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Vote ‘no’ to proposed half-cent sales tax

July 20, 2018 To the editor: I would encourage voters to vote NO on the Half Cent Sales Tax. more »»

Vote Dailey, School Board, District 1

July 20, 2018 To the editor: When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills Consistent with his conservative principles, Charles Dailey has led the fight against the half cent tax... more »»

Country above party

July 20, 2018 To the editor: On Monday we witnessed an act of our President that has never happened before in our nation's entire history.  On that day we saw our President publicly commit an act of treaso. more »»

Politicians off course

July 13, 2018 To the editor: Politicians need to wake up and smell the roses. It’s a new day and, thanks to President Trump, the people will no longer accept meaningless babble from our elected officials. more »»

Water quality problems are home grown

July 13, 2018 To the editor: America’s government lacks the courage to commit to working to prevent our climate change catastrophes. The withdraw from the Paris accord, very unwis. more »»

Where has common courtesy gone?

July 13, 2018 To the editor: On Saturday morning I went for my usual “morning walk.” The neighborhood is rather isolated and usually the only vehicles one might encounter are those of the residents. more »»

Rule of politics rules

July 13, 2018 To the editor: I was an Air Force officer for 20 years and worked as a DOD, DHS, and DOJ contractor for the next 20 years plu. more »»

Honoring our heroes, not those breaking our laws

July 13, 2018 To the editor: Again we see the streets in many of our cities in America crowded with protesters vying for attention in crying foul for United States upholding our immigration laws. more »»

Misuse of authority

July 13, 2018 To the editor: Something very un-American is happening in the special counsel’s activity. The special counsel is a loose canon that can point in any direction and fir. more »»

The purpose of government

July 13, 2018 To the editor: Here is one of several mis-quotes upon an infamous and utterly naive comment on the purpose of government as seen by Calvin Coolidge : “The business of government is business”. more »»

What are our fundamental values?

July 13, 2018 To the editor: We must stop making excuses for our government leaders twisting the fundamental values of our nation by clearly standing up and rejecting the expressions of hatred, bigotry and the... more »»

F.A.S.T. plan is a fair plan

July 13, 2018 To the editor: Recently, I read an article from the Washington Post about how the Democrats have no real plan to address the economy and jobs. I beg to differ. The F.A.S.T. more »»

Guest opinon: The continuing saga of the ‘Shell Love Bug’

July 6, 2018 The trouble began when, according to Sanibel artist, Pam Rambo, she was told that in exchange for her professional assistance in creating the Shell Bug, and after its being used for a time by Lee... more »»

The unadulterated state of the union

July 6, 2018 To the editor: Instead of the mass news media providing much of our understanding of reality, they chose to systematically bombard us with a their lopsided version of reality which is seriously... more »»

Time to restore integrity

July 6, 2018 To the editor: In less than 1 week, The White House attacked an ally; gushed praise all over a cruel, murderous dictator; endorsed a white nationalist; continued to tear children away from parents,... more »»

Preserve paradise

July 6, 2018 To the editor: My name is Bill Taylor. I am running for Lee County Commissioner for District 2 focusing on issues that are important to you. First, clean drinking water. more »»

Change needed

July 6, 2018 To the editor: In several months we will have the opportunity to become involved in one of the most important rights that have been bestowed on citizens, the right to vot. more »»

The Flag That Flag

July 6, 2018 To the editor: You kneel and rally against the very symbol that gives you that right Yes it’s truly a symbol you wrongly choose to demonstrate your plight Decisions you’re against are made by... more »»

County has role to play as Fort Myers Guest opinion: Beach development moves forward

June 29, 2018 An opportunity now exists to come up with options to help traffic flow and improve on bicycle and pedestrian safety at the base of the Matanzas Pass Bridge on the north end of Fort Myers Beach. more »»

The California solution

June 29, 2018 To the editor: We have North Carolina and South Carolina, North Dakota and South Dakota, West Virginia and Virginia. more »»



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