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Resignation or removal called for

May 17, 2013

To the editor: I am horrified at what I am hearing on the news, regarding Councilman McClain not living in the District that he was elected to represent, since last year! Councilman McClain admitted......

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May-26-13 10:58 PM

A tip lead to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation taking down the administrators of the Cape Coral Hospital. That went to the newspaper and media as well. Lolita you are of the thought process keep the truth out of the media. Cover up the scandals and the indiscretions at all costs. Our media should be part of the watch dog process. You know checks and balances. Many people fought against the process of suppressed free speech and free press. But I should realize by now that you are the ultimate judge of what the media should report and what favors should be allowed to be handed out. Lastly in this case it looked like a duck, quacked like a duck and was exactly that a duck. No cover ups!

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May-26-13 9:06 AM

Eileyn I have no problem with WTF. Keep it coming, it was very appropriate. Think about it... Sometimes you just gotta say WTF!!! Fudge is delicious, this group is so lost now they are after fudge. Geez....

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May-25-13 8:42 AM

I'll clear the air..I meant it as WHAT THE...FUDGE yep that is it..FUDGE. Grow up, deal with it, and quit trying to take away from this ridiculous letter to the editor. Typical RAG tactic, throw scatter to divert. Pathetic.

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May-23-13 8:34 PM

Wow, Linda, your friend could have been saying Welcome to Finland. Wait, Welcome to Finland are not non-Methodist words that she admitted to be using. You probably don't understand the reference that she was making as so many things are over your head. What is the RAG of the year prize and why is it restricted to males? Are you sure that I am a female because we have never met? RAG has many meanings and some are very complimentary. Perhaps this is a valuable prize.

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May-23-13 4:07 PM

thats so funny.. @ certainsmile if you were a guy you would win the RAG Of the Year prize. Keep your mind out of the gutter because WTF could mean so many things

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May-22-13 7:29 PM

As Seth and Amy would say on SNL (yes using 3 letters again) REALLY? use of WTF to explain how ridiculous the definition posted was is offensive...well to those folks who were offended by my use of WTF in a public forum, yes even I will use a non Methodist word here or there. It happens. (shrug) Its uncommon and to my friends who know me, when it does happen, it's shocking because those aren't normal terms for me to use, but sometimes you know, it just seems to fit. :)

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May-22-13 6:25 PM

Eileyn, you've accomplished the nigh unto impossible, with your last post - you've lowered yourself to the Lady Rosko's level.

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May-22-13 4:20 PM

Almost forgot, since Lynn decided to include my son in her rant on May 19,let me add, he is the president and sole owner of Castle Harbour Homes. He was builder of the year in Cape Coral, won several awards in the parade of homes and has beautiful model homes in Cape Harbour, West Bay and Quail West. Thanks for this opportunity Lynn.

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May-22-13 3:49 PM

He Lynn, after your rant on the 19th I expected you to address your outrage at the council meeting. You managed to drag Marty's wife into this, made their financial situation public, which I somehow don't find relevant or unusual in recent years, opined on their private personal problems, Marty's alleged girl friend and her heritage, and even threw in my son who like the others, has nothing to do with this. You seem to be a very angry lady, like the one in the wizard of OZ, but she eventually melted down. I'm laughing at you Lynn-----again

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May-22-13 1:45 PM

As in any definition in the dictionary the listings are of all the acceptable meanings of a word. It is not meant that a word is all-inclusive of the entire list of meanings. I know many gentleman that are employed and they don't go around saying w-t-f on a public forum.

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May-22-13 7:28 AM

Well, then there we have it folks, the definition of a every man, regardless of kindness, reputation, etc, if he has to work for a living, is no gentlemen. Three letters here..W-T-F! LOL

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May-21-13 7:06 PM

Certainsmile, maybe you have more information than the rest of us about what happened but that's OK because I really don't want to know the details of anyone's business. Or, perhaps you could be making assumptions about what happened?

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May-21-13 2:58 PM

Kirsten, here is a dictionary definition of the word gentleman.  1. A man of gentle or noble birth or superior social position. 2. A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior.  3. A man of independent means who does not need to have a wage-paying job. McClain does not appear to meet any of those definitions. A true gentleman would not have acted inappropriately toward his wife or others at any time. I would not consider his behavior proper but I associate with those who also believe in higher standards. I find some of his actions to be less than acceptable and certainly not worthy of being aspired to or honored. Gentleman is an incorrect description.

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May-21-13 9:39 AM

Come on posters, we all know lynn's bark is controlled by the social republican teaparty club. Like minds such as Bill, janet, Lovejoy. Now that's a Horrified camera moment!

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May-21-13 7:57 AM

OH my apologies (eye roll) to you spelling experts...vile. And well put, Kirsten, well put, but that human being, won't get it at all. Most people with personality challenges such as hers will put the blame and deflect on someone else. Totally an extra grace required person.

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May-21-13 7:25 AM

From a non anonymous person, I second onlythetruth's statement. Lynn, your last post really sinks to a new low. Did it ever occur to you that Marty is not the only one you are smearing? He may be a public official but his wife is not. Does she deserve to have all of her business out there for her friends, colleagues and neighbors to see? Did it ever occur to you that it may be very humiliating for her to have rumors flying that he left her for another woman? She doesn't deserve that. It appears that Marty is much more of a gentleman than you are a lady as he was trying to respect his wife's privacy and keep her out of this public mess. As you would say, shame on you.

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May-21-13 1:29 AM

"vial" ~~~ a small container. Sounds appropriate to me.

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May-20-13 10:57 PM

"Vial"??? Did you find her language "fowl" too?

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May-20-13 10:13 PM

I'm brave enough to post my name here, and wow..thank you for NOT disappointing me in how vial of a human being you can be, Mrs. Rosko. Mean spirited bully. That's you. To a T!

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May-19-13 9:45 PM

The legal opinion may now be found with the story; we were unable to post the PDF on Friday.

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May-19-13 3:51 PM

From a "simple anonymous tip to a newspaper" now evolves into name calling, "facts" being distributed about ever facet of life of an elected official, those who would never believe anything except what they "think they know" and on and on. Tomorrow, it will be discussed and there will be those "horrified" by the outcome or those who really couldn't care less as to what is going on. Cape Coral will never wear grown-ups clothing. It will remain as it is. Too bad. It really is a wonderful place to live and play.

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May-19-13 12:02 PM

packer another anonymous wimp!

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May-19-13 11:57 AM

Lynn, that was uncalled for. I noticed you felt a need to point out another's misfortune along with pointing out another human beings nationality. That is pure bigotry and you ought to be ashamed. That was Snobbie, nasty, miserable, gossipy and had no place in your "horrifying" charter violation. You owe Marty an apology Lynn!! I expect to watch it on Cape TV at the next citizens input... How dare you!!!!

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May-19-13 11:35 AM

"onlythtruth" and the rest of the anonymous nasties, at least I put my name to my posts! The nasties are wimps that need fake names! Not brave enough to put their own name to their nasties!

What a sad bunch of wimps!

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May-19-13 11:19 AM

Ok, it's time this was said in the same public domain where you so gleefully attempt to smear others. You are without exception a complete disgrace, and lack any form of moral character. This is the difference between the group you run with, and the rest of us. You take great joy in another's misery, and relish throwing it out into the public domain, that is simply disgusting no matter what you claim to be the reason. Unfortunately for you, and your group, you are only proving to stregthen our resolve to make absolutely sure you do not achieve the power you once possesed ever again. Once again, you are a disgrace, and a poor excuse for a human being based on your words/actions.

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