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No ‘sanctuary cities;’ support Rule of Law Adherence Act

February 15, 2019 To the editor: According to a 2017 analysis by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $116 billion annually. more »»

We need the wall!

February 15, 2019 To the editor: Democrats will do anything to have open borders and sanctuary cities even if it kills their own citizens. more »»

Change for the worse

February 7, 2019 To the editor: As a resident of Cape Coral, I remain against changing the land development code to allow up to 510 multi-family affordable housing units to be build on the Four Corners site... more »»

Public input ignored

February 7, 2019 To the editor: Last Monday Night’s Mayor and Council Meeting was something to behold! The Resolution to allow alcohol at Sun Splash was discussed by residents at Citizens Input and not by the Mayor... more »»

Time for an elected city manager?

February 7, 2019 To the editor: Is it time for residents in the City of Cape Coral to be able to vote for a city manager? Our present city manager, M. more »»

Herbicides contribute to poor water quality

February 7, 2019 To the editor: I read your article on water quality in your Jan. 24 edition. more »»

Demand our state legislature support Gov. DeSantis’ water quality proposals

February 7, 2019 To the editor: Upon taking office, Gov. DeSantis laid out a plan to improve the water quality. more »»

Democrats destroying America? Party over country!

February 7, 2019 To the editor: Let’s start with Obama. Let’s consider “collusion. more »»

No wall!

February 7, 2019 To the editor: The Trump immigration policy is a wall to keep out people of color. The crisis is a crisis for the migrants, not a crisis particularly for America. more »»

Some illuminating data

February 7, 2019 To the editor: William Edwards Deming, an American quality pioneer, famously said, “In God we trust, all others bring data. more »»

Guest opinion: Help Kids’ Minds Matter transform children’s mental and behavioral health in Southwest Florida

February 1, 2019 Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for youth in Florida. A child or young adult commits suicide once every 30 hours. more »»

What are they thinking?

February 1, 2019 To the editor: Why in heaven’s name would this Mayor and Council want to have alcohol at Sun Splash? This is a water facility for kids! They really need to have their collective heads examined. more »»

No cause for celebration

February 1, 2019 To the editor: I am appalled and disgusted by the recent New York law which, I understand, allows abortion up to the day of delivery. more »»

Is our culture being ‘feminized?’

February 1, 2019 To the editor: We are seeing a greater feminine representation in most forms of our culture, whether it is politics, business or even actors in the various television action/adventure show. more »»

A woman for president

February 1, 2019 To the editor: It is time to elect a woman as President of the United States. Women are peace makers in their relationships. Women manage conflict within the family structure. more »»

Time to grow up and think long-term

February 1, 2019 To the editor: Have you ever considered that making “investments” in the usual fashion may be both unpatriotic and widely counterproductive??? Such is unpatriotic in that in order to show the best... more »»

Political ‘polls’ are fake news

February 1, 2019 To the editor: I have an email chain with more then 6,400 addresses which equates to in excess of 15,000 individuals. more »»

Living in the past

February 1, 2019 To the editor: Living in Lee County Florida is like living in the deep South 1960s and 1970s. Segregation, (open), in most institutions. This is not a secret. more »»

Guest opinion: Lee is proud to be a ‘school choice’ district

January 24, 2019 This week is National School Choice Week and The School District of Lee County (SDLC) is proud to be a “school choice” school district. more »»

What would Martin Luther King Jr. say today?

January 24, 2019 To the editor: Well, we made it through another celebration. That is what I heard people say after the Martin Luther King Day celebration ended. more »»



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