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The case for increasing the Cape Coral millage rate vs. imposing a tax on electricity consumption

April 26, 2013

To the editor: After listening to the arguments concerning the establishment of a “Public Service Tax” (read electric bill tax) at the Cape Coral City Council meeting of April 22, I have the......

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Apr-26-13 8:40 AM

So because you tell lies, all tell lies. Hmmm...interesting. Are you lying now, or were you just lying than? Do you always lie or only when YOU feel it is necessary? People tend to see others as themselves, so liars tend to see others as liars. I find it tough to follow your point once you have admitted that you are a deceptive person, I wonder if others will also see you in the same way. What if these Department heads are more honorable than you and have ethics? In short, what if they are not lying? So then the city begins it's downward spiral into blight and you, will you step up and say, "I was mistaken?" I think not. And what good will it do then? I choose to go with what the Department heads have stated and not to listen to an admitted liar.

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Apr-26-13 3:08 PM

Long term....if the economy does not make a steep enough forward movement and stagnates or falters for any reason, what then. Just a thought. Four years ago the cry was why are you raising the millage rate, find another way. Which is it going to be???

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Apr-26-13 4:20 PM

The "rush"to move forward IS necessary due to the city's fiscal year beginning Oct 1st. Without the funds in the budget, the cuts must begin. We have lost enough already due to the RAGheads complete control and dismantling of our beautiful slice of paradise.

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Apr-27-13 6:21 PM

This Ordinance is poorly written and poorly conceived! No where is an exemption given for our disabled veterans of war. If they are disabled veterans they do not pay property taxes because of their war related injuries. Conversely they would be required to pay the PST! If you cannot get it from your right hand then you reach for your left hand! No where in the Ordinance do I see that the first 500 KWH are exempt as was stated at the meeting and shown on the overhead projections. There was no research into the increases in property values that ultimately will bring in tens of millions in additional revenue to the City without any increase in the millage. What about families that use more electricity because of kids in the home and are just getting by? What about people that own older homes without all the energy savings features of a newer building? What about all of our residents on fixed incomes that just don't have another dollar to spare?

Table the Ordinance.

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Apr-28-13 6:40 PM

This tax rewards large vacant land owners, seasonal residents, real estate investors who bought up 100 foreclosed homes at a time, and the rich who have energy saving solar etc.

It penalizes the single parent, disabled Veteran, widow(ers) on social security, under employed, familes and business in our City! Shame on Council! Join the Recall Movement of the Council that vote for this tax!

City needs a one time assessment for each item they over spent, we need to see what we are paying for!

Shame on the City Manager for hiring a snake oil salesman from out of town "Burton" to educate us! That is your job!

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Apr-28-13 7:29 PM

None of the current members supported a tax or rate increase when running for office. Now they are in office they are eager to soak taxpayers. What happened to honesty?

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Apr-28-13 9:36 PM

1Sandy seems to be saying that they have never told a lie. That in itself is a big fat lie.

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Apr-29-13 6:46 AM

1Sandy, it is both deplorable and tasteless whenever anyone brings up the health of someone's loved in order to make a point. Regargless of its basis. An apology is in order. Show some class here.

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