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City should not buy the golf course

February 20, 2014 To the editor: Again the ugly head of the golf course rears it head. Councilman Burch wants the city to look again to buy the course that closed in 2006. more »»

Action, not words

February 20, 2014 To the editor: “You can keep your health insurance and your doctor” a lie from President Obama and his Obamacrats. Cape Coral City Council meeting on Jan. more »»

Another view

February 20, 2014 To the editor: In response to the letter from F.C. Perry regarding the Second Amendment, the letter is fraught with error, assumptions and misconceptions. more »»

The bang for our buck

February 20, 2014 To the editor: Bang for the buck — that’s the question. We’re paying taxe. more »»

State must be responsible for helping regulate insurance

February 20, 2014 To the editor: Our governor nor legislature should not be allowed to absolve themselves of the damages done to the people of Florida when they refused to act for us in getting the Health Care... more »»

Guest opinion: Raising college tuition reduces access to higher education

February 13, 2014 In 2010 the USA Today reported that roughly 30 percent of freshmen entering college in our country are first-generation college students — or the first in their family to attend college. more »»

Guest opinion: After record losses: What’s in store for manatees in 2014?

February 13, 2014 2013 went down in the manatee record books as the species’ worst-ever year in Florid. more »»

Final ‘witch hunt’?

February 13, 2014 To the editor: Hopefully, the Cape Coral mayoral ballot re-count will be the last “witch hunt” for the Fake (fab) Five. more »»

Good opportunity to have your health care act questions answered

February 13, 2014 To the editor: Every day, more Americans across the country are signing up to the Affordable Care Act. This new historic reform in medical insurance can and will help you and your family. more »»

Edison identity should be retained

February 13, 2014 To the editor: I am disappointed with events leading to Edison State College beginning “its ride into the sunset” and have asked our state representative and senator to retract and amend filed bill... more »»

Political postering

February 13, 2014 To the editor: We have seen a barrage of TV ads recently; a politician photo-opting with businessmen, veterans and of course children, even before U.S. Rep. Radel’s resignatio. more »»

Time to move on on quest for water quality solutions

February 13, 2014 To the editor: Former commissioner Judah’s latest letter is more of the same, tired extremist rhetoric— always whining and complaining. more »»

Spending money we don’t have?

February 13, 2014 To the editor: Cape Coral city manager has spend more than $100,000 on consultant fees, according to an article in the Fort Myers newspaper, and has spent taxpayer monies suing the residents of Cap... more »»

Is there a housing shortage?

February 13, 2014 To the editor: There is no housing shortage in Florida, especially in S.W. Florida. I am sure the regional media knows that any (apparent) shortage is an artificial creation. more »»

The million dollar snort

February 6, 2014 To the editor: It sounds like an action-packed novel worthy of a Hollywood movie but, in reality, this is what Mr. Radel has left behind. more »»

Put the Second Amendment resolution back on the table

February 6, 2014 To the editor: To Mayor Marni Dilsaver Sawicki? and Councilman Rick Williams. You are both very good friends of mine, and I voted for both of you in 2013. more »»

Second Amendment

February 6, 2014 To the editor: The Constitution of the United States, as written in 1787, did not mention “slavery” by name but did make provisions in law for the ownership of “unfree” persons. more »»

To reaffirm or not affirm, that is the question?

February 6, 2014 To the editor: Citizens of Cape Coral, Fla.: Just the other evening I was asked by a fellow Cape Coral citizen to attend the Cape Coral City Council meetin. more »»

Eagle represents Floridians

February 6, 2014 To the editor: In response to the letter by Mr. Hayhoe concerning Representative Eagle’s bill SB 733, sir you are completely inaccurate. more »»

Don’t be lulled by buzz phrases

February 6, 2014 To the editor: Isn’t Benacquisto refreshing?Aren’t we just pregnant with information about this candidate? Not! She uses a couple of focus group tested buzz words in those ads over and over and she... more »»



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