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Minimum wage is taking the country in the wrong direction

February 23, 2013

To the editor: While the question raised in this past Saturday's Breeze was, “should minimum wage be raised to $9 an hour?”, I wonder how all who answered yes would have responded in the same manne......

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Feb-24-13 8:20 AM

"I do believe the minimum wage is one factor helping take our nation down the road to oblivion..." Your belief is unsupported by reality. Evidently, you are ignorant that the US has had a minimum wage since 1938, well before President Obama was born.

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Feb-25-13 10:09 PM

nick.. Comments like those are what got the CAC disbanded. no thought process or backup material, just "we cant allow carpetbaggers, and city workers driving around looking up mini-skirts..." And yes, If you go to KC's Riverstop, you can buy that $5.00 hamburger today!!!(actually, I think it's $6.00). Minimum Wage is the difference between basic living and abject poverty for many in this country. Keep writing, the citizens need to know where you and "like-minded " buddies stand on the issues. After tonight's Council meeting, you can go ask Bill how it feels to get talked down to by the Mayor. Thank God!!! The elimination of The Pompous.

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Feb-26-13 5:48 AM

And here I thought I'd already read the most ridiculous drivel ever put into sentences. Mr. Curran, I'd like to see you support a family on $9/hr. At that wage who could afford the gas to get them to work?

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Mar-01-13 1:14 PM

What the 3 LTE writers below don't grasp is you don't further hamstring small business in this economic disaster by increasing wages. Obama care is becoming such a total mess already,causing layoffs and reduced hours(ESP bad for min wage and all workers)plus small biz paying out yet more per hour is a business killer under the King's systematic killing of the US economy.. The min wage was not intended to be a "lifestyle" one can live on 7-8-9 dollars alone, Yes ur right..esp with obamagas going to over 5 bucks a gallon this summer. It was to protect entry level workers with a min standard. Not a guaranteed life time wage. So as the King further wrecks havoc on the US and bread milk gas eggs keep going up up up..should we continue to give min wage increases 12-15-20 bucks an hour Where does it stop? The min wage is vote buying as is "amnesty for illegals"

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Mar-02-13 2:27 AM

No it is not the minimum wage that will take a country down. It is something like the fixing of London Inter Bank Offer (LIBOR). This is set every day to establish interest rates on personal loans, car loans, MOrtgages and helps determine currency values. No less than 16 banks are involved in this scam. Some of the names Credit Suisse, BANK OF AMERICA, CITI BANK, J P MORGAN CHASE, Royal Bank Of Scotland, just to name some of the sixteen. J P Morgan Chase has already been fined millions of dollars and the others are looking for immediate settlements so this does not go to further investigation and law suits. These banks as all the banks just can't seem to make a FAIR profit from TARP bailouts for most of them by the U.S. Government or by providing very little earned interest to their customers along with exorbitant charges for services. Even when the rates are rigged. Got an economic problem? Not far to look!

and helps determine currency values of yen, pound, franc, mark, doll

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Mar-02-13 6:24 PM

NoBama, just as a point of information, the highest gas prices in the last 8 years occurred in June 2008...under Bush's leadership. Go figure.


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Mar-10-13 3:42 PM

Yes Kirsten gas did spike temporarily...but when ole lonesome George left it was about a buck 86..and unemployment was at 6% Go figure..and lets not even talk about the debt this monster has added to your grandchildren in his short reign as King. More THAN ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED and bamma said Bush's spending was unpatriotic?? What escapes bamma clones is that Bush didnt want 3-4-7-8 dollar a gallon gas even though the family made a killing in oil for years..Bama does.."What we need is European gas prices" Bammas handpicked energy czar. BTW that's 8 bucks a gallon..Go figure that some folks are still Bushin-it after all these years..Lost balls in high weeds..

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