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Rowing clubs should find private support for their programs

February 7, 2020 To the editor: I would like to respond to the letter to the editor by John Miehle published Friday, Jan. 24. My only issue with this letter to the editor is that Mr. more »»

Diversity & Lee County

February 7, 2020 To the editor: In a recent guest opinion article in your paper the writer express dismay the way Lee County is tilted towards retirees. more »»

Save the panthers

February 7, 2020 To the editor: Seven panthers killed on Florida roads and no Florida Highway Patrol efforts in sight. Why do they not reduce the speed limit to 25 m.p.h. more »»

Questions for the liberal-inclined

February 7, 2020 To the editor: Thank you for printing Byron Law’s of Cape Coral’s letter which enumerated Trump’s “many” accomplishments. All true and it’s about time media acknowledges it. more »»

Investigating the Bidens

February 7, 2020 To the editor: The partisan House of Representatives chose to impeach President Trump for his withholding of $400 million in military aid and the alleged pressuring of the newly elected president o... more »»

Impeachment reeked

February 7, 2020 To the editor: For more than three years the Democrats exhausted the nation with a spectacle that was boring, simple minded, disruptive and expensive. more »»

Kneel or dance, your choice

February 7, 2020 To the editor Search Trump Super Bowl National Anthem to view a video of the president disrespecting our national anthem. more »»

Bias against Trump has deep roots

February 7, 2020 To the editor: The Democrats and fake news have manufactured animus toward our presiden. more »»

A modern president?

February 7, 2020 To the editor: When I think of the word, “modern” I think of “improvement” over what has previously existed, and Donald Trump is clearly not an improvement. more »»

Guest opinion: It’s long past time to get water right

January 31, 2020 For decades, the Sugar Industry has convinced state and federal regulatory agencies to retain high water levels in Lake Okeechobee prior to the summer wet season to ensure sufficient water supply to... more »»

Guest opinion: Diversity is the path for a better Lee County

January 31, 2020 Recently, the respected website, WalletHub, ranked Lee County as the worst place for STEM professionals in 100 metro areas surveyed, surely nothing to be proud of. more »»

Love can change a child’s life

January 31, 2020 To the editor: In February, romantic ideas of love are everywhere, with the call to demonstrate our affection for loved ones on Valentine’s Day. more »»

Bring on the impeachment witnesses and documents

January 31, 2020 To the editor: I say the House Managers should have witnesses and documents at the trial of President Trump. more »»

Wake up, America

January 31, 2020 To the editor: In reviewing Peter Pfluger’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 17 Breeze it is clear that he has a great disdain for President Trum. more »»

Recycle — and recycle right

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I attended last weekend’s Cape Coral Art and Music Festival. Kudos to the Cape Coral Rotary Club for all the good things that resulted from their efforts. more »»

Rowing, kayak clubs offer great recreational opportunities for youth

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I am writing with regard to the Rowing and Kayak facilities proposed tor Tropicana Park. To be clear, my granddaughter is a member of the rowing club. more »»

Let the Bernie Braden park owls have their nest

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I don’t necessarily consider myself a tree hugger or an ax murderer for that matter, but I am trying to think of a balanced way to preserve two owls in Bernice Braden Park adjacent t... more »»

Trump is my president

January 24, 2020 To the editor: In response to: “Trump is not my president” First let me tell you that when you have no good argument about the accomplishments of MY PRESIDENT, as usual you go to personal attacks. more »»

White House crime in progress

January 24, 2020 To the editor: I hope that you will see the virtue of printing this. The American people need to see this. more »»

Trump tops Democratic accomplishments

January 24, 2020 To the editor: A sample letter from a Democrat like a recent one can best be remembered for vilifying rather than making a good argument. more »»



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