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Where is the outrage?

April 28, 2017 To the editor: The city has 877 properties slated for acquisition, a wishlist of sorts. Eminent Domain is a huge issue facing the city. The city took $13. more »»

So how about a rebate?

April 28, 2017 To the editor: Have you heard of the latest irrigation (watering) schedule for Cape Coral? Only one day per week, however, for four hours? 12:01 a.m. to 4 a.m, 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. e. more »»

Voters get the government they deserve

April 28, 2017 To the editor: Amazing the number of individuals speaking out in today’s Breeze newspaper about the sad state we now find Cape Coral in. more »»

City failing to address the real issues

April 28, 2017 To the editor: While reading The Breeze this week, I was reminded of the days I thought had passed. That is, a city administration and Council that came up with ways to negatively impact citizens. more »»

Keep your eyes, and your ears, open

April 28, 2017 To the editor: Conservatives favor “eyes-closed” faith over evidence — If evidence is in fact needed, it can be manufactured or purchased on the “free” market. more »»

The rest of the story

April 21, 2017 To the editor: “On The Move” is the Cape Coral newsletter that keeps our residents well informed. Occasionally further explanation is neede. more »»

Officials in glass houses...

April 21, 2017 To the editor: The vultures are circling our Charter Schools! Our city leaders are supposed to be somewhat intelligent and mature adults to handle the affairs of the city. more »»

Manager needs to roll up his sleeves

April 21, 2017 To the editor: I find it interesting that, in another newspaper, there was an article that stated the city manager, Saeed Kazemi of Fort Myers, said his job was to negotiate on behalf of his city... more »»

Mandatory one-day watering

April 21, 2017 To the editor: By now everyone has heard that we will be going to one day a week watering in Cape Coral. An old saying was, “Cape Coral is paradise.” Today paradise is brown, not green. more »»

City needs to look in-house first

April 21, 2017 To the editor: This is to respond to Councilmember John Carioscia about Charter schools: First, this city should not be involved in the education of our children, we have a school district that we... more »»

Land buy makes sense for long-term

April 21, 2017 To the editor: On Feb. 10, 2017, Forbes Magazine reported that Cape Coral is the No. 1 fastest-growing city in the United State. more »»

Irrigation water meters — another utility cost coming?

April 21, 2017 To the editor: Councilmember Marilyn Stout mentions at the Council Meeting Monday night that she is in favor of meters on our irrigation water useage! The city manager agrees with her! He will... more »»

Earth Day and every day — We all need to do our part

April 21, 2017 To the editor: Earth Day is every day, not just April 22. Pride in the Earth’s environment does not seem to exist. more »»

Clean water update

April 21, 2017 To the editor: On behalf of Matlacha Civic Association and its Pine Island and Cape Royal supporters, I wish to thank all donors and guests who made our Watercolors Gala a success: especially Blue... more »»

The wrong message

April 21, 2017 To the editor: We are a nation divided. more »»

Guest opinion, response to Breeze editorial: A Revelation of Incompetence

April 15, 2017 Those who had supported the former Superintendent, still continue to support him, even though the Charter School Audit, has since vindicated our Mayor and revealed a disappointing and alarming... more »»

Guest opinion: What defines our community? An opportunity to rise above

April 14, 2017 Our community in Cape Coral is not only defined by our people, but the decisions we make to improve our quality of lif. more »»

Guest opinion: The tax code must work for, not against, the American People

April 14, 2017 As we approach Tax Day, it is obvious the United States tax system is a disaste. more »»

Guest opinion Making every day count; making health care decisions

April 14, 2017 So often, we take for granted the many choices and options that are available to us every day, from matters such as where to eat lunch to deeply important decisions regarding friends, careers and... more »»

Turn your headlights on

April 14, 2017 To the editor: I would like to know why, when it is raining, (no matter how hard and yes, even fog) will drivers NOT put their head lights on? It is plain and simple, it’s Florida state law to do... more »»



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