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Wake up, America

January 31, 2020 To the editor: In reviewing Peter Pfluger’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 17 Breeze it is clear that he has a great disdain for President Trum. more »»

Recycle — and recycle right

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I attended last weekend’s Cape Coral Art and Music Festival. Kudos to the Cape Coral Rotary Club for all the good things that resulted from their efforts. more »»

Rowing, kayak clubs offer great recreational opportunities for youth

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I am writing with regard to the Rowing and Kayak facilities proposed tor Tropicana Park. To be clear, my granddaughter is a member of the rowing club. more »»

Let the Bernie Braden park owls have their nest

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I don’t necessarily consider myself a tree hugger or an ax murderer for that matter, but I am trying to think of a balanced way to preserve two owls in Bernice Braden Park adjacent t... more »»

Trump is my president

January 24, 2020 To the editor: In response to: “Trump is not my president” First let me tell you that when you have no good argument about the accomplishments of MY PRESIDENT, as usual you go to personal attacks. more »»

White House crime in progress

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I hope that you will see the virtue of printing this. The American people need to see this. more »»

Trump tops Democratic accomplishments

January 24, 2020 To the editor: A sample letter from a Democrat like a recent one can best be remembered for vilifying rather than making a good argument. more »»

Trump still the best choice

January 24, 2020 To the editor: On Jan. 17, a letter appeared stating “Trump is not my presiden. more »»

‘Media madness’ visits Cape Coral

January 17, 2020 To the editor: John Szerlag, the Cape Coral city manager, is being attacked by the main-stream media in a viscous, unfair and uncivilized manor. more »»

Know each candidate’s and official’s stand on water quality issues

January 17, 2020 To the editor: We’ve been dealing the past couple of years with very serious water pollution issues that have resulted in toxic algae and black nutrient laden waters that kill everything-including... more »»

Trump is not my president

January 17, 2020 To the editor: Trump and his congressional, Republican, money-driven bootlickers are making a mockery out of the presidency and the judicial system of the United States. more »»

Innocent until proven guilty

January 10, 2020 To the editor: John Szerlag has been the city manager in Cape Coral since 2012. Overseeing a budget of almost $900 million and 1,700 employees, Mr. more »»

Thank a police officer

January 10, 2020 To the editor: I would first like to start by introducing myself. My name is Skylar Muncy, and I am a seventh grader attending a local Lee County School. more »»

President’s actions were the right response; now it’s time for peace

January 10, 2020 To the editor: When the U.S. is hit, it is often fair to hit back. Last night, U.S. more »»

U.S. reaction to acts of aggression a long time coming

January 10, 2020 To the editor: The ordering of strikes and the killing of top Iranian military leader Gen. more »»

Women must know their thyroid levels to prevent miscarriage and protect the health of babies

January 10, 2020 To the editor: For years, from my teens to my 30s, I complained to my dermatologist and primary care physician about the same set of symptom. more »»

Ways to lower drug prices

January 10, 2020 To the editor: I suggest that we take the following steps to lower drug and prostheses prices to medical patients : #1. Development -- Get “For Profit” *O*U*T* of the development of these item. more »»

Judge must reject drywall settlement agreement

January 3, 2020 To the editor: Judge Fallon, U.S. more »»

Democratic Party has become the party of the rich

January 3, 2020 To the editor: Letters from the left as usual blame every ill of this country on the Republicans but note they never give examples. Here are a few. more »»

Those in need taking a hit while the connected flourish

January 3, 2020 To the editor: Prior to 1980, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida was a large group of mangrove forest and waterways dotted with uninhabitable little islands. In 1980 the developers arrived. more »»



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