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The Mind Must Be Convinced - Ida Tarbell February 22, 2018

Location: Sandalwood Village 3511 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. Naples, FL 34109

“The Mind Must Be Convinced” tells the story of Ida Tarbell, the investigative journalist whose work helped break up the Standard Oil Company monopoly. more »

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  1. Yes, a political agenda.
  2. Sure, like any business they want to make money.
  3. It mostly slants one way but how news is covered and presented still varies enough that I don’t perceive any “agenda.”
  4. No, it’s a diverse and competitive industry. There is no collective “agenda.”
  5. If you perceive “an agenda,” it’s on you, you’re not vetting your “news” sources and probably confusing news, pundit-provided opinion and just plain old info-tainment.
  6. Other.