Development Department has only been active for 6 months. We await your answers Ms Green. Grumpy! Amenities and Yacht club is an oxymoron. duh.

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May-24-13 7:48 PM

Will somebody please tell me why everyone, (including the author of this LTE), thinks federal grants and various federal monies do not cost all of us in additional taxes??!! Federal money is not free, where do think think it comes from??!! I'll tell you where, from YOU and ME!! So, I suppose that makes you a hypocrite.

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May-24-13 6:07 PM

Hallalulu sister!

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May-24-13 5:38 PM

This City is negligent, they need to impose a 1.5 transfer tax on all properties over $10,000. The Banks robbed the home owners now its time for the City to legally robthe banks. In this way the City would not have to stll money from the home owners and not ethe taxes by much. I am sick and tired of the City officials making up excuses for why a transfer tax would not work. It would work for me im not selling.

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May-24-13 4:56 PM

Blight starts with the neighborhoods of those that are being taxed excessively. The less money a home owner has to spend on the upkeep of their home, the more blight you wind up with. Blight is not about city services being maintained. That does not produce blight. If it does, then tax those who use the ball fields. I don't use them at all and never have. I have never had a problem with that, but I do when it comes to asinine comments about taxes going down and some wanting the same services. I use the boat ramps and parking there. I pay for that yearly. What about others that use services that they should be paying extra for? How about those using the amenities at the yacht club and the beach?

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May-24-13 12:28 PM

You, Deb Green, have NO idea of what you are talking about. Your real estate taxes went down 50 percent on your home and yet you want the same services and more? Bwahahahaha.

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May-24-13 8:20 AM

Your observation is 100% correct. Thank you for taking the time to express your feelings and obvious conditions in Cape Coral, Fl.

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