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The devil is in the details

March 9, 2013

To the editor: Well, it seems the devil has called back one of his own a bit early down South America way. According to reports his last breathless words were, “I don’t want to di....

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Mar-09-13 8:59 AM

Not sure where the writer gets an Obama-Chavez connection. I'm pretty sure there is none. Now Sean Penn, Oliver Stone and Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, and Danny Glover is another story. Hypocrites that they are from their Hollywood mansions.

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Mar-09-13 10:05 AM

Tbaggers are all the same Hate,Hate,Hate any thing that will they think hurt Obama even at the peril of the country they are against.I wonder why.Obama is the worst socialist in the world.Ask the stock market.

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Mar-09-13 11:00 AM

charlie 66, How do you get the Tea Party (oh, I'm sorry, tbaggers) out of this opinion piece. You talk about hate, then preface your post with a derogatory name calling of a particular group of Patriots, including this man who wrote this. The hypocrisy in the liberal, democratic left party is amazing and destructive.Obama has ABSOLUTELY no control over the Stock Market, and all control over the job creation situation. But, keep drinking the kool-aid my friend and remain ignorant. And by the way Rocco, Obama hosted Chavez at the UN and had some flattering words for him.

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Mar-09-13 12:24 PM

Another evil removed from the planet..Rocco u are in tune to the Hollywood anti USA trash and race baiters, but way off the mark about bamma. Like Penn, King Obama admired the man on many levels and the two Marxist's share the same political ideals of total government control and absolute power regardless of law or Constitutional restraint or citizen opinion. Plus,a shared hatred for the greatness of the USA, its founding principles, culture, and Constitution. Not only did Chavez and Iran celebrate the 2ND coming of The Great Deceiver and Divider but all the thug/communist dictators of the world rejoiced. Bama always spoke glowingly in print or video about his good old USA hating friend and mentor. Do a little research Rocky, and u will plainly see the Obama-Chavez connection, similarities, and the absolute threat this man is to America. "Pretty sure" doesn't cut it with the country divided and spending its way to oblivion under our King

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Mar-11-13 8:00 AM

RickieD..YES u are right..the Obama Socialist anti-God anti-Constitution agenda is geared to the ignorant, low information voter, and those looking for a free ride through life. Their whole campaign is based on hate, lies, distortions, hypocrisy, racism, and character assassination backed up by a State run media..What are they going to run on, results? Obama has been a total failure and Americas greatest mistake.

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Mar-11-13 3:59 PM

I agree with charlie66...Obama IS the worst socialist in the world!

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