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Taxing authority should be curbed

May 3, 2013

To the editor: It is time. The citizens of the City of Cape Coral must remove the taxing and levy authority from the city council....

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May-03-13 11:30 AM

I can't agree with you about the empty lot taxation. It has a large drain on the community. Those empty lots require the developed property owners to pick up the cost of enriching your property with as we know higher water/sewer rates and installation. It costs in this city the developed homes to have to subsidize a greater amount for the businesses here in waste/recycling pick up. The undeveloped property owner even effects the businesses here that can not provide goods or services to that empty parcel. They pay no tolls to reduce our cost for bridges, they pay no sales tax, they pay no fuel tax. Even if they do pay something it is inconsequential and if it were not true then why do we have the financial shortfalls we do?

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May-03-13 7:48 PM

That is covered by the property taxes the owners pay every year. And they are not inconsequential .They don't live so off course they don't pay toll. You make absolutely no sense at all. People like you want a free ride on the backs of other people, every time they waste money they want to stick it to the vacant property owners. THAT IS WRONG. Just because somebody buys a investment does not mean they are obligated to foot the bill for the free loaders the live here. If this was a viable city it wouldn't have to rely on taxing people that don't even live here it is wrong and crooked, PAY YOUR OWN WAY FREELOADER and they will pay when they move here or not! This idea that people should have to pay out of their pocket to make your life easier because you to cheep to pay for what you use is despicable. Make this city function and live within it's means and make the people pay for what they use, then the waste will stop. You are a typical Socialist. Become a Capitalist and pay your own

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May-03-13 8:55 PM

Curb your dog, and leave taxes to people who understand more than "ante up freeloader!"

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May-04-13 7:40 AM

That's right you understand taxes. My foot People that buy investment property here DO NOT buy an obligation to make your life easier or pay for your comfort because you are too cheep to pay for it yourself. NONEVERNONO, They invest here to make money and as the last years show they lost by investing in this city and now free loaders want to tax them so they don't have to pay more. It very simply is not right

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May-04-13 8:01 AM

@djraal: you mean the same people that practically destroyed every major City in the USA with their phony investment "FLIP" schemes? Oh yea, go ahead and ask for sympathy for those people, go ahead! It was people like you & the bankers that brought these communities to their knees and you want to say that "My foot People that buy investment property here DO NOT buy an obligation to make your life easier or pay for your comfort because you are too cheep to pay for it yourself." DROP DEAD!

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May-04-13 8:06 AM

Mr. Reed, you will need to take your issue up with the Florida legislative body because FS 166.231 does allow this coucil to impose this tax without a vote of the public. Right or wrong, the statute gives them that authority. The public gets to 'vote' during elections -- either against the ones who support new tax revenues or against those who continue to impede growth.

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May-04-13 10:42 AM

That is why it need to be put on the ballot locally. WE as the citizens have the power to curb the authority of the city council. No part time elected official should have the authority to inflict millions if dollars in taxes on the citizens. These few individuals have way too much power over the citizens, that must stop and it will.

We need to reign that crowd in and bring some sanity to this city so it can move forward, FYI we don't need a full time city council either. Just the fact that people want me to "Drop Dead" proves that I hit the nail right on the head. No more FREE LOADERS in the city of Cape Coral, pay your own way and a city council that is accountable to the citizens not LORDS over them and treats them like a bunch of SERFS. The Taxing/Levying authority MUST be Removed from the city council. And the right MUST be Restored to the citizens.

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May-06-13 12:07 AM

So, Kirsten, can you explain why The Remnants of the Fab Five are gathering signatures for a petition to reverse this tax? Apparently as some kind of initiative on the November ballot? Is that even possible?

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May-06-13 10:17 AM

Disgusted 1. Have you tried contacting the authors of the appeal to the public to sign petitions to take the taxing authority away from Council? Ask them. It's their petition.

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May-06-13 1:53 PM

It really is very simple. It says government by the people for the people. We grant them the right, WE can take it away. They do not own us. We the citizens are in charge of this city, they are supposed to represent our interests not theirs. When they do not do their job correctly WE fire them, WE can also reduce their power over us by changing their authority. When they fail as miserably as they have over the years then it is time to reign the crowd in and remove some of the authority WE have granted them. They do not need taxing/levying authority to run this city. Our interests come first not theirs, all they do is want to spend more money, and find ever more creative ways to get it out of our pocket.

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May-06-13 1:59 PM

As far as the vacant lot owners are concerned, it is a shameful behavior to keep trying to make them responsible for the fisacl mess this city is in. Last time it was the water in 2010 it was Chulaces-Leetz that suggested "Equity Redistribution" because they want to off set the cost for the people that live here. now it is this tax Every time these clowns want money to blow It's the cry " lets stick it to the vacant lot owners" No more Free Loaders. Stop the madness

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