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Morning’s light show spectacular

October 18, 2013 It’s 5 a.m. and we are jetting across the dark fall waters of Charlotte Harbo. more »»

Hooks hurt less than needles

October 11, 2013 Just got back from the Urgent Care before writing this. Standing in my fish room I sharpened a dull jig and within 30 seconds somehow buried it deeply in my index finger. I pulled and pulled. more »»

Redfish starting to crush lures

October 4, 2013 We were on scene at the perfect time. The sun still 20 minutes from breaking the horizon. Just light enough to see a cast only halfway to its target. more »»

Lake O’s crime can be undone

September 27, 2013 This past week’s rains equals more bad news for the Caloosahatchee, our marine environment, Cape Coral and the surrounding communities. Gov. more »»

Inshore reds ready to strike

September 20, 2013 Fall inshore reds are schooling and looking to bite your spoon. I get emails asking my favorites. Head to Cape Tool & Tackle or Economy Tackle and try my favorite set up. more »»

Fishing for shark is serious

September 13, 2013 Now’s the time to get in your last licks on migratory tarpon in the Harbor and your personal hot spots along the beach or in a pas. more »»

Rise early to get shot at tarpon

August 30, 2013 During tarpon season I’m up very early, trailering the boat to the ramp and in many cases catching bait returning to meet a client at the dock before light. more »»

Our river is taking a beating

August 23, 2013 Look out Caloosahatchee, here it comes! The noon news showed the flood gates at Lake Okeechobee wide open pouring who knows what into our river. more »»

Divers spot big snook on area reef

August 16, 2013 While fishing your favorite grouper hideout this weekend don’t be surprised if you end up with a jumbo snook on your lin. more »»

Not finding fish? Head to the Gulf

August 9, 2013 As I poled along searching for a flash, a fin, a swirl, any sign of life my client fresh from Ontario was struggling to maintain his focus in the sweltering stillness of this early morning inferno. more »»

Plecos are invading Cape waters

August 2, 2013 If poison-spined basketball sized lionfish invading Florida’s waters and ultra mean monitor lizards patrolling backyard lanais for favorite porch pooches isn’t bad enough, folks from South Florida t... more »»

Fishing stays hot as weather

July 26, 2013 Fish are looking for cooler, cleaner water and shade these days so the early angler gets a bite, but the late riser gets a boat rid. more »»

Tarpon, snook still going strong

July 19, 2013 Summer tarpon and snook fishing in the passes and along the beach is still in full swing. more »»

Canal tarpon?

July 12, 2013 I had casted and was daydreaming, watching the sun break the horizon trying not to think about the constant barrage of several hundred nasty noseeums orbiting my head trying to use my ear canals and... more »»

Where are the fish?

July 3, 2013 When people ask me where the fish are I immediately tell them in the water, at the beaches. Snook are there for the catching along with tarpon, jacks, Spanish mackerel and sharks. more »»

Time to walk the beaches

June 28, 2013 When people ask me where the fish are I immediately tell them in the water, at the beaches. Snook are there for the catching along with tarpon, jacks, Spanish mackerel and sharks. more »»

Local fish knowledge — priceless

June 21, 2013 Every time I’m on the water I’m constantly scanning my surroundings for new spots. There’s many lifetimes worth of fishing here for any angler fishing our local waters. more »»

Snook season to open Sept. 1

June 14, 2013 Those looking for a legal snook meal will get their chance starting Sept. 1. The FWC tells us that the population has rebounded to pre-2010 (big freeze) levels. more »»

Snook head to beaches after rains

June 7, 2013 Sitting here with a bad case of tarpon fever, looking out the window for tornados that my cell keeps squawking about. After Oklahoma’s tragedy I’m understandably a little edgy. more »»

Forecast: Expect wind to die down

May 31, 2013 The angler’s curse, the wind, continues to blow and is making trips difficult for those not able to fish early in the day. more »»



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