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Gun violence or human violence?

May 11, 2018 To the editor: With all this interest once again concerning gun laws I “researched” to see how many gun laws are already on the book. more »»

Salary cap won’t drain the swamp

May 11, 2018 To the editor: Several letters recently have praised Congressman Francis Rooney for his bill to create term limits for members of Congress. more »»

Truth matters

May 11, 2018 To the editor: Our Republican “businessman” governor, Rick Scott, has started off his campaign for the Florida U. S. Senate seat with two advertisements that are totally designed to confuse. more »»

Republican’s questionable loyalty to Trump

May 11, 2018 To the editor: Mr. Trump has a loyal base (of approximately 40 percent) who will continue to support him no matter what he does or how much trouble he is in. more »»

Not just the NRA

May 11, 2018 To the editor: NRA is not the sole supporter of gun violence. Any major corporation, such as gun manufacturers, are also supporters of gun violence. more »»

Washington is out of control

May 11, 2018 To the editor: It would be interesting to track the movements of our elected officials in Washington D.C., on a day-to-day basis. more »»

‘Nelson Preserve’ property should be protected for posterity

May 4, 2018 To the editor: One of the best unknown nature jewels of Cape Coral, the Nelson Preserve, is now facing demise by a proposed development featuring a 1325-unit apartment complex, dwarfing the likes of... more »»

Council member to be applauded for code enforcement effort

May 4, 2018 To the editor: I commend Cape District 1 Councilmember John Gunter on his efforts to investigate and point out code violations. more »»

Everyone needs to do their part to keep Cape Coral clean

May 4, 2018 To the editor: Sad! Sad! Sad! On Thursday, April 26, “NBC 2 News at 6” did a story on the litter that is not being picked up by people and companies that signed up for Cape Coral’s “Adopt-a-Road”... more »»

Enough already

May 4, 2018 To the editor: Lee County Schools said it is all about the children. Now Mr. Tuber wants a half cent increase in sales tax but it’s not about children, it’s about mone. more »»

Matlacha recognition well-deserved

May 4, 2018 To the editor: How pleasing to read the April edition of my Southern Living magazine and find Matlacha mentioned! They listed Matlacha fourth in a list of the 10 best tiny towns in the South! ... more »»

Advertisers are making fools of themselves

May 4, 2018 To the editor: I can’t believe that because Fox show anchor Laura Ingram made a comment that didn’t sit well with some of the advertisers these pin-heads have decided to cancel their advertising... more »»

Fight government abuse

May 4, 2018 To the editor: As an advocate and as a consumer I am again requesting that we pay attention to our economy. We are a nation of consumers; our GDP reflects that. Real job creation is negligibl. more »»

Full funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

May 4, 2018 To the editor: A federal judge in D.C. has ruled against cuts by the Department of Health and Human Services to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Good. This program needs to be fully funded. more »»

Guest opinion: Put children first on the ballot; vote ‘yes’ for half-cent sales tax

April 26, 2018 In 2006-2007, the Florida State Legislature took .25 mil of your property taxes designated for public education capital expenditure and directed it into the General Revenue fund. more »»

Law needs to be obeyed — and enforced

April 26, 2018 To the editor: Last May 1 my wife and I were returning from a wonderful bicycle ride and were about a half a mile away from home, headed north on Rose Garden Terrace. more »»

Amira Fox: Exactly who we need

April 26, 2018 To the editor: Long ago, former Senator, Supreme Court Justice, and signer of the Constitution William Paterson advised the citizenry to “look well to the characters and qualifications of those you... more »»

Todd Truax understands Florida’s need for clean water

April 26, 2018 To the editor: I can live without a lot of things, but fresh, clean, potable water is not one of them. Keeping our water supply clean should be our State’s No. 1 goal. more »»

Trump 2020

April 26, 2018 To the editor: We’ve reached an all time low where the gloves are off in this country! We’ve learned a lot after eight despairing years of Obama and then getting a non-establishment President... more »»

How many children? Improving Florida childcare

April 26, 2018 To the editor: In most western countries, childcare is a part of everyday life for most of the children. This is due to the rapid increase of employment over the past 25 years. more »»



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