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Guest column - Over the top: The history of Veterans Day

November 7, 2014 On November 11, 1918, Harry Frieman, with the U.S. 313th Machine Gun Company, was flattened against the dirt wall of a trench under steady fire from the Germans in their trenches only yards away. more »»

Many thanks

November 7, 2014 To the editor: Thank you Lee County! We did it! Tuesday night your voice was heard. You proved that hard work, dedication and commitment to conservative principals can still win. more »»

Veterans Foundation plans perfect for Cape VIZ

November 7, 2014 To the editor: In regards to recent news articles concerning development in the VIZ area of Cape Coral. more »»

Flag displays bring respectful obligations

November 7, 2014 To the editor: Recently there has been a discussion about American flags being put in the right-of-way in Cape Coral. more »»

Selfish money interests

November 7, 2014 To the editor: Those self-righteous voters across the state of Florida who have denied access to relief for those who have debilitating medical conditions from a variety of maladies including:... more »»

Lawful votes

November 7, 2014 To the editor: This election season once again saw the ascending cry that “every vote cast should count!” I disagree. more »»

No Ebola, more abuse

November 7, 2014 To the editor: During the beginning of the last century America had many unknown illnesses we had to deal wit. more »»

The balanced budget stimulus

November 7, 2014 To the editor: One of the more useful propositions in economics is the Balanced Budget Stimulus, which involves simultaneously temporarily increasing government spending to stimulate the economy,... more »»

A new beginning!

November 7, 2014 To the editor: Well, the election’s over! Now what?... more »»

Get out and vote

October 31, 2014 To the editor: This letter is written to the citizens of Lee County requesting your support, the support of your church leader, family, friends, neighbors and any organization that you are a part o... more »»

The Lee County School Board referendum ruse

October 31, 2014 To the editor: Voters take note that this Nov. more »»

Vote Jordan

October 31, 2014 To the editor: This country owes a huge debt to those among us who have put their lives on the line for its protection. more »»

Vote Yes on medical marijuana

October 31, 2014 To the editor: When the sheriffs stop warning us, when the politicians stop telling us how they have the solution, when all the insane and inane arguments are made, when all the scary TV and radio... more »»

Blaming past administrations

October 31, 2014 To the editor: What is all the fuss about Charlie Crist causing Florida to lose over 800,000 jobs ? It wasn’t him, it was former Cape Coral City Manager Terry Stewart! He single-handedly almost... more »»

Wyllie denied debate opportunity

October 31, 2014 To the editor: Somehow Roy Hyman, chairman of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee, stated that I do not represent same and they are not responsible for my comments nor do they agree with... more »»

Greed the cause of economic woes

October 31, 2014 To the editor: Well, here we go again: To our voluble local GoPers, every ill in the world lies at the feet of Mr. Obama. more »»

Two counts of stupidity

October 31, 2014 To the editor: First. The Homeland Security Department has beefed up the security on all federal buildings to protect against possible terrorist acts. more »»

Rights and privileges

October 31, 2014 To the editor: SCOTUS, by its silence, gives gays the right to choose who they may marry. Your choice of a mate therefore is a right. If there is a personal right to choose, it should be allowed. more »»

Government growth

October 31, 2014 To the editor: The question should be, is it grew or is it grewsome? I suspect you know the answer to that one. more »»

Guest opinion: Vote Yes for Amendment 1: Election critical for Florida’s future – Please vote!

October 24, 2014 This November’s election will be a critical turning point for Florida’s future. more »»



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