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McGrail speaks at BUPAC

May 24, 2013

To the editor: On May 16, Cape Coral Councilmember, McGrail was the speaker at BUPAC. One thing of note was that unlike most of his Town Hall meetings, he did it alone....

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Jun-06-13 11:59 AM

So what can Rick Williams provide that McGrail hasn't already. just askin

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May-31-13 11:23 PM

Here is the bottom line McGrail is fini, kaput, all done playing councilman.

The backlash he has created will catch him way before the election. People are talking now and after tomorrow night's performance along with his deceitful buddy who is AWOL from his district Kev picked up more baggage! Like being at the BBQ pit stick a fork in it cause it is done!

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May-31-13 11:13 PM

Capecuestions the height of the cities staff supposedly was 1600 plus with contract positions. If it were half WHICH IT IS FAR FROM THAT! It would be 800. It is being reported even well into the down turn at over 1200. So tell everyone how you arrived at your statement? Are you one of the Slick 6? Because it is that type of statement that is so like theirs!

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May-31-13 8:11 PM

Pete, during your tenure, you did nothing but toe the party line. Deflect, belittle, pivot and reply "we need to have someone look into that". Now, you are an expert on what needs to happen on the dais. Lovejoy will take you all with him. He, and now you, have become cartoon characters. Love the new rendition of the "no incumbant" Sullivan picture on Lovejoy's Cut-it facebook page. Unnnfreakin believable. Thats real support. What's next? $5.00 off at Popeye's Chicken?

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May-25-13 9:39 AM

McFail, he wants to be mayor or county commish. He wears his sociopathy on his sleeve.

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May-25-13 7:29 AM

Ok, lets look back at this group,,,how much money did they spend on their consultants and audits that produced NOTHING!! Im sure the tax payers loved having their money blown on all of that for NOTHING!! Also, how does this group even make statements when they were in office and had the majority. They did nothing to advance the new new growth..once again..NOTHING

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May-24-13 10:37 PM

Mr. Brandt, you write "the high wages and benefits of the city workers...the city worker's pay and benefits are way out of kilter with the private sector". If you think $32,000 a year salary that my family member is making after working for the City for 10 years is high wages and is "way off kilter with the private sector", I have news for you. You are nuts! Additionally, the employees may not have to "pay" for their medical benefit but they have increased premiums, high deductibles, and not the best in coverage. Also, if memory serves me, YOU were on council during the time you speak of AND Mr. McGrail is NOT the only council member on council.

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May-24-13 10:03 PM

Mr. Brandt, you and those of the RAG ilk...Diele, Kuehn, Martin, Lovejoy, Crane, etal., can put down everyone else all day long, but it will never win the war for you, because your INTENT is to ruin, to bankrupt our beautiful city. And we normal people don't want that. You have been stupid enough to actually verbalize this goal. (especially Mr. Diele). You pretended that your goal in breaking the unions was financial, but that was not your true aim and what you really did was just demoralize all the workers. Dumb, dumb, and dumber. Now no one likes you! Bwahahahaha!

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May-24-13 9:55 PM

"SPOT ON" what are you speaking of, John G. the commentary or Pete's tie. After reading that letter I understand why agencies hire profilers. Just imagine living in your mind.

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May-24-13 9:35 PM

OH and why you also thought it was ethical to call BABES on a city issued cell phone, Sir.

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May-24-13 9:22 PM

So lets see, someone took a book out on Branding, and decided to have Pete Brandt do the rebranding LTE..Psst..Pete, I'm still waiting for your explanation of saying that Get out and Vote...Take Back the Cape was part of a Shadow Government.

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May-24-13 9:21 PM

Kirsten I have one even better for Pete, Bill and Lubbjoy..... Cut Un Necessary Taxes.... LOL

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May-24-13 8:29 PM

Petey, grasping at straws! If someone considers themself to be a conservative based on their politics, religion, honor and ethics, then they are. Conservatives are not just Tea Party patsies (or should I say pasties) like you and YOU don’t get to decide which facets of someone’s ideology matter. Are you expecting us to believe that if by some miracle the unions had offered to back YOU you would have said no? “How then could the ‘the slick six a larger and more cohesive voting bloc than the Fab Five had been, get elected?” How, Petey? Because the citizens knew you and your chums were hurting the city, creating havoc, ruining our city’s reputation, tormenting staff and your political opponents. That’s how. Mumbles and Lurch are next. Our streets weren’t paved and vehicles replaced because you and your*****of a city manager had one goal---union busting. And you didn’t care who got hurt in the process.

