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City needs to move forward

April 26, 2013

To the editor: As our community moves ahead, on dealing with the long term fiscal needs of the city government, we need to understand the various revenue sources granted to local government, under......

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May-02-13 2:51 PM

Kirsten...believe it or not but the elected position for council and Mayor is advertized part time. However, everyone has the opportunity to use more than 20 hours, etc. and, hence, it is a full time job for some and not others. They are only required to live in their districts (Council) 1 year prior to election and the Mayor can live anywhere else,(in the City ) be a registered voter and citizen of the US, no educational qualifications. Don't know if more money will bring in "better" officials. More money certainly doesn't seem to be a factor in the government, it appears.

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May-01-13 10:01 PM

Revisting my comment on the city being a Princess locked in a dungeon. The only one who holds the key to the dungeon is a Benefactor, or a fortune 500 company. Not having the key are single residential home owners. I look to see companies, baseball teams, etc. being developed in FT. MYERS (not the city of Ft. Myers, Lee County if you will which we are a part of supposedly. Who is initiating this? THE LEE COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPT. We have a Cape Coral Economic Development Dept.! We also have a half (f)ast slogan "KEP IT IN The Cape. Well it is and the Cape is not getting out of her dungeon anytime soon. Not with a Utility Tax, not with a Fire Assessment TAX, not with more residential homes which are going to NEVER come back with these and the subsidizing trash pick up and sewer rates. and Cape Realtors will be saying how can I move this inventory with all these extra FEES! I you have to move drop it $100,000 off your already deflated sale price & don't forget to pay a

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May-01-13 9:43 PM

Kristen NO it is a full time position with par time pay!

However those that run for the office know this and either have the means or they don't.

We have seen for some it is even difficult for them to retrieve their mail let alone read it so they understand it. Probably should not have run in the first place. I will tell you something though spending $60 grand for an excel program a well paid IT Dept could have developed and another $14 grand to make 10 demonstrations would better be spent on a raise for council. OR ANOTHER INSIDE AUDITOR.

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Apr-30-13 6:00 PM


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Apr-29-13 8:29 PM

More of that mentality that only old retired folks are qualified to hold an elected city position. This is a part time position folks! We need people on council that represent ALL segments of our demographics. Sorry but we've been down that road of being represented by all retirees and that didn't work out so well for the families and younger generations that are looking for growth.

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Apr-29-13 11:23 AM

You didn't mention the hate page on the web site about her ex husband. That is a good relationship? Like I said she seems to have a lot on her plate. I am not singling her out. I stated some similar things regarding time to do the job and he confirmed those facts too.

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Apr-29-13 3:53 AM

I’ve been fortunate enough to know this Marni Sawicki “lady” since she moved here to Cape Coral and while yes, she is a single mom of 2, she has a really great relationship with her ex-husband of 12 years who also lives here and shares 50/50 custody with her. And please don’t belittle her accomplishments by saying “marketing rep”. She has certainly earned the Vice President title she holds. As for the “hate page” you’re referring to, she didn’t create it nor is it a distraction. A mere blip in life almost 2 years ago and that has absolutely no bearing on whether she is qualified or not to be Mayor of this city. “Part of the package” you’re missing is the mere fact that she got her MBA while her children were 4 & 6 and working full time running an office with a $20M budget and 7 employees. All the while finding time to still participate in her children’s lives by being active on the PTA/PTO. Before you go and judge a book by its cover, take a minute to get to know who she r

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Apr-29-13 2:14 AM

This guy sounds like he'll fit in right nicely with the Slick Six. God help us!

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Apr-28-13 9:39 PM

There is one of your cops on the street behind a desk in a building that resembles Holiday Inn Express! Each little over expense adds up to things like $20 million deficits and not enough money to run this city! Not politics but more like racketeering. I found some real good information as to why a police officer considers leaving his current employment. It was published by a chief of police officer. It outlines officers do not always leave for more money and why. How officers may leave a small dept for a medium size dept which we are. They rarely leave for the large department. It has other pearls of wisdom you will be interested in seeing.

I bet I find a similar paper or book by a firefighter.

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Apr-28-13 9:30 PM

City Manager Szerlag is just doing what he is told. He tells everyone this on just about every occasion he can!

He made up a phoney pile of numbers and turned it in as a balanced budget.

He needed last fall when he gave council a budget have the staff cuts of 95 staff in it. Not even 1% reduction.

