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Time to get serious about saving public money

July 14, 2017 To the editor: A few comments on last weeks Cape Coral Breeze front page article “Cape officials weigh property valuations bump. more »»

Why ‘sustainability’ is key

July 14, 2017 To the editor: As my pursuit for public office progresses, I have been asked by several constituents what does the word sustainability mean and why is it such an important part of my platform. more »»

Guest opinion Lee County wholly committed to ‘One organization, one community’

July 6, 2017 Lee County government does not tolerate workplace discrimination for any of its 2,500-plus employees at any of its site. more »»

Guest opinion: Some facts on Bonita Springs High School

July 6, 2017 Instead of sharing rumors about the construction of Bonita Springs High School, let’s talk about the facts and school district governance. more »»

Lack of adherence to the Lee Plan is a water crisis in making

July 6, 2017 To the editor: Recently, Lee County’s Local Planning Agency passed the Verdana, a 1,460 unit development in the midst of our Density Reduction Groundwater Resource Area, on to county commissioners... more »»

Every resident affected by improper disposal of environmental toxins

July 6, 2017 To the editor: Proper disposal of environmental toxins is a very serious issue. Serious health effects can result if they get into our environmen. more »»

It’s the media’s fault

July 6, 2017 To the editor: There’s absolutely no mystery why President Trump continues to tweet his messages as opposed to talking to the American people through the main-stream medi. more »»

Maybe the Scriptures will help

July 6, 2017 To the editor: I don’t remember the political world of yesterday being so toxic that you couldn’t really sort through the trees in order to make out the forest. more »»

A rock to wreck upon

July 6, 2017 To the editor: The “old guards” in Washington, both parties, are stymied by President Trump’s steadfast supporters. This is a puzzle for those well used politicians with worn out ideas. more »»

Common sense and politics

July 6, 2017 To the editor: Liberal spin, conservative spin, media spinning, Russian spin, Chicken Little spin. more »»

No easy answers, no simple solutions

June 30, 2017 Back when I was reporting full time, I wrote a lot of water-quality related stories. (Some things never chang. more »»

Guest opinion: HB 7069, signed into law, dismally fails public education

June 30, 2017 Why the clenched teeth coming from Lee County School District parents, educators and administrators? It’s due to the signing of Florida House Bill 7069, which becomes law on July 1, 2017. more »»

Where’s the Cape’s money?

June 30, 2017 To the editor: Where are the Cape’s millions? It’s in a bank for Lee County to spend as they see fit any time and anywhere on the East-West Corridor (Cape and Midpoint Bridges, Veterans Parkway and... more »»

Scammers hitting where it hurts

June 30, 2017 To the editor: I received a phone call from an unknown number. The connection was very bad. The caller claimed to be my granddaughter. It sounded like her but very nasal soundin. more »»

What’s the hold up?

June 30, 2017 To the editor: Doe Congress ever work? I have to ask that question because the news media daily (true & faux) report that both Houses are working on the healthcare bill. more »»

Become informed before crying for more gun control

June 30, 2017 To the editor: Lewis Robinson wrote about gun control. He stated when he was practicing medicine he asked patients if there was a firearm in the hom. more »»

Just the facts

June 30, 2017 To the editor: I feel for Jim Healy. He has lived under the light of Obama and now he lives under the darkness of Trump. Everything happening is bad and it is all Trumps’ fault. more »»

The end of the Oilygarchs

June 30, 2017 To the editor: Technology never sleeps. more »»

Guest opinion: United States realignment of Cuba policy

June 23, 2017 Reactions to President Trump’s recent executive order reversing President Obama’s misguided Cuba policy have missed the point. more »»

Thank you, Cape Coral

June 23, 2017 To the editor: On Sept. 7 at 12:01 a.m. I will be ending six of the most fulfilling years of my life. more »»



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