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May-24-13 8:29 PM

How do you expect McGrail or anyone else to find ‘excessive spending habits’ when the Freak5 terminated half the city work force; made them take furlough days, cut their benefits, and made them take cuts in pay while at the same time spending not a dime on any capital improvements in 4 years? The Freak5 spent thousands on phony issues like stolen gas, Popeye Gate, Sullivan and Deile’s law suits, and phony cost overruns from a legal contractor. Where are the millions mumbles said we would find? We were tired of listening to the three of you—let me repeat—we were tired of your BS. What part of getting kicked to the curb don’t you and Willie understand?

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May-24-13 7:56 PM

Excuse me Sir, but I believe both yourself, and former council member Deile sought, and acquired, Union support in your intial runs. Now, speaking of unanswered questions, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. So,in the very same spirit I'll ask just three questions which you never answered in your time on the dais. 1.Why exactly was the number to that strip club on your city issued phone?, 2.Why did you try to smear you opponent with FALSE information in the last election? and 3. Why did you try to fix a water bill for one of your buddies by trying to intimidate a city worker on the phone? We await your answers.

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May-24-13 6:34 PM

Mr. Brandt letter is spot on. Those whose comments resort to 6th grade name calling don’t dispute the facts. Millions of dollars of permit, & impact fees were collected during the boom. Property Values rose as did prop. taxes. Millions of bucks were wasted, can you say Festival Park? Past UEP areas overcharged, grossly! The unions filled their pockets with both hands. The last election was a farce! Now we have union thugs running the show, new SWAT vehicle, new cop cars, new fire trucks, etc. The shakedown has been “diversified” to our electric bills. Soon you’ll need to provide a credit number when you call 911.

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May-24-13 4:16 PM

Peter seems to forget that his four years at the dais produced accusations, lies and little else. How many times did Pete bring up an issue to only say he hoped somebody should look into this? Too many times to count. Outside of the north spreader he failed to work on any other city issues, unless cronyism was a city issue. His embarrassing support for a friend in the northwest Cape as a CM was stifled when Tom was outed with a phony degree, but even then Pete felt this fraud was the "change agent" we needed. After the facts came out about the "CONsultant's fuel fiasco, Pete still managed to attack employees in the press, if you can call Fox-4 and RATpolo the "press". Pete was voted out because he was a failure on the dais, period!

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May-24-13 12:20 PM

Peter the phony....did you not, Peter Brandt, vote to raise the millage 63 percent for the 2010 budget? YES YOU DID! What kind of phony baloney "fiscal conservative" does that? NONE! So you see Peter the phony, records of your tenure speak for themselves. You sir, are a phony!

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May-24-13 12:18 PM

You know it doesn't matter who was voted out in the last election.

The Slick 6 has not performed well, didn't even attempt to do what the residents want, has not saved the city, accepted a balanced budget which was $20 million short of being balanced, have more than lied, disgracing themselves. Loved Erbrick's comment at the meeting last Monday. Why someone has to pay...dah! The rate payers could give 2 craps about her dog having to stand there listening to her yammer. Rate payers "get it" she wants them to pay for her ineptness. RESIGN "QUEENIE".

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May-24-13 9:09 AM

Peter your writing is almost as eye-watering, boring, and lacks the personality that your speaking does. Thanks for the laughs BTW!!

The look on your mug when your buddy the mayor shut you down and told you to shut your boring pie hole (in a nice way) was hilarious!! He BURNED you and we now have one thing we can credit a fab 5 member for. That was awesome!! The single most interesting you have ever done was the thirty seconds you spent standing and staring at your bro wondering what happened. Ba ha ha ha! BURN!!!!!

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May-24-13 8:22 AM

The Road Ahead group has renamed themselves Cap Cape Taxes? We can't call them RAGs anymore. Guess they will now have to be known as Half-CoCT.

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May-24-13 8:09 AM

Here is McGrail's solution to this an all the problems he has made feeble attempts at solving.

Lack of self restraint in spending to provide a realistic revenue to live in Cape Coral. Those living here will pay the freight for infrastructure growth for the future residents.

An unrealistic Utility program will be paid by the existing rate payers. He will provide discounts up to 80% to make this affordable for churches. Rate Payers pay 100% for their own utility and then if they belong to a particular church pay for that as well. That is not to mention those same rate payers pay for the poor in the city in the way of food and donations for those already crushed by the city.

Kevin does not think he puts burden on top of burden on top of burden for many in the city already.

In the same breath he claim the city is not here to break the churches. His buddy McClain claim the city is not out to break ther homeowner and Kevin lamely follows he lead!

McCrail will be a NO VOTE in

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May-24-13 7:21 AM

Let's see...Peter, you were voted out last election, as I recall.

Do you still have a corner table at Babes?

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