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Public employees support the economy

March 23, 2013

To the editor: Who do you think of when you hear “public servant”? Do you support our public servants as much as they support you? Once again, the state legislature is playing with public servants’......

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Apr-11-13 8:20 PM

The construction industry and the real estate industry will be crippled here with the utility tax and fire district fee. Where did $25 million we have been paying into the fire dept line item go? Too many unanswered questions that need TRUE answers! If you think you had a problem selling your house for a close to fair value just wait! More tax dollars are not going to save the residents only bury them further!

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Apr-11-13 8:15 PM

Hear it is almost 2 weeks later than I posted the information on the 2 issued bonds last year for for $20 million a piece.

What do we find out this week the city is short another $20 million . However not to repeat last year and issue 2 bonds for 30 years for a total of $40 million.

The council is going to (their words). "Extract a $150 a home to cover the $20 million deficit.

But understanding that a populatio of 157,000 people plus must have about 62,800 HOMES at 2.5 people per home.

So instead of covering the $20 million you easily see it generates over $94 million dollars. There is no doubt a HUGEEE disconnect between tax and fee charges and what is needed to cover this city's operation.

I am pretty sure most residents would jump at the chance to have the state get involved with the finances of this city.

I am now going to call out every council person to stop withholding information from the residents and especially the State of Florida. Call 850-488-7864. Stat

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Mar-28-13 8:15 PM

The city you will remember after floated two $20 million bonds after former city manager Gary King was fired for no cause. So we have another $40 million dollars plus the debt service to pay for the next 30 years. Best part is $6.5 million was for Mc Grail's district 6 for ROADS. Now Kevin pushes the residents he was supposed to be championing with a new tax for roads (which King had begun a repair program) and a added fire tax on top of the $25 million we pay now for fire. Behold the RAG replacements have turned out to be not your savior but the serpent that is eating your lunch! 155,000 or 164,000 and we still have over rated services and way over rated prices. Even if your investment is not under water the return is dismal. WELCOME TO CAPE CORAL, FL. Lolita, I hope you are watching!!!!!!!!!

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Mar-28-13 8:00 PM

News flash (not in this newspaper) the average Chief Executive Officer in the U.S. AVERAGED $10.9 million which was an 8% increase over last year.

I suggest that this city's unions push for the 8% increase in wages and benefits.

The city should be experiencing an increase in home values which nationally is showing also 8%.

There will be sooo much money coming in with the increase in normal taxing streams and now with the new tax on electric and whatever Szerlag comes up with, it will just be party time.

The best thing is the Dais as you see it will look brand new. The ones leaving by term limits plus the ones who vote for the new tax.

Anything put in can be reversed and it is a given that it will.

The city manager can start packing his bags. We can get any fool to do wonderful things with more and more money. The millions he saved in the police dept is smoke and mirrors and the smoke will dissipate quickly leaving a bigger hole than there originally was. Show by CM

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Mar-26-13 10:04 PM

Lewis, You wrote: 1)"How did your 401k do during the recession?" Answer: No one seems to want to listen but you have been told that those funds were stolen; everyone but the bankers lost. and, 2)"With public servants being a large portion of our tax base". This statement is silly. With no exception on a local level there is no public-service job that is anything but a drain on the local economy. Government jobs create nothing but debt and all that debt does is grow.

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Mar-24-13 9:14 AM

I find it interesting that you feel that Public employees should be exempt from the problems of people in the private sector. We have had 401K for years as our retirement plan. Public employees are no better than the people who pay their salaries. We all risk our lives daily many times because of the failure of public employees. I realize you think there should be a special class of citizens. Is not the DROP program another special program for your special class. I feel that if you do not like the pay or benefits for a job, then don't take the job. I don't like the movie I leave. Tell your public servants the same thing. Don't like it then resign, believe me there will be 100 people stepping forward to take the job, maybe even more qualified. So cry me a river, you are not special and you deserve no special favors or special classes in Florida or the United States.

I also found you list of gloom and doom if these reasonable changes are made to sound alot like the Dear Leader Obama's

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Mar-24-13 7:20 AM

lightswitch we agree, I don't belive it should rest on the tax payer to fund these unrealistic pensions. They have to be cut or funded by much larger payroll deduction by the goverment employees. No new taxes or fees, if we have to do anything look at the military program, it is a much better program.

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Mar-24-13 12:27 AM

SLovejoy it is our responsibility to care for the public workers but not make them wealthy. You see we bankroll them and their families. What has occurred is a great imbalance has been allowed to surface. Unions in the private sector, but not in the private sector. Wages increased in the public sector but not at levels to keep up in the private sector. Benefit packages paid for almost entirely in the public sector and reduced in the private sector. Now ask yourself how much of this has contributed to the deficits at the local, state or federal level? A LOT!!!!!

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Mar-24-13 12:14 AM

Why put the so called public servant i a program like a 401k? Simple look at the percentage of what the average social security check is compared to what that person was paid in the private sector and how many years that person worked to collect that amount.

Now look at the percentage of what the so called public servant receives. I many cases 80% even 90%, guaranteed increases no matter what happens, meager amounts deducted from pays to be put into these pensions. Many even collect the pension and with no penalties as to what they draw, unlike Social Security. It happens to be a LARGE AMOUNT and probably at some point in time will be whittled back to be more like the Social Security System. Fools like you are in the rolls of government legislature wondering why private sector seniors are going into debt. When government sector retirees are living the good life! Time to all get on the same page. The capital that pays you is from the private sector and makes you no better.

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Mar-23-13 9:39 AM

I have to ask why it is the tax payers job to take care of a goverment employee. You get a check correct. you apllied for the job no one made you do it. So what is the problem

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