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‘Plan 6’ not the only viable solution

July 10, 2014 To the editor: Regarding the guest column “ ‘Plan 6’ only viable solution to Okeechobee water discharges” Of course, it depends on one’s definition of “viable. more »»

Illegal immigration fosters abuse of undocumented workers

July 10, 2014 To the editor: Is Illegal Immigration the next form of slavery in the United States? When we see the men and women who cut the grass or pick oranges or any other product or work for private... more »»

Government versus the people

July 10, 2014 To the editor: A recent cartoon was very appropriate (Supreme Court versus America). However it well could represent the U.S. Congress versus America. Congress has repeatedly treaded on Americ. more »»

It’s idiotic

July 10, 2014 To the editor: There are those cawing for the President to do something about illegal immigration. more »»

Guest opinion: ‘Plan 6’ only viable solution to Okeechobee water discharges

July 3, 2014 Water issues was the topic of conversation at the Tiger Bay Club business luncheon on June 27 in downtown Fort Myers. more »»

KC Riverstop does not deserve criticism

July 3, 2014 To the editor: I can’t imagine the feeling of losing any business, especially a lucrative one such as KC Riverstop. The way they were forced out was sad. more »»

Problems in Cape Coral

July 3, 2014 To the editor: All the taxpayers in Cape Coral should be proud of their city. This city has gone down the drain in the last few years and it’s a shame. more »»

A ‘bucket list’ for Congressman Clawson

July 3, 2014 To the editor: I propose the following “bucket list” for newly elected Congressman Curt Clawson: First and foremost, recognize that there is global warming and CO 2 levels must come down now. more »»

Growth in existing business areas smart for Lee County!

July 3, 2014 To the editor: Recently, I sat down with a local business owner and we discussed how revitalizing existing business areas can bring further economic growth to Lee County. more »»

A political ‘timeout!’

July 3, 2014 To the editor: Once again the Framers of our Constitution have shown their prowess in political design. more »»

Boathouse parking

June 26, 2014 To the editor: I was disappointed and surprised at the negativity of the new Boathouse parking and the business of the Boathouse. Some even complained about business making profit. more »»

Old golf course site should become a park

June 26, 2014 To the editor: I recently wrote a letter to Mr. Doug Dieck, president of Ryan Companies Incorporated,Inc., in followup to an earlier letter sent to Mr. McHale in March. I basically had asked Mr. more »»

Tiger Bay Club of SWFL to host water quality meeting

June 26, 2014 To the editor: Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink, or bathe in, or swim in, or water ski in, or fish in. Since the 1970s, good water quality has been a global issue. more »»

Politics or patriotism?

June 26, 2014 To the editor: No one would dispute that the efforts of Woodward and Bernstein were instrumental in the resignation of President Nixon. After all, Nixon lied to the American peopl. more »»

In with the new, out with the old

June 26, 2014 To the editor: Much has been said about today’s health care system, and we keep repeating this.Well, in with the new and out with the old. more »»

Trust is all gone

June 26, 2014 To the editor: President Obama has evolved into a huge disappointment! Simply, I don’t trust our President and I’m worried about the future of Americ. more »»

Guest opinion: Rubio warns against complacency

June 19, 2014 Last month, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum opened its doors at Ground Zero in New York. Lost in the solemn remembrances of that day was the fact that America remains at wa. more »»

News flash

June 19, 2014 To the editor: The valet parking issue at the Yacht Club has been resolved for now. The power of the people prevailed and the valet parking was moved to the overflow lot on Driftwood. more »»

Lee voters fortunate to have dedicated and professional elections personnel

June 19, 2014 To the editor: Lee County voters are indeed fortunate to have an elections system that counts every vote! I was privileged this past week to observe the canvassing board during its review of the... more »»

Hope and change?

June 19, 2014 To the editor: Iraq is falling into anarchy. Al-Qaeda inspired radical militant muslim groups have seized several major cities. more »»



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