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Act of kindness greatly

May 3, 2019 appreciated To the editor: Thank you to our anonymous “mail angel” who lives in northwest Cape Coral. more »»

Libraries: More timely than ever

May 3, 2019 To the editor: Have you said, or have you heard it said, “Why do we need libraries anymore”? If so, you need to check out what is currently offered by these “white elephants. more »»

Attacks continue despite the facts

May 3, 2019 To the editor: Last Sunday was a political junkies’ Utopia. more »»

No double standard

May 3, 2019 To the editor: I keep reading of the absolute adoration of President Trump from some of the fiercest proponents of placing a plaque of the Ten Commandments in government offices. more »»

Republicans handle the truth better than Democrats

May 3, 2019 To the editor: After reading Galen O. Ballard’s letter I have to wonder where she got her info. more »»

Electorate too easily swayed

May 3, 2019 To the editor: The existing U.S. electorate is absolutely and wholly not competent to operate the U.S. via democrac. more »»

Dinner is served!

May 3, 2019 To the editor: It seems that some of the elected individuals to Congress from the Democratic Party are all trying to outdo one another in the team of being the social bullies of activism. more »»

How can changes to Lake O’s release schedule help ‘Ding?’

April 26, 2019 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is embarking on a multiyear project to establish a new release schedule for Lake Okeechobee. more »»

Local and national nonprofits collaborate to care for area seniors

April 26, 2019 After 30 years owning and operating successful Gulf Coast Village in Cape Coral, Volunteers of America is positioned to help address the growing medical needs of seniors in Southwest Florida. more »»

Some can’t handle the truth

April 26, 2019 To the editor: In reading Dick Kalfus’s latest rage against all things not Republican I’m convinced that he — as well as many others — are suffering from “cognitive dissonance. more »»

Illuminating look at city streetlights

April 26, 2019 To the editor: Twenty-eight streetlights! Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion about streetlights. more »»

Guest opinion: Much done, much more to do to protect endangered species

April 19, 2019 Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife is a not-for-profit 501-3c was born 19 years ago when Cape Coral resident Carol Kiefer noticed that city lot mowers were riding over owl burrows that were protected... more »»

Keep Lee County Beautiful

April 19, 2019 To the editor: It was a pleasant surprise last Saturday to see the volunteer group “Keep Lee County Beautiful” picking up trash at Jaycee Park in Cape Cora. more »»

For shame

April 19, 2019 To the editor: Attendance at the Lee County Commissioners’ meeting on April 17 was record breaking and described as a “painful” day. more »»

Know the signs of an overdose

April 19, 2019 To the editor: Overdoses are happening everywhere, all over the country. more »»

The Biden blues

April 19, 2019 To the editor: Hey, Joe Biden, welcome to the world of Demo-lunacy. There’s an old saying: “Don’t play with a snake; it can't be trusted and it will bite you sooner or later. more »»

Money drives shifting political positions

April 19, 2019 To the editor: Usually, Republicans cry “states’ rights!” and insist upon less federal governanc. more »»

Announced drug plan neither effective nor compassionate

April 12, 2019 To the editor: I am responding to your front page article last week entitled “Efforts to address opioid crisis hailed. more »»

Immigrants deserve respect

April 12, 2019 To the editor: It is with pain that I share this. Yesterday, as I was in a meeting, a participant said that they thought immigrants were lazy and not dependable. more »»

Juveniles at risk

April 12, 2019 To the editor: Prosecutors around our state send hundreds of kids to the adult criminal justice system every year. In fact, Florida prosecutes more children for felonies than any other state. more »»



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