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Cape ‘chase away’ now ably proving his worth in Bonita

May 17, 2013

To the editor: Congratulations and thanks to Carl Schwing for his great part in helping to bring Hertz to our area. Carl is ANOTHER “fab five Cape Coral chase off or throw awa....

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May-17-13 6:35 AM

Every single employee chased off by the now infamous Fab 5 is gainfully employeed at, or above, their respective level while serving with the Cape. Every single individual who served during the rein of the Fab 5 is now unemployed, or can't find work in the "field/position" they occupied in while with the Cape. Facts are facts.

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May-17-13 4:31 PM

Carl Schwing is a 1st class City manager and we lost more than we will ever know when he was chased out.

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May-17-13 8:56 PM

Mr. Wendt, when the sitting council blames our current predicament on previous administrations they are talking about people like Mr. Schwing, Terry Stewart, Steve Daignault, Rodger Butler Mr. Schwing is gainfully employed because he is a career bureaucrat. They need only blame their firing on “politics” to get re-hired elsewhere. It is the insidious nature of the “professionally managed” city. Good for them, bad for us tax payers.

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May-18-13 9:59 PM

Carl was one of the city staff who wanted to bring the swim center, hmmm not such a great loss

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May-19-13 8:14 AM

Steve, he and the 'other city staff' did not want to bring the swim center. They wanted to enter into more in depth discussions to determine if the swim center plan was even feasible. There is a big difference. Had they been able to enter these discussions, I'm sure they would have come to the same conclusion as BOCC but at least BOCC didn't immediately dismiss the possibility. I wish you guys would stop rewriting history to fit your agenda.

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May-20-13 10:12 AM

Galt and Lovejoy, still playing the Sore Loser card.It was the King/Fab5 era that brought on the predicament we are in. You can't balance the budget off your capital funds.Duh.. we, the people, kept trying to tell you guys that managing a municipality cant be done like a private business.but did they listn? It was just horrible hearing that Bankruptcy was all they could preach about at their townhall meetings and that was one of the reasons they failed in their agenda.We citizens are very smart and will vote for the best person for the job.We know that we lost a very capable person in Carl Schwing,but he's happy where he is and we have CM John Szerlag ,who is proving to be an amazing city leader.Cape Coral is blessed to have an experienced, qualified person that wants to make the difference in his home town.

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May-20-13 7:23 PM

Yeah, If these “managers” are so valuable, qualified, smart, and honest why do they continue to seek employment in the public sector? If they are the paradigm of professional managerial material you’d think they’d be in the private sector making big buck$. ‘guess the private sector requires merit for pay, at the very least results for pay, the gubimint, not do much…

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May-20-13 10:55 PM

Kirsten, 10 minutes and a simple Google search got me the name of a reporter in Texas who told me everything I needed to know about the Great Swim Center Scam. The time wasted on that (and our own Appalachian Trail Mess) is unconscionable.

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May-21-13 10:19 AM

John G, your green jealous bone is showing. Carl was snatched away from the city,due to his knowledge and experience in the running of a municipality govt.Your baby king relied on Schwing's knowledge in meeting the Cape budget needs.Its great to know that Carl has moved on and is enjoying his new Job.Landing the Hertz Corp. is a big deal.Kudos to him . What exactly is Gary doing now? the last we saw him he was stacking boxes of tomatoes down at the farmer's market.

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May-23-13 3:24 PM

Hertz is coming to Estero not Bonita Beach. If we are giving credit to acquisitions made in neighboring cities when a company locates there then Gary King and Terry Stewart would have credit for the ball teams and their contracts in Fort Myers. Carl is a nice guy but he went to a much,much smaller pond and that is akin to a demotion. The "chase aways" all took pay cuts when they moved to cities with less size and much less population.

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May-23-13 3:56 PM

@certain.. if its so small, how come they are getting their own hospital? oh and the HERTZ Corp will only make estero larger,due to those traveling with the HUGE Corp and buying homes close by. Dont forget those new businesss that will follow the same corp. Smart growwth, something the cape got left out of because of the shortsightedness of you and your co-horts. Also, not having the proper infrastructure because of Sullivan,King,Deile,Brandt,Leetz and Kuehn has left a negative mark on thier legacy to this city.right down the toilet.Theirs to be exact

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May-23-13 6:58 PM

Again linda, you are not commenting on my point. Bonita Beach has 44,000 people and is a fraction of the size of the Cape. Many small towns have hospitals. I'll repeat, Carl is a nice man but he did not bring Hertz to his city. He took a pay cut to go to a smaller, less populated city. You do not know me and are certainly giving me lots of credit if you feel I kept Hertz and other large corporations from coming here. The Cape was never in the running and it can never change one major factor - location, location, location. Please elaborate on how I personally was shortsighted. I don't want a list of other people. Your rant specifically said I caused the Cape to be left out. Tell me how I as an ordinary citizen accomplished that. You do not know if I even voted for for anyone that you listed. So tell me how I caused the Cape to lose out on businesses coming here. If I was able prevent a business from coming you should be able to exert opposite pressure and bring one here.

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May-23-13 8:19 PM

When Terry Stewart's right hand man assistant was the acting city manager he was only able to come up with 2 million dollars in cuts. That told volumes the city population plunged so the administrative superstructure being over built never even started reining itself in. It only took over 3 months to reconcile a $59,000 petty cash fund. Like I stated it told volumes. Along with the wonderful computer system consolidation. How much of his input went to Ste3wart and Mark Mason? Seen it all in over 30 years and just reaffirmed the mess this place is by seeing communities that faced the same problems but solved then. NOT with more staff and higher local taxes! And I am not leaving! I am going to change what is here as they have in most of the rest of the country!

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May-23-13 8:33 PM

Linda 53 dah, Lee Memorial Hospital wants to protect its southern boundary in Lee and pick up business from Collier. Linda don't look now but who own Cape Coral Hospital? Why yes Lee Memorial Health Systems. Who shall we credit in the city for getting LMHS for buying the place after it was cleared out of an administration I believe the Federal Bureau Of Investigation deemed as CROOKS & FRAUDS. Cape Coral was lucky to have LMHS take it over. Another city enterprise that got too cozy with each other. Don't believe me maybe Ernst & Young CPA who nearly walked out on the AUDIT will tell you. FEDS walked in right after that...didn't they. "It's just paradise".

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May-30-13 4:06 PM

I think it's time for the Fab 5 council members and all their supporters to understand that, with the election of the Slick Six, they (Fab 5 and their supporters) have forfeited all rights to weigh in on or participate in any way in City governance. They’ve essentially forfeited their rights as Cape Coral citizens. 16% percent of registered voters have spoken. Citizens’ rights and freedom of speech end with defeat at the voting booth. After all, what do you think this is a democracy?

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May-31-13 9:21 PM

NWCape Resident guess what? That is not how it works. They will be back and NEVER lose the right to give facts and or opinions.

Why don't you break it to the homeowners how they will pay a 7% utility tax, a fire assessment based on the size of their home.

Explain to them it is because this years budget was a fraud not balanced and left out the basics.

Sir you are a DOODLE which you can find at the dog parks on the ground not picked up by the dog's owners!

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