In Troy, Michigan he and his city council did the right thing they cut 35% of their staff. Guess what they are still a viable municipality on my last call there!

Just because the city over built a city hall, police station does not mean they have to fill every desk!

Example a police public information officer making $44,000 about 8 yrs ago and the current city Pub. Inf. Dir. was making $93,000. Former city manager cut city Pub. Inf. salary to about 1/2 and had her do both depts. The police let theirs go under the prior chief. Murphy now has Sizemore doing the job and I have not bothered to look at that cost. But I am sure it is more than $44K. You can bet the wage benefit is

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Apr-28-13 7:02 PM

This tax rewards large land owners, seasonal residents, real estate investor who bought up 100 foreclosed homes at a time, and the rich who have energy saving solar etc.

It penalizes the single parent, Disabled Veteran, widow(ers) on social security, under employed, familes and business in our City! Shame on Council! Join the Recall Movement of the Council that vote for this tax!

City needs a one time assessment for each item they over spent, we need to see what we are paying for!

Shame on the City Manager for hiring a snake oil salesman from out of town "Burton" to educate us! That is your job!

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Apr-28-13 5:11 PM

I looked up this lady Marni Sawicki and it seems like she has a pretty full plate already.

Single parent with 2 children (not that this is bad), but where does a person make the time with a job as a marketing representative.

She has a hate page about her ex husband, not that this is bad), but it has certainly got to be a distraction.

I am sure she is a good person with good intentions but I would not probably give her the job as mayor which is just one vote on a city council.

I will listen to her platform but just do not like what I see as part of the package.

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Apr-27-13 6:54 AM

Paradise blitz:

Last time I checked...citing the same public document and coming to different not a lack of authenticity. However, it shows he can dig deep into the data, and make some relevant observations. Did you read the rest of the article?

On the question of servant leadership, Vince has been listening to the views of the citizens of Cape Coral, for the last year and a half. In fact, he actually gives a scriptural reference (Matthew 20:28) when u meet him in person, which may have not been right for this article. As far as integrity goes, this man has it, and has demonstrated it through what he does everyday for a living.

Maybe Marni is the one who needs to figure out her message..****e up with relevant policy solutions...and discern who she really is in Cape Coral.

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Apr-27-13 12:05 AM

So I do not see Cape Coral as a Queen more a Princess locked in a dungeon.

So your ideas are interesting to me and you will get your opportunity to expound on them further. However I tell you your achievement in the military nor your credentials as a chaplain is not what I will judge you or your ideas on. I have met too many with those credentials and more especially in Southwest Florida who are not what the credentials appear to be. I look forward to hear more from you and maybe you won't disappoint. Good Luck because the Joe Lunchbox investors need it.

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Apr-27-13 12:00 AM

I think you have picked a forward moving city Orlando, It is not just about theme parks there is much of what you describe in commerce, culture, progressive ideas and actions.

I spent much of last year in that city and saw utility bills for power, water, sewer services to be a good value.

The businesses there flourish and drive the community. We do not have those businesses of that size, scope or vision.

The people are not burdened with carrying the expenses of the city as they are here.

As spread out as they are they have a defined downtown with their city hall as a focal point. They have a large public Park Lake Eola which dwarfs our Four Freedom Park. They have a quality university which is the largest of the 11 state of Florida Universities. Yes they have Disney as a benefactor that gave in their beginning and still gives to the community today. Here on the other hand had Gulf America/Avatar who was never a benefactor but was/is a parasite.

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Apr-26-13 11:52 PM

Funny how this editorial sounds very similar to his opponents Marni Sawicki message. In fact, after looking back on her Facebook campaign page for April 19th, I think she used the same words about the FGCU report. Wordage even sounds the same. Having heard her speak, I'm pretty sure she talked about "servant leadership" too. So much of this sounds like her message. Leads me to believe something is amiss. Is it a lack of integrity or authenticity? Either way, he should figure out who he is and develop his own message.

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Apr-26-13 6:40 PM

Vince is a strong leader as shown through his military service and rank, with not only the education to lead Cape Coral forward but he also has community roots that bind him to the citizens and history of Cape Coral.

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Apr-26-13 3:04 PM

Is this the same opinion I heard the other night at a meeting???

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Apr-26-13 8:31 AM

Agreed, he talks solutions and vision. It's quite refreshing.

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Apr-26-13 5:55 AM

The more I hear about this guy, the more I like him. He is the only one that has a message in this race for mayor.

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