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Fishing for sheepies in skinny water

December 21, 2018 Sitting here watching the wind blow listening to tornado warnings. With hurricane season in the rear-view, I thought the weather-related stress would be over. more »»

A bluefish is one tough customer — but fun to catch

December 14, 2018 Winter brings one of my favorite off-shore species in close to hunt the shallow waters of Southwest Florida. more »»

Stealth is key with winter’s ultra-low tides and clear water

December 7, 2018 Resident anglers know that the cold water period brings very low or even negative tides to Southwest Florida as well as the year’s clearest water. more »»

When the weather and water cool down, slow reeling is key

November 9, 2018 This past week, redfish and snook were the targeted species with redfish responding well to live and frozen shrimp fished on bottom around deeper docks and mangrove shorelines, although a small... more »»

Hard-fighting pompano are a real fishing treat

November 2, 2018 While loading the ultra-lite spinning rods with soft plastics, at the same time explaining the finer points of bottom hopping jigs for sea trout, my first-time saltwater fishing clients were eager t... more »»

Looking for a boat? Check the used market

October 26, 2018 New boat sticker prices for quality boats are very high. Because of that fact, good quality used boat prices are also at an all-time high with limited inventory available. more »»

The basics of fly fishing equipment

October 19, 2018 Not long after the first fiberglass fly rods were introduced by Shakespeare in the late ‘40s, the Scientific Anglers Company developed and introduced the first modern fly lines (1952) that we use... more »»

Chasing redfish in shallow water

September 27, 2018 Thousands of Southwest Florida anglers welcome October’s shallow water redfish as well as the sight fishing opportunities this transitional month brings. more »»

Common sense, basic courtesy go a long way

September 21, 2018 After all the negative water news, it was wonderful to see a school of late September redfish pushing across the flats in the early morning light. more »»

Fooling fish with interesting lures

September 14, 2018 To many anglers, names like Wigl-Y-Rind, Sinful Sal, Revolutions, Pee Dee or even the Close Pin have little meaning. more »»

Some remarkable occurrences on teen brothers’ first saltwater adventure

September 6, 2018 Zak and Robert are two very competitive, hard core, 15-year-old twin brothers from Maine who simply live to fish as well as being crack-shot competitive target shooters winning lots of recognition... more »»

‘Come on over, the fishing is very good ...’

August 31, 2018  Like many of us, my fishing fascination started with catching crappies, sunnies, yellow perch and largemouth bass in local streams and picturesque millponds in the Mid-Atlantic States eventually... more »»

Late summer into fall is a great time to fish local waters

August 24, 2018  Late summer into fall is one of the best times to fish in Southwest Florida. more »»

Head north or west if you want to catch fish

August 17, 2018 To cross this beautiful wide river of ours on a beautiful sunny summer day in paradise and not see a single boat as far as the eye can see both east and west is quite upsetting. more »»

Fishing for tarpon in Charlotte Harbor

July 27, 2018 Although there will always be some tarpon relating to the passes this time of year, the main body has moved into Charlotte Harbor where they will stay gorging on baitfish of all types and sizes till... more »»

Sometimes you have to learn how lures work

July 20, 2018 Being a lure and fly collector, the Limited Edition 4 pc. Trout Master lure set made as a tribute to Harold LeMaster, the founder of the MirrOlure Co., was right up my alle. more »»

More Lake O water coming, plus invasives?

July 13, 2018 Heard bad news on the radio this morning, more contaminated water is about to be released from Lake O and will be heading our wa. more »»

Lake O discharges poisoning us

July 6, 2018 The Lake O discharges are now exposing our families and pets to higher risks of cancer, plus liver and neurological disease. No longer is it just brown water at the beaches. more »»

Fighting a goliath and trying lionfish

June 29, 2018 Feeling strong? Want to wrestle with a goliath? Go to a major area bridge and drop down a whole fish, even a stingray, next to a piling and hold on as a resident 500-pound goliath grouper inhales... more »»

Fishing with lures in dirty water

June 22, 2018 With dark water conditions, lure fans might do well by upsizing their offerings and choose baits that rattle to help fish zone in on them. more »»



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