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Foster parents needed

May 25, 2018 To the editor: In Florida each year, more than 9,000 children are placed into foster care because they experience neglect or abuse in their own homes. more »»

Let those who benefit pay

May 18, 2018 To the editor: Your headline “School district touts proposed sales tax” immediately caught my attention. more »»

Child care challenge has changed

May 18, 2018 To the editor: I have been in the child care industry since 1978 and have seen dramatic changes in this field over the year. more »»

Time to fix the system

May 18, 2018 To the editor: There is something definitively wrong with our healthcare system. Everyone acknowledges it. But no one seems to have the will to stand up and ask what’s been on our minds all alon. more »»

Some rebuttal

May 18, 2018 To the editor: Letter writer George Rosinger stated this question to the Republicans: Why are they loyal to Trump? I question, who else is there to have loyalty to? We just got rid of the worst... more »»

Going down

May 18, 2018 To the editor: The substance of American Politics has collapsed well below the horizon of reason — and continues to sink. more »»

Non-secular nature of public schools must be preserved

May 18, 2018 To the editor: A friend posted an article on a Florida group suing Collier County schools over “unbalanced” science books as a reminder that our local school board elections are really important and... more »»

Who is in charge here?

May 18, 2018 To the editor: I am often confronted by, “You would not be here if it was not for the military,” and ‘Why are you against our military?”. My response is, “No it is not your military. more »»

TOPS works

May 11, 2018 To the editor: Thanks to the insight of The Breeze, a sensible weight loss support group has been recognized! Kudos to TOPS for its no fad, no foods to buy, portion control, sensible exercise, and... more »»

On line voter registration site has issues

May 11, 2018 To the editor: I registered to vote at DMV and got a copy of my info. I received the brochure from Lee County Election Board with an application for a mail-in ballot. more »»

Word to the wise

May 11, 2018 To the editor: As Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Francis Rooney, and other elected Republicans attempt to redefine Social Security, Medicare, and medical services through the Veteran’s... more »»

Gun violence or human violence?

May 11, 2018 To the editor: With all this interest once again concerning gun laws I “researched” to see how many gun laws are already on the book. more »»

Salary cap won’t drain the swamp

May 11, 2018 To the editor: Several letters recently have praised Congressman Francis Rooney for his bill to create term limits for members of Congress. more »»

Truth matters

May 11, 2018 To the editor: Our Republican “businessman” governor, Rick Scott, has started off his campaign for the Florida U. S. Senate seat with two advertisements that are totally designed to confuse. more »»

Republican’s questionable loyalty to Trump

May 11, 2018 To the editor: Mr. Trump has a loyal base (of approximately 40 percent) who will continue to support him no matter what he does or how much trouble he is in. more »»

Not just the NRA

May 11, 2018 To the editor: NRA is not the sole supporter of gun violence. Any major corporation, such as gun manufacturers, are also supporters of gun violence. more »»

Washington is out of control

May 11, 2018 To the editor: It would be interesting to track the movements of our elected officials in Washington D.C., on a day-to-day basis. more »»

‘Nelson Preserve’ property should be protected for posterity

May 4, 2018 To the editor: One of the best unknown nature jewels of Cape Coral, the Nelson Preserve, is now facing demise by a proposed development featuring a 1325-unit apartment complex, dwarfing the likes of... more »»

Council member to be applauded for code enforcement effort

May 4, 2018 To the editor: I commend Cape District 1 Councilmember John Gunter on his efforts to investigate and point out code violations. more »»

Everyone needs to do their part to keep Cape Coral clean

May 4, 2018 To the editor: Sad! Sad! Sad! On Thursday, April 26, “NBC 2 News at 6” did a story on the litter that is not being picked up by people and companies that signed up for Cape Coral’s “Adopt-a-Road”... more »»



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