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McClain should resign or be removed from office

May 17, 2013

To the editor: Earlier this week it became common knowledge (rumor has it that certain council members and some on city staff were aware) that District 1 Councilmember McClain had not been living in......

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May-17-13 10:47 AM

"Lawyer talk" was fine during the suit brought against the City that cost the taxpayers "mucho" bucks. Guess the Mayor took this "ex-officio's" advise and already put the issue on Monday's agenda. Stay tuned.

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May-17-13 2:38 PM

Gee, I thought his shirt said "Emeritus"

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May-17-13 2:45 PM


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May-17-13 3:48 PM

And this from the "thief" who stole city fund to pay for his wive's dinner? Or should I say the thief who stole city property and took it home in his trunk? Me thinks the fox is watching the chicken coop again!

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May-17-13 4:22 PM

In the last paragraph "moral compass" is mentioned. How is sitting on the Dias while having a law suit against the City you represent having a good moral compass? Let us never forget the great fuel heist and self appointed keeper of the evidence debacle. Here is moral compass question for you sir... Would you say that bankruptcy is a business strategy or strictly for those who are flat broke and can no longer move forward? As a business strategy would you consider that to be a good moral compass?

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May-17-13 6:05 PM

EMERITUS, I saw that LOL. He wasn't retired, he was fired.

As an attorney Deile needs to deal with the subject which is RESIDENCE. The city attorney apparently has and finds NO VIOLATION.

Deile has a problem dealing with evidence matters. I sent a note to McClain and told him that Deile might see him as evidence and to stay away from him or he might end up in the trunk of Deile's car like the bogus missing gas case evidence did and the campaign signs of Joe Coviello.

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May-17-13 11:49 PM

Bill, you're too old to do all this twisting. The contortions are too much for a guy who uses a word like chicanery. Now that's a Kempe word if I ever heard one, but at least I think when he was young he was sharp, I doubt Diele ever was. Okay, picture your success: McClain steps down. Leetz and Sullivan still look just as bad. And say you are even more successful and you get Eric Kuehe

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May-17-13 11:54 PM

Sorry Gotta finish. Eric Kuehn appointed again (OMG). You still don't have the votes to drive this City to the bankruptcy that you so desire. Oh, poor, poor Bill. Maybe you can bankrupt the republican club.

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May-18-13 1:43 AM

Well, hey, the west side of the Cape is better than Moscow, no?

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May-18-13 6:41 AM

Although factually correct, you have once again shown a penchant to revel in another person's misery. A trait which you wear quite well. It also appears you forgot the lesson visited upon you in the last election, you know: What goes around comes around.

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May-18-13 7:20 AM

Does ANYBODY care what Deile thinks?

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May-18-13 7:23 AM

"Should this course of action be forced upon the City we will no doubt be treated to a lot of "lawyer talk"" Hi, Pot, THIS is the Kettle, You are BLACK. What does the City Attorney have to say in this matter, has she presented her opinion?

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May-18-13 8:08 AM

Removing him, appointing a replacement and getting that person up to speed will create more disruption than simply allowing him to finish out the last six months of his term. We know there will be up to four new council members this fall so council business will slow down during the learning curve. Thus, continuity of council during these last six months is critical. If this was done with the intent to be fraudulent, that would be one thing. But we have all experienced unforseeable life changes. I give kudos to councilman McClLain for attempting to finish what he started rather than bailing sooner when it would have been to his advantage to do so.

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May-18-13 8:10 AM

Thanks Bill for paying out so much MONEY too move Gary King too Cape Coral for his 18 months of BS! Go away with Lynn or put her in your trunk!!!! with the gas and Popyees chicken!!! ASH!!!

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May-18-13 9:32 AM

Kirsten, would your opinion of "let him stay" be the same if it were ANY member of council in a similar situation? I have the feeling that if it were councilman Leetz you would be demanding that he be removed. I bet it is more about the "who it is" than all the other reasons.

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May-18-13 9:43 AM

Certain, I would let any of them finish out their term, short as it is. Do you really want another Eric Kheun debacle?

Maybe diily should move to district 1 to be humiliated again. Another picture of him and Lynn all alone at his "victory" celebration would be worth the aggravation

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May-18-13 12:41 PM

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May-18-13 12:42 PM

Whoops. Just wanted to tell Eileyn that breaking news out of City Hall is that Menendez has asked for permission to hire outside counsel to help her with this issue.

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May-18-13 12:54 PM

For an attorney Bill, you sure are ignorant (lacking knowledge, stupid) of the Law (established rule of conduct) on this and many other things in the past.

You,Sir, should keep your hate of Cape Coral to yourself or move to some place that will make ALL of us happy.

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May-18-13 9:47 PM

I'm trying to decide if Sullivan is JJSully - would he really lower himself to say some of the things this writer has said about a fellow council member? Would he really use foul language in his posts? Would he really lower himself to praise Deile? Things that make you say "hmmmmm." And, if it is you, John, your days as mayor are numbered. Count on it.

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May-19-13 7:41 AM

JJ Sully what is your fetish with hair? The best you can do is comment continuously on men's hair. Are you battling demons of desire?

Kirsten you are dead on right with your words. That is exactly what this is all about. We got it, now we don't want you to be able to earn it. The best they can come up with is ideas that have now been proven to not be effective.

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May-19-13 8:22 AM

Certainsmile, those who know me know that I am a pretty rational and fair minded person. In similar circumstances, yes, I would feel the same if it was Leetz. Believe it or not, there have been occassions when I have "gone against the grain" to defend Mayor Sullivan. I don't care who it is; I will always state my opinion based on what I think is fair.

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May-19-13 7:47 PM


JJSully cannot be the mayor, since JJSully can string 5 words together in a coherent sentence, and the mayor cannot.

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May-20-13 6:05 AM

CCC, in the same manner that I questioned the character of LTE writers Bill Deile & Lynn Rosko, you are patently wrong to highlight personal tragedy and hurl personal insults while commenting. You prove yourself to be no better than those you rail against. Hammer them with facts, not personal insults, or name calling, or alluding to personal tragedy. That is what THEY want, because they can win power if you get down in the mud with them.Show you are better than they are.

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May-20-13 10:22 AM

Let the Council decide,it is what we elected them to do..Right?

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