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Disclosing all you know about home

March 17, 2012 Question: My husband and I are about to place our home on the market. more »»

Arboricola will make one great hedge

March 17, 2012 By H. JEAN SHIELDS Special to The Breeze One of the best evergreen shrubs available for the home yard is a beautiful, easy care Arboricola hedge. more »»

Learning about employee laws

March 9, 2012 Question: I’m on the board of a condo association. We have several employees and I’ve been asked to investigate what employment laws apply to us. more »»

When does a customer become a client?

March 9, 2012 It has been several months since I first wrote about the distinction between customer and client, and it is worthy of some expansion. more »»

In the zone

March 9, 2012 On the backs of seed packets you will find a colorful map of the United States, with wavy bands of color. These are The Plant Hardiness Growing Zones, each zone is in a different color. more »»

Couple wants to get rid of time share

February 24, 2012 Question: My husband and I (who thought we were smart people) got talked into buying a vacation time share a couple of years ago. more »»

Explore status of the development

February 24, 2012 Question: My husband and I have great credit scores but we are apprehensive about the challenge of getting a mortgage for a condo we would like to buy. more »»

Maximizing your living space

February 24, 2012 During the past 25 years I have moved from one household to another more than a few times. I found that I have literally moved boxes of junk where I had absolutely no clue as to its contents. more »»

Beware this annual drought time in Southwest Florida

February 24, 2012 By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS A sudden drought time may pop up off and on here in Southwest Florida, however this time of year it is a certainty. more »»

What to do with inherited funds?

January 21, 2012 Question: I’ve never understood the advantages and disadvantages of having a mortgage. On one hand, having a mortgage helped me buy my house and to have a much nicer home that if I had to pay cash. more »»

Negotiating the real estate deal

January 21, 2012 In a market replete with short sales and foreclosures, negotiating any sale can be a win-win for both the buyer and seller. more »»

Cold fronts coming and going — it’s that time of the year

January 21, 2012 By H.I. Jean Shields Special to The Breeze Cold fronts are the thing right now. Some years you notice a lot of them and other years not so many. This is a year for many, so far. more »»

What happens if we don’t pay our property taxes?

January 13, 2012 Question: We are encountering financial problems due to illness and unemployment. So far we have been able to keep up our mortgage payments. more »»

Do condo association rules address ‘therapy animals?’

January 13, 2012 Question: My husband and I are considering moving to a condo but we are worried that the rules may prohibit my son’s dog, Doc, from moving with us. more »»

Four corners of the document

January 13, 2012 Many times parties to a real estate contract are confused about what their responsibilities are. The specific language incorporated within the four corners of the contract is what prevails. more »»

January 20: ‘Arbor Day — A Celebration of Stewardship’

January 13, 2012 By JOYCE COMINGORE Special to The Breeze “Arbor Day — A Celebration of Stewardship” is an instructional unit in the curriculum kit for teaching the middle grades the importance of trees and... more »»

You must pay mortage, taxes to claim deductions on son’s home

January 9, 2012 Question: When my son was in college, I bought him a modest house near the campus. He rented rooms to his friends and became quite an entrepreneur. more »»

Lee BIA’s 2012 Parade of Homes to feature 41 models

January 9, 2012 As one of Southwest Florida’s most anticipated real estate events of the year, the Lee Building Industry Association’s 2012 Parade of Homes will offer residents and visitors the opportunity to view... more »»

Lenders are having difficulty, too

January 9, 2012 Question: We have several unit owners who are delinquent in their condo association fees and, in most cases, their mortgages as well. more »»

Understanding the consumer/agent relationship

January 9, 2012 In buying or selling real estate, most people use the services of one or more real estate agents. more »»



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