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Guest column:Seeds of love grow neighborhood miracles

December 8, 2017 So many days, there is tragedy. So many days there is heartbreak. In an instant, a woman’s dignity is lost or a child is left orphaned. In an instant, a life is lost. more »»

Off to an inauspicious start

December 8, 2017 To the editor: The first two Council meetings were a real clue as to how things will be handled here in Cape Coral. more »»

Charter schools are not inferior

December 8, 2017 To the editor: I started reading the opinion piece by Mr. more »»

Scorched earth politics

December 8, 2017 To the editor: Somewhere during the late evening of the election in 2016 a wick was set alight and that small flame grew into a political firestorm. more »»

Deficit hawks

December 8, 2017 A very tragic event happened this last Friday evening, Nov. 13. The Republican Party announced that a very important part of our democratic process had died. more »»

Waiver investigation warranted

December 8, 2017 To the editor: I would like to thank Sen. John McCain and the Armed Services Committee for choosing to investigate the army’s mental health waiver. more »»

Guest opinion: Bring awareness to male victims of sex trafficking

December 1, 2017 While most people think of women and girls as the victims of human trafficking, men and boys are also at risk. The U.S. more »»

Cape committed to ADA compliance

December 1, 2017 To the editor: Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Alexandra Galante’s letter, “City must assure ADA complianc. more »»

Sign of the times?

December 1, 2017 To the editor: The sign on the entrance to the Cape Memorial Bridge behind the fire station #3 is terrible, terrible. Now even worse, covered with plywood. more »»

Please join the fight for clean water

December 1, 2017 To the editor: Just had a wonderful day on a fishing boat off Fort Myers Beach in the beautiful blue-green waters. more »»

Just asking

December 1, 2017 To the editor: It occurs to me that LCEC is not a problem that needs to be fixed. more »»

Not a new concept

December 1, 2017 To the editor: “America first” is not new. Certainly it is not a Trump original. In fact, nothing much is original from Trump. Do some research;you will probably find the source as Nazi sympathizers. more »»

Understanding Tax Code Reform

December 1, 2017 To the editor: As Congress hurriedly tries to produce a tax code law, it behooves us to try to understand what is being proposed. more »»

How to know if tax reform helps you

December 1, 2017 To the editor: The Big Slash — Corporations drop from a rate of 35 percent to 20 percent. more »»

Guest Opinion: Where is the legislative accountability for their votes?

November 21, 2017 What many believe to be the most egregious legislation ever passed by the Florida Legislature disguised as an “education bill,” House Bill 7069 is set to begin wreaking havoc on Florida’s Public... more »»

City must assure ADA compliance

November 21, 2017 To the editor: I work for a disability law firm located at 47th Terrace in Cape Coral, the area being reshaped by the Streetscape Project. I'm not writing to complain about parking spaces. more »»

Say no to legal fee reimbursement

November 21, 2017 To the editor: The former mayor of Cape Coral wants taxpayers to pay her legal fees? Our great Ms. more »»

A story Grimm

November 21, 2017 To the editor: “Once upon a time” is how most fairy tales start. The letter last Friday by Mr. Moody was written with suspense, drama and riddled with artifice. Mr. more »»

All volunteer military fosters problems

November 21, 2017 To the editor: The nation is recovering from a violent episode initiated by an ex-airman. The 26-year-old man was discharged in 2014 with bad conduct discharge. more »»

Our fake Congress

November 21, 2017 To the editor: At the present time, we have 435 legislators in the House of Representatives and 100 more in the Senate, a total of 535 legislators, of which approximately 50 percent possess a law... more »»



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