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Misuse of social media

January 24, 2019 To the editor: The rising misuse and abuse of the “social media” have become high-level threats to Truth, Social Justice, Freedom and indeed even to Life itself. more »»

The busy elbows!

January 24, 2019 To the editor: Well it has started. more »»

Fraud by elected officials

January 24, 2019 To the editor: Is it any wonder why elected officials have lost our respect and admiration? Neither esteem or appreciation are virtues that are afforded automatically. more »»

Personality not policy

January 24, 2019 To the editor: As someone who is not a supporter of Donald Trump, I do like some of his ideas. However, Trump is his own worst enemy when it comes to gathering broad-based support for his idea. more »»

My concern for TSA workers!!

January 24, 2019 To the editor: Federal workers have been affected hard by the shutdown. My son works for the TSA and has not gotten a check. more »»

Guest opinion: School District accomplished much in 2018

January 18, 2019 Happy New Year! 2018 was a year of change, challenge, learning and accomplishments for The School District of Lee Count. more »»

Guest opinion: The Inauguration of Governor Ron DeSantis

January 18, 2019 To say that the sun shone brightly in Tallahassee Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, would be meteorologically and metaphorically accurat. more »»

Limelight well deserved for SCCF

January 18, 2019 To the editor: Have you wondered who was literally and figuratively standing behind Go. more »»

End the Shell Bug drama

January 18, 2019 To the editor: The fact that the Lee County Commissioners have allowed the Shell Love Bug dispute to drag on for two years at an expense of nearly $50,000, with three attorneys on payroll for this... more »»

A response to ‘Catholicism and abortion’

January 18, 2019 To the editor: First, the allusion that a moral limitation of access to contraceptives by Catholic dogma increases the incidence of abortions is, factually, false and is not supported by facts. more »»

Water management district board members must resign

January 18, 2019 To the editor: My family and I will not purchase produce from Lipman or Accursio and Sons Farms and will inform the grocers we shop with that as long as their company’s president refuses to step... more »»

Challenge to stop removal of Chiquita Lock moving forward

January 11, 2019 To the editor: The challenge to removal of the Chiquita Lock by Cape Coral is moving to a hearing in early March of this year. more »»

Oppose land use, rezoning, change

January 11, 2019 To the editor: On Jan. 9, I attended a meeting in Cape Coral regarding new land use and rezoning. To my surprise, I had to find out this meeting info from a neighbor. more »»

Many thanks

January 11, 2019 To the editor: I would like to thank the person who found my credit card on the gas pump at the 7-Eleven on Skyline near the Home Depot. I'm a disabled veteran and your kindness means a lot to me. more »»

The lost art of thinking for yourself

January 11, 2019 To the editor: Logic, common sense, and basic thinking appear to be skills that many people no longer possess. more »»

Build the wall

January 11, 2019 To the editor: Keep the government partially down, if that is what it takes to get wall funding. The government shuts down, and goes home on vacation Dec. 21 – Ja. more »»

Capitalism or socialism?

January 11, 2019 To the editor: Prior to the ACA, healthcare insurance was a product to be purchased just like life insurance, car insurance and homeowner’s insurance. more »»

The language of nationalism

January 11, 2019 To the editor: Donald Trump wants to make America great again. more »»

"Good news owls" cartoon by Cathy Cochrane

January 10, 2019 "Good news owls" cartoon by Cathy Cochrane... more »»

Rx cartoon by MC Klein

January 10, 2019 Rx cartoon by MC Klein... more »»



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