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Liberal venom is poisoning America

March 31, 2017 To the editor: I read a venomous letter a couple of weeks ago and was not even surprised by it. Recently on MSNBC, the Morning Joe female host was talking in a similar fashion. more »»

Where’s our compassion?

March 31, 2017 To the editor: I was appalled and then saddened at the lack of knowledge shown about the arduous process of vetting people from other countries. more »»

Rule of law undermined by nuclear option politics

March 31, 2017 To the editor: Sen. Schumer’s announcement of a filibuster has guaranteed the nuclear option. more »»

Politics and international commerce

March 31, 2017 To the editor: Is this a good thing? I am speaking of knowledge and perception of others if one is a politician on the national level. more »»

Guest opinion: Cape Coral is at a crossroads

March 24, 2017 People still ask me what inspired me to run for mayor of the 10th largest city in Florida and my response is, and always will be, “I knew I could make a differenc. more »»

Guest opinion: Listen to water experts in Lake Okeechobee debate

March 24, 2017 In my previous role as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, it wasn’t often I would find consensus on issues involving local water management districts, the state, and federal... more »»

Proposed land swap and $13.2 million land purchase

March 24, 2017 To the editor: The proposed land swap would go a long way to substantiate the city’s claim that it spent $13.2 million dollars on land, in 2012, to trade and use for future city projects. more »»

Panther road kill carnage

March 24, 2017 To the editor: I, too, am angered and upset when I see another death of a panther due to road kil. more »»

I want my money back!

March 24, 2017 To the editor: The Greater Pine Island Civic Association wants to incorporate Pine Island, but do the residents ? They are paying Joe Mazurkiewicz for a study, and have decided to pay him even more... more »»

Women have a right to a ‘lifeline’ of choice

March 24, 2017 To the editor: I’d like to talk a little about the issues related to your article in a recent edition of The Breeze: “It’s time again to toss Lifeline a Lifeline. more »»

The Trump doesn’t care Act

March 24, 2017 To the editor: In the name of the truth for our fellow citizens from this day forward I will be addressing Trump’s answer to our health care issues as “The Trump doesn’t care Act. more »»

Radicalism by any name is a threat to human freedom

March 24, 2017 To the editor: Sadly hiding behind the guise of political correctness in our nation today, as throughout the world, there is this movement of radical Islamic culture that does nothing more than... more »»

All Cape residents invited to Save Our Recreation rally

March 17, 2017 To the editor: Citizens of Cape Coral will unite to “walk the talk” to Save Our Recreation. more »»

SOR says many thanks — and please stay involved

March 17, 2017 To the editor: Thanks to all who made our fundraiser at Fathom’s a huge success! We had incredible music from the Melody Makers who donated their time and talent and made it a very fun and festive... more »»

City officials just don’t get it

March 17, 2017 To the editor: Thank you for last week’s editorial on our city leaders. I hope you continue these editorials about our manager/council. more »»

City needs to get real

March 17, 2017 To the editor: What does the city do with taxpayer dollars?? Well they used $13 million dollars from the sewer and water fund to buy land at an auction which the city manager now is trying to swap... more »»

Bimini Basin Project more waste of taxpayers’ money

March 17, 2017 To the editor: Are all the residents going to benefit from the Bimini Basin project? Don’t think so. And if we all end up paying for this, we could do without i. more »»

Future of Bright Futures

March 17, 2017 To the editor: One week ago the Florida Senate passed in a 35-1 vote the “Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act of 2017. more »»

Proud to have served

March 17, 2017 To the editor: When we retired and came to Florida one of the first things done was to apply for Florida License Plates. more »»

Time for publicly funded elections

March 17, 2017 To the editor: Let me explain “trickle-down theory” MY way. If you give tax breaks to the rich they will spend the money on: mansions (good), vacation homes (good), gardeners, servants, etc. more »»